Ghost Busters…

Over the years I have had the oppertunity to do quite a few house clearings.  In general I see this work as negotiation, as my goal is not immediately to ask the spirit to leave….instead I see myself as a peace keeper helping both parties come to an agreement.  That being said there have been a few times when the spirit or spirits needed to be escorted over.

When most people think of Haunted Houses their minds are filled with spooky scenes from movies and television shows.  As a general rule these are unrealistic visions of what spirit activity is thought to look like.  That same vein of fear is usually present in at least one guest when I show up to do a Seance.  This again is the direct result of bad horror movies and too much Scooby Doo.  I will admit there is a definate difference between attending a Seance and living in a house that has high spirit activity.  For one thing Seances are geared toward working with Beloved Dead (friends, family & ancestors).  It is also an activity that one chooses to engage in.  Living in a haunted house on the other hand is usually something people figure out after the fact.

As a Medium when I am called about spirit activity in a house I ask a couple of preliminary questions…1. Is there a teenager living in the house or someone with a mental disorder?  Many people laugh at this comparison, but the simple truth is that a great deal of what people percieve as spirit activity (loud noises, things falling off the shelf, door slamming) is actually poltergeist activity created by a person who is angry/sad/fraustrated and feels they cannot express themself.  Teenagers bombarded by hormones and the pressure of growing up often fall into this catergory, as does someone who is struggling with a mental or emotional disorder.  Question 2.  Have you started doing reconstruction on your home?  Often I find that spirits get displaced when the new owners start tearing down wall and remodeling.  Asking these questions in advance give me an idea of what is going to be the flavor of the evening.  As I said I like to negotiate, and solve the problem without having to be too pushy.  I do understand though how disturbing and down right scary it can be to live in a house with things that go bump in the night.

Over the years I have had the oppertunity to bring balance to a variety of ‘haunted houses’ but my favorite was definately not your typical spook show.   I was 30 years old and not even working professionally as a Medium.  The women who lived in the house got my name as a Psychic who might be able to help her.  One of the great things about being Psychic is I can tell if I am going to be able to handle the job or not.  The family living in the house had recently purchased it when the owner an elderly lady had been moved into a nursing home.  They had started some minor restoration, and were getting a lot of activity.  When they went to put up new wallpaper the next day it would be off the wall the glue not sticking.  They were hearing someone walking around in the upstairs bedroom and a voice calling mom in the middle of the night.  The mother of the house (who called me) even felt someone sitting at the end of her bed.  When I arrived at the house I used Reiki symbols on myself for protection…I believe in prevention over cleaning up a mess.  My investigation began with a tour of the house starting in the basement (my preferred starting place).  It was a clean, bright, cement basement in a house that was most likely built in the 40’s.  The mother of the house believed all the previous owners belongings had been removed, but under the stairs I was drawn to a suitcase…and sure enough it belonged to the previous owner.  We brought it upstairs as and inside of it was newspaper clippings and pictures.  What we discovered was that the lady now residing in the nursing home had raised a mentally handicap child in the house during the 50’s.  He had died about 20 years prior to her move to senior living.  As I finished the rest of my tour of the house and made it to the second floor, I could feel him.  I asked to be left alone in the upstairs room so I could talk to him.  It was a truly interesting experience.  First of all when I walked into the room, I saw him go hide in the closet…he was afraid of me.  I sat on the floor and started talking to him, telling him he didn’t need to be afraid.  I realized he could see the Reiki symbols I had placed on myself and I imagine to him they must have been glowing…kind of like something out of a movie.  After a while I got him to come out.  His soul was still holding onto its belief that he was mentally handicap.  He was really frighened because he didnt understand where his mother had gone to.  I realized that he was not going to pass over without her, nor would he to the nursing home to be with her.  I also realized that as soon as she died she would come and round up her son so he could transition with her.  When I explained this to the homeowner, she agreed to let him stay.   Then the negotiation began….he could stay, but was not allowed to sit on the end of her bed, tear down wall paper and scare people.  In all my work with spirit it is one of my favorite experiences I have ever had.  For he truly was such a gently soul and taught me a great deal about the importance of negotiation…

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Under the influence of Words

 I began my adventures in Energy work with Magic & was part of a coven for 7 years in my 20’s.

Now that I have made many of you step outside your comfort zone by simply stating a few words, lets take a look at them shall we.  Magic is simply science that has not yet been figured out.  Now due to the bad rap of the word, it makes people uncomfortable.  Often the people who would be made uncomfortable are the same that would not blink an eye at the term Energy work.  Quantum physics has made acceptable the term Manifestion & its simple meaning of, ‘we influence events with our minds’.  That same concept has been known for thousands of years under the another term…Magic.   A Witch is a practioner of Magic, as well as a participant in a sacred relationship with the Divine in connection with the earth, moon & stars.

The title of this post sums up my thoughts after I was tagged in a facebook comment about doing energy work all day.  It got me thinking how much influence words have on us, our thoughts and our instant reactions.  If the same quaote would have been ‘doing magic all day’ it would not be as generally accepted.  Years ago I wrote a note on Kitchen Witchery, it talked about how we can do magic (manifestation work) while baking or cooking.  That note was well appreciated by people already on a magical path themselves, but in general it made most people over look it…either because they didn’t believe in magic or magic went against their beliefs.  Later when I renamed it Baking with Intention I had a lot of people telling me how much they appreciated it.  Again-Prayer, Manifestation, Spell work-it’s all the same.  Words hold power…learn to speak with intention and listen with clarity.

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Yoga for my Soul

Two years ago I led a journey (guided meditation) on Imbolc to seek advice from the Celtic Goddess Brigid.   Brigid has a sacred connection with fire and crafting…the advice we sought was simple, “What do I need to ignight my internal fire?”  Her answer was also simple….Yoga!

I contemplated the answer and thought how I would have to dig out the old dvd’s and start a home practice.  I also thought how home practices and I were not always a good match as I could certainly find other things to do with my time.  Within the week though Brigid was pushing me toward my goal.  As I drove through town I noticed a yoga studio had opened on the far end near the laundry mat.  In truth it had opened 4 months prior and I had just never noticed.  I wrote down the number as the studio was closed and began a dialog with myself about how I needed the teacher to be male as I didn’t think women pushed me enough.  Sure enough when I got a call back it was a man who ran the studio.  It seemed that Brigid was aware of what I needed and was determined to see me get moving.  As most of you know my job involves alot of sitting.  I drive an average of 1.5 hours one way to get to peoples homes where I do my Psychic parties and Seances.  When I get there I sit my butt down and stay there for an average of 4 hours, only to get back in my car and drive home again.  A career of this kind could certainly lead to ‘secretary ass’.  *No offense meant, but to much time sitting is not all that good for your hind end.

My first day of class I got up, drove my kids to school planning on making the 9am class.  On my way to dropping them off my car broke down.  I had to have it towed to the shop, as the transmittion had gone.  My sister came and picked me and my kids up, we dropped the kids off at school and then I dropped her off at work.  She let me use her car so I could figure things out.  After dropping her off I drove to Satyaloka in Lyndonville and went to my first yoga class before dealing with my car problems.  I thought to myself that if I didn’t get there the first day, I would never get there.  My first month of class was one of borrowed vehicles and chaos…but I went.  As I started in February when most people are suffering from serious hybernation I had the benefit of being the only person in class for most of my first month.  This gave me the benefit of private yoga without the cost.  I truly have contemplated often how perfect the set up was.  As I believe in direct interaction from the Divine, I was very thankful to Brigid for her hand in my journey.

Satyaloka is an Ashtanga Yoga studio.  ((Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic and challenging form of hatha yoga. Each pose is linked to the next through a series of connecting movements called vinyasa, allowing the body to create heat and leading to more flexibility. Smooth, deep breathing (ujjayi), gaze (dristi) and locks (bandhas) are synchronized with the movements. This powerful and vigorous practice purifies and realigns the body, cultivating a feeling of inner peace, and leading to a natural state of meditation.))  I believe I can say I fell in love with Ashtanga yoga pretty quickly.  My original goal of going 2-3 times a week soon became 4-5 times a week.  Yoga not only fed my body, but my soul as well.  I have approached it as something that is sacred, something that is for me alone.  If I am feeling stressed or out of balance I find that I can claim my balance by simply stepping onto the mat and breathing.  The other amazing thing that Yoga has given me is a serious relationship with my body.  I have never been athletic, I didn’t do sports growing up, my hobbies were all art and drama based.  As my relationship with Yoga has grown I have become stronger and more agile.  One of my first goals met was standing on my head, which took me 7  months.  The process there was not simply one of physical strength, it was one of the mind.  As I worked my body for strength to hold myself up, it wasn’t until I engaged my mind that I was actually able to do it.  I was reading a book called Trance-portation by Diana L. Paxton, and came across a  section on how athletes often visualize over and over in their mind a physical act they are trying to achieve.  This helped me tremendously…I was suddenly able to get out of my own way and see myself standing on my head, with balance and strength.   After gaining the ability to stand on my head I have continued forward to standing on my forearms and now have begun my work toward standing on my hands.  My love for Yoga and what it has given to me is without words.  After 2 years of practice, I couldnt imagine not doing it.  I feel that it is a valuable componant to my well being.  Helping me to stay balanced physically as well as mentally and emotionally.  I often tell people who I read for that it is vital that you find something you love, to feed your soul as well as keep your body healthy.  I truly believe that our bodies are temples that hold our soul.  Excercises like Yoga, Tae-Chi, Qigong, and marital arts…are good for more then just the body.  They are good for your energetic body as well.  They work to balance the Chakra system, helping the practioner to move energetic blocks that effect our emotional and physical well being.  This is similar to the way that Reiki works, although it seems to be a bit slower in its process.  Life is filled with infinate things one can stress over, finding something to counter that stress is priceless.

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Becoming Salicrow

Crow first came into my life when I was 28 years old.  I had been on a spirtual path for 5 years but had never had a desire to work with Totem or Power animals.  I actually remember telling people that working with Animal energy was just not something I was into.

When Crow presented itself to me it was with a great cascade of black feathers…literally.  For months whenever people would come to my house for a Reading or even to visit they would be at my door holding Crow feathers, saying “I found this in your yard and thought I was suppose to give it to you”.  Sometimes it was a handful of feathers not just one or two.   I started noticing Crow everywhere.  Now I know that Crow’s are a common bird and we all see them.  But there is a difference between seeing a crow and SEEING Crow.  One is a casual glance which can be over looked, the other is an energetic pull…a psychic poke in the third eye that says “hey pay attention to me”.  Being that I pay attention when the universe speaks to me, I decided to look up the spiritual meaning of Crow.  What I found was so in touch with my life and who I was that I couldn’t deny that I too was Crow.

First of all when talking about power animals or totems it is important to remember that it is the energy of the animal in whole that you are connecting to…therefore Crow is my totem not Crow’s.  Crow is an amazing communicator.  I see myself as a strong communicator as well, in fact sometimes I describe my ability as a Medium to be similar to a translator.  When communicating with Beloved Dead I am often doing a combination of listening and translating images similar to playing pictionary.  I also need to use my skill of communication to speak to people about the sensitive matters I often discuss in their personal Psychic Readings.  Crow is connected to creation and mystery & to the betwixt and between…that which is in the process of being created.  I am a huge believer in manifestation & that we in part create our own reality.  Sometimes people ask me why Crow not Raven.  To me the answer is pretty simple.  It was Crow that called to me not Raven.  I love Ravens, don’t get me wrong…I kind of think of them as a big brother.  When they come into my life, I pay attention as they mean big business, serious message..heads up you need to be paying attention.  Crow on the other hand is constant conversation, that casualness in which I see my life as a Psychic.  For me the communication between worlds is just part of my everyday life, using my Psychic vision is something I do all the time.

When I was 30 I had a tattoo of 3 Crows placed on the back of my throat Chakra.  I also started using the same symbol on my brochures and business cards.  To me the significance of the 3 crows was important…I named them after the Moirai or the 3 fates of Greek mythology…Clotho (she who spins the threads of fate), Lachesis (she who measuresthe threads of fate) and Atropos (she who cuts the threads of fate).  This was my second tattoo, but the first that I went into it as a spiritual experience, as an attunement with power.  By placing the Crows of fate on my throat chakra I was asking the Universe to open me up to my path, to become bonded to the fates and to become Crow.  Over the years I have interacted with Crow in so many ways…I have asked them to spread word on the wind for me when I have had need as well as asked them to assist me in healing work when something needed a bit of extra pecking at.

Calling myself Salicrow began with an email address, which came out of having my prior email address bombarded by spam.  Then I started my Druid training &  I began to call myself Salicrow.  I never thought I wanted or needed a spiritual name.  In fact all the new age pagans who needed to change their name to Dragon Wolf Rider, made me kind of laugh.  I beleive their is power in your name if you believe their is power in it…it does not need to be something fantastical.  But with all things Crow it just kind of happened.  I then started a facebook account under Sali Crow, because I didn’t know how to delete the account I had under Sali Tetreault that I was unhappy with.  Pretty soon one thing lead to another and more people knew me as Salicrow then as Sali Tetreault.

Crow has been a great companion along the path that is my spiritual life.  One that presented itself to me, over and over again until I saw what it wanted me to see.  The cleverness of Crow has helped me to grow spiritually as well as aided me in spreading my name helping others stumble into me who might need my aid.  I am ever thankful for the persistance of my black feathered siblings.

spreading love-Salicrow

PS-If you are looking to explore your own totem/power animals my favorite book on the subject is Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.