Engaging in the Sacred


Everyone needs a connection to the world around them that of the seen and the unseen, it matters not if we consider ourselves religious or spiritual.  One of the problems with the modern world is isolation.  It seems like a funny thing to say when we can instantaneously view things from anywhere in the world and talk to our friends even if they are thousands of miles away.  The modern convenience of life have definitely given us a worldly feel, but they have also created a voyeuristic culture that views instead of engages.  As much as I love facebook, emails, and mobile phones they are not the same as sitting across from my friend over a cup of coffee.  As so…. watching the travel channel is not the same as visiting a place.


We need to be connected to the world around us.  We need to engage in human conversation that is right in front of us, not through a hand held device.  When we are present or mindful of our actions there is an energetic exchange that happens, we experience!  I am a lover of live music.  It is by far so much more enjoyable then listening to the radio.  When you see musicians play there is an energetic transfer that happens between the musicians and the audience.  As a dancer, I believe that my love, the energy I put into moving my body to the music, directly effects how well the musicians play.  They are feeding the audience and the audience is feeding them.  Live music is just one example of engaging.  Many people go through their lives on auto-pilot, doing the same thing, the same way…all of the time.  They drive to work the same route every day, go to the same grocery store on the same day, eat the same food for lunch, etc.   When we do this often enough, long enough we stop truly engaging in our life.  That is not to say that we have to drive to work every day a different route.  It’s simply saying we need to engage in what we are doing, pay attention…tune into our own lives.  They are a lot more interesting if we are actually living them.  Take time to explore the world around you.  This does not require a lot of money, there is a back yard, park, library, bookstore, cafe or riverbed in your own world.  Step out into the world as an explorer and you will feel a lot more alive.  The key is you need to be awake.  Not just the awake as in I am not sleeping, but awake as in….I am aware, engaged and open.


Druids believe that all things are alive, have a spirit or energy about them.  When we are “Awake” we are open to embracing the sacred in every moment.  It means to savor the moment-smell the air, listen to the sounds, view with our eyes, feel with our hands &  our heart.  That connection is available to everyone, not just the few who are deeply on a spiritual path or studying a particular religion.  I am a highly spiritual person.  I believe that every moment of my life is an opportunity to learn, connect and be.   I try to be conscious or awake/aware in all of my actions, whether I am cooking, doing yoga, talking to the dead or doing my laundry.  I still have moments when I want to veg out, disconnect and sink into my couch…but that too is a conscious decision, its not the norm of how I live my life.   Along with being present in my everyday actions, I also am a conscious manifester.  I believe that  my thoughts play a direct part in the way my life unfolds.  In this belief I keep my thoughts in check.  I don’t let my mind stay tuned into the station of my brain that would tell me I am not good enough.  I choose what I say to myself and what I create.


One of the ways I keep focused on what I am creating is through sacred space.  I have many sacred spaces in my home, yard and mind.  I use alters as a reminder of the work I am currently engaged in.  An alter does not have to be a religious thing, although many people think of religion when they hear the word.  But really it is a place of work.  An alter is a space (usually a small table or shelf) that is dedicated to recognizing the things you hold sacred & the personal work you are engaged in.  You can put pictures of loved one on it, items that remind you of projects you are working on,  as well as religious items and items of power if you so choose.  It is not a place to drop your clutter.  It is for conscious thoughts of thanks, manifestation and love.  Just like everyone can be an explorer in their own world, everyone can engage in the sacred…it matters not our religious or spiritual beliefs.  Engaging in the sacred simply means to connect with mind, body & soul to all that you do.  I believe that in many ways engaging in the sacred is a cure for the modern day malady of lonesomeness.  For when we engage in the sacred we connect to the world around us and the loneliness of the heart dissolves.




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Busy in the Spirit World

dadMy Dad passed away around Yule this last year and since crossing over to the Spirit World he has been a busy guy.  Immediately after his passing he was winking at me, squeezing my daughters hand and blowing smoke at my husband.  Within weeks of his passing not only had our direct family members had contact from my dad but many others.

My dad was fascinated by our families ability to communicate between the worlds of the living and the dead.  In the last year and a half before he passed he spent a lot of his time developing his own ability as a Medium.  He has apparently carried this work over with him.  Last night on the way home from work I was talking to him in my car, something I do a lot as my dad always liked riding around.  When I got home I was sitting talking to my husband & my keys that I had thrown on the kitchen table moved and jingled, it was my dad.  Since really stepping into my work as a Medium the amount of moving items and unexplained noise in and around me has gotten much less.  This is because it takes a lot of energy for them to move things.  Simply put they have told me its so much easier to just talk to me then to go moving shit around.   My dad is a refreshingly, new to the world of the dead soul who wants to learn to do whatever he can.  I remember one of the conversations I had with him about the dead and him asking me if they sit in chairs.  I told him that they could if they wanted to but it is not really necessary.  Well he really likes sitting in the front seat of my jeep, but often complains about having to carry my basket that I carry my work stuff in.   He will actually tell me I should keep it in the back so he doesn’t have to always hold it.  It’s not like its heavy for him, but he is so interested in being a spirit who is living in the material world.

A few weeks back when I was driving home I asked Adam (my Door Man) if my dad was around because I wanted to talk to him.  He said that my dad was unavailable at the moment.  The next morning my dad showed up and was so excited to tell me he was working on being a Spirit Guide.  I love that as I  am teaching classes to people on this side of the veil about how to communicate with the Dead, there are people like my father on the other side learning how to communicate with the Living.  Since that conversation with my father he has taken on the position of  being my daughters “Door Man”.  As anyone who has been to one of my Seances knows the “Door Man”, is the name I give to the guide who watches things from the other side.  Helping to control traffic when spirit communication is going on, and keeping away any spirit that does not have good intentions.  The term “Door Man” comes from my years of owning a bar.  The doorman decides who can come in, who can pass their message from the door and who needs to just plain leave the premises.  Along with being my daughters Door Man, my father spends a tremendous amount of time communicating with as much of his family as can hear him/see him, as well as trying hard for those who cannot.  I love the zest and excitement he has for making this communication possible.  I feel so blessed to have the luxury of knowing that my loved ones are there just behind the veil.

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