Psychic Evolution…Part 3, Developing your Personal Symbolism

There are oodles and oodles of books on Symbolism & Dream Interpretation on the market and endless pages on the internet.  Sometimes too much information is just as bad as not enough, it leaves us questioning what to believe…wondering which meaning is right.  The reality is the right definition or explanation is yours!

image Symbolism is the use of symbols to express a point or activate a memory.  This activation is like reaching into the brain for secret files that are triggered by what we see & hear.  These files are created by the world we know and become more and more customized as our minds develop.  This customization is based on exposure…cultural, religious and personal exposure all help make up our personal language.  For example-Crow is one of my personal totems, so when I ‘see’ a crow I realize that I need to keep my eyes open that personal information is coming in.  However there are people out there that hate Crows and see them as nothing but carrion eaters.  If Crow showed up to them they very likely would have a different reaction then I.  When helping people interpret their dreams or teaching the Tarot I always start by having students tell me what they see or think before I tell them what I see or what is written down in a book.  I do this because the Reader or Dreamer is the one who is right.  Symbolism is not an exact science, it is not stagnant…it is a trigger for our brain, that brings about an evolving dialog within.

How do we discover personal Symbolism?

First thing first get a Journal & review it often.  If you have read other articles of mine, you are starting to see how often I make this statement.  Really it is my number one tool for Psychic Development, after all you need to know yourself.  Then start keeping track of your dreams, thoughts and insights.  This is not a traditional diary where you write about your every day stuff, but more of a research tool.  When you have a dream that stands out to you or one filled with symbolism, jot it down…I personally like to write the basic information first without filling the details of what I think.  I also like using a journal with blank pages not lined, this gives me the ability to do a bit of drawing and kind of spread out my thoughts in a not so linear manner.  You can do the same when you have a vision (waking dream), journey or see an animal or unusual sight on the side of the road.  Once you have your information down, start by first writing what the symbols (animals, signs, shapes, etc) mean to you.  Don’t worry about if they are right or wrong, just write down the first thing that comes to mind when you think of  the symbol.  Then go ahead and dig out a dream interpretation book or go online to a symbolism sight.  Look it up, but do not assume they are right and you are wrong, instead look for the common ground.  The more you keep track of your insights the better developed your list of personal symbols become.  For example if yellow roses make you think of your deceased father, he may very well start using yellow roses as a sign to you he is around.  If you see wolves as a sign of deep personal wisdom, don’t be surprised if you start seeing them when you need to acknowledge your own wisdom.  An example of my personal symbolism are Aces in the Tarot.  By most books Aces represent the beginning of something…to me I see them as Karma.  I am not sure at what point this became part of my personal symbolism as I have used it for as long as I can remember.  All I know is that when I do a Psychic Reading for someone and an Ace comes up it is a sign of Karma at work…the things that cannot be changed, the lessons we have agreed to work out this lifetime.

Developing Personal symbolism is one that happens over time.  You are  not going to sit down and develop a book of personal symbols in a week, month or even a year.  In fact it will grow and expand throughout your life.  My personal symbolism is vast, it changes whenever I am introduced to a new culture or study a different form of energy work.  It is highly personal and is not the same as my friends, family or colleges.  I no longer keep a journal of my personal symbols as they are so incorporated into my mindset and utilized every day whether I am working or simply out for a ride.  When something new triggers me I set back to my old procedures of first thinking what I come in contact with it, then I might go browse the internet and see what others  have to say about it.  I value others thoughts, but when it comes to symbolism…my view is the one that is right for me, just as yours is for you.

Remember to be patient with yourself, developing personal symbolism is an art and it takes time.

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Stomp your feet…

June 2010 002Some days you just want to stomp your feet and throw a temper tantrum for no apparent reason, or for a multitude of reasons that alone are no big deal but together make for a good old fashioned pisser.  My intention today was to write about cleaning & charging Crystals, but no matter  how many times I start I just can’t seem to get there.  As a general rule I am a serious optimist, who gets excited about little things…like the color of yarn and the first buds of spring, but sometimes the little dark space in the back of my mind steps up and says Fuck it…go stomp your feet and act like a wild thing.  Today is one of those days, the funny thing is I am so well trained by my own mind that I can pull out the pocket optimist when necessary and go about my day-get groceries, see clients & generally be alright.  It’s not really faking, although it certainly sounds like it…what it is is coping.  Learning how to cope with life’s little burdens is a serious skill, one we are definitely not born with.  Just watch a 2 year old for a while and you will clearly see that coping is not an ingrained skill inherited at birth.  It is something we are taught, something that develops over time.  Some of us develop healthier coping skills then others, but we all develop them.  Learning to deal with stress is one of the all time winners of self help books, blogs and media jargon.  Spend a few minutes stuck in the grocery store check out and you will see what I am talking about as at least one of the magazines set up for your impulse shopping pleasure will have tips on how to deal with stress.

So how do you deal with stress in a healthy way?  I would love to tell you that I hit the yoga mat first thing and breathe the shit out of it…but most of the time I don’t.  What I do is talk…I talk to my friends, I talk to my family,I  journal, hell I may even talk to myself.  Although as a Medium I seldom have to resort to talking to myself as there is always someone there waiting to listen.   Communicating our stress &  frustration is like having a weight lifted off of your shoulder.  It doesn’t always change the situation, but it does release it from our bodies & that my friends is crucial to health and well being.  For those of you non talkers, I highly recommend the journal.  In fact years ago I was listening to a NPR radio show on Breast Cancer and journaling.  The program was talking about how communicating your emotions has been proven to benefit healing and that journaling in particular is so successful because you can say whatever you feel at the moment without worrying about what someone else might think or feel.  The research was done with a group of women going through Breast Cancer, some of which journaled ever day.  What they found was that the women who journaled had a higher likely hood of survival as well as having lower side effects from the medication and higher likely hood of staying in remission.  Now I would love to give you the exact stats here, but I don’t have them…what I do have is the story and an opinion on it.  They believe the reason journaling was such a vital part of healing was that people were not holding onto their emotions, which can be like a roller coaster when going stressful moments.   I personally think this is something that is valuable to all people whether they have medical conditions or not.  Most of us walk around keeping all of our worries tied up tight in our bodies & those little worries add up.  The thing about stress is we can only handle so much & many of us never truly deal with our issues so we are carrying around old stress for no reason other then we haven’t gotten around to cleaning it up yet. Let’s look at the body like a drinking glass…if we have 1/2 our glass filled with old stuff we have never really dealt with, then that only leaves us 1/2 a glass in which we have to handle daily stress.  So clean out your junk, don’t let it build up.  If your not a talker get out the old pen and paper and go to town.  My favorite way to destress though is to talk to a friend, even if my worries are minor.  Don’t bottle that stuff up folks it doesn’t store well.  Ahh….I feel better already & hey look my internet is working.

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Psychic Viewing…learning to See

fullsteamaheadI was 13 years old the first time I heard the word Psychic, until that point I did not have a  name for my ability to know things for that was simply how I saw it…sometimes I knew things.  I knew things about people no one had told me, I just knew.  Just like some people stood out to me as important, people who would cross my path again in the future.  I could look at things and see how they would be, I could do this with places as well as people.  I never thought of it as Psychic or seeing the future even, I simply just knew things.  The early development of my gifts was something game like and care free.  It was filled with sitting in front of the mirror with my sister Sandy talking to the people on the other side, these ‘people’ being Spirits of the Dead and our future selves.   I also played endless games of cards with my Grammy Brown, in which I thought she was cheating because I won so often.  In reality the games were a Psychic exercise, games to not only increase my memory…but to push my ability to see what was coming.

At 13 I read the Dead Zone by Stephen King.  It’s about a man who comes out of a coma with the ability to know things by touch, this sudden transition from nothing to strong ability was overwhelming for the character and I remember thinking I don’t want my ability to develop like that.  At that moment I laid a program for how my abilities would develop.  I wanted my abilities to open up smoothly, like a river flowing toward the ocean.  One in which I had control and could take a breathe to adjust when needed.  For the most part that has been the story of my life, although there certainly have been a few moments that felt like white water rapids.  At 13 something else happened…by reading the story of how Psychic ability opened for someone else I began to think about what it meant to be Psychic.  It was no longer just knowing stuff, I began to see patterns in that knowing.  I also began to notice how my body felt at moments of knowing…I would usually get sick to my stomach when I knew big things, emotional things.  I later realized that was where I blocked my ability, in my Sacral or emotional Chakra.

Over the years it has been interesting to see what I block from myself and where…I have learned a lot along the way, including how to look at things I have hidden from myself and how to look around other peoples blocks.  that being said, I make a point of not intruding on peoples lives.  I really don’t want to know things about people when standing in line behind them, and I chose along time ago to let go of what I do see about people who come to me for Readings.  It is not mine and I do not want to hold onto it.  I have gotten so good at this over the years, that I will often ask people who come to me for Readings if they have ever had their cards read before only the have them reply “yes, by you”.  Learning to not see has harder in many ways then learning to see further.  The one thing I choose to always see is Danger…dangerous situations as well as dangerous people.

This Danger sense is something I began teaching my children at a very young age.  When they were little I would ask them to tell me what they thought about people we saw in stores and other public places.  I in particular was looking to see if they could pick out the dangerous people, if their Psychic senses would trigger immediately or need to be honed.  Interestingly enough they picked up on it themselves without prompting in most cases.  This showed me that we all have an innate sense of danger, one that if acknowledged could serve us well.  This makes a lot of sense if you think about it…our Ancestors lived in a world where sensing danger in the wild was important to survival.  I believe it is still important to survival, but as a race we have overlooked and stomped down our intuitive abilities for way too long.  With just a bit of encouragement and exercise we can bring that ability back to serve us.

Start making it a practice to actually look at people.  Many of us walk around without paying attention to our surroundings or the people who enter it.  When you go to the store or the restaurant, do you make a point of quickly accessing the space your in and the people in it with you.  You should…I was raised by a Marine, so this one is common sense not Psychic know how.  The Psychic part is the way in which you access it.  First take in the room from a wide angle perspective-let your eyes go soft and look with your periphery vision.  This soft view allows our Third Eye (Psychic Center in the middle of your forehead between the eyes) to open, connecting us more deeply with our intuitive self.  As your scanning the room pay close attention to what you feel and where you believe it to be coming from.  This is similar to the directions I give for picking up on other peoples emotions.  In fact scanning for emotions is actually one of the things you are doing.  You are also registering how your body feels, if you suddenly feel tension in your body when scanning you need to ask yourself why?  Taking a few moments to tune into a situation or other people is a fantastic tool that we can all develop.  One that we can make a part of our daily life.

It’s important to remember that developing personal Psychic abilities is something we can all do and utilize.  It’s not all about looking into the future and talking to the Dead.  In fact for most people just tuning into their surroundings, understanding people  and connecting to the world around them will have a huge impact on their lives. Start with the day to day stuff, the things that will make the life you are already living better.  I read this great quote the other day, one that I think fits pretty well.  “The world needs you now, not when you’re perfect”.   Step out and enjoy the ride folks, utilize the gifts you have…remember we choose how we want our gifts to develop, I know I am happy to be riding the river.

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Psychic Evolution….Part 2 Proof & Protection

With the growing number of people waking up & having Psychic experiences the question becomes…How do we adapt?

imageLast week in Psychic Evolution, Part 1…I talked about the various reasons why people are waking up, from Genetics to Quantum Physics the reasons behind the shift are many.  That being said the more practical question becomes “What do we do now?”  Waking up for many is not easy.  We have been raised and trained to believe that in order for something to be REAL it has to be proven by science.  But in reality Quantum Physics is just now proving things that Psychics & Sensitives have known for centuries.  Now I am not dissing the need for proof, in fact I am a skeptic by nature.  If you tell me you can do something, you better be able to prove it.  A good healthy skepticism is important in this ever evolving world we live in.  It teaches us to question the world around us and determine for ourselves what we believe to be true.  With a questioning mind we can wade into the unseen world  not as a doubter but as a researcher…looking for proof.

First of all there are many different types of  Psychic knowing.  EMPATHY is the ability to perceive the emotions of others.  TELEPATHY  is the ability to read the thoughts of others.  PROPHESY  is the ability to predict future events.   Empathy is the most common form of Psychic ability and often the first to develop, but many people will find themselves experiencing more then one of these abilities.

In developing your abilities the first steps are to gain proof you are having the experience, figure out how often it is happening & what your personal language is.  My number one tool for this would be a Journal…keep track of your thoughts, dreams and insights and make sure you review it often.  I can’t tell you how many times I hear from people that they sometimes know things before they happen, or feel things about people.  But when asked to give examples they often cannot, or can only come up with one or two examples of something that is happening to them often.   The journal works in two ways.  1…It gives you proof.   You begin to see how often these experiences are happening, it no longer becomes this happens to me sometimes but this happens to me once a week…once a month, every day.  2.  You start to develop your own language.  By keeping a journal you not only see how often something happens to you, but what are the keys to your own personal language.  I personally like a plain notebook with a caption on the side.  This gives you room to make notes of your successes and conclusions.

Along with proof that what your experiencing is true, the other most important factor in Psychic Evolution is mental stability and control.  Often people feel overwhelmed or tormented by their abilities.  I see Psychic abilities as a gift, but without proper control it can certainly feel like a curse.  Lets take a look at Empathy, as it is the most common form of Psychic knowing.  To be Empathic means you pick up other peoples emotions.  This can be down right overwhelming and often the Empathic person does not realize what their own emotions are and what belongs to others.  Number one factor here is to check in with yourself often.  Start when you first wake up in the morning…before leaving your room, do a quick check in…register your feelings.  Are you feeling happy, sad, etc.  Then do the same thing about 15 minutes after coming into contact with others at breakfast, bus stop or workplace.  If your emotions are different, take a quick look around and see who you think these emotions belong to.  You do not need to point your finger and yell across the room, simply acknowledge that they are not your emotions.  If it is a friend of yours you can ask them how they are doing and again keep track in your journal your conclusions right or wrong.  After determining the emotions are not yours, take a deep breathe through your nose and exhale fully through your nose imagining the alien emotions leaving your body.  This takes practice, but it works well.  Soon you will be doing it without thinking about it.  This not only gives you a deeper sense of self, but makes it a bit easier for Empathic folks to be in crowds.

Tune in next week folks for the 3rd & final blog entry on Psychic Evolution…Developing your Personal language.

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A Crystals journey from Irene to Fukishima

imageI have a deep connection to Crystals and consider stones amongst some of my finest allies in healing and magic.  I do communicate with them, not in the same way I communicate with humans or spirits of humans…but in a deep viewing/knowing within my minds eye.  They relay messages to me in snap shot images and feelings.  Crystals have a way of finding me and often I am only the temporary care taker until they need to move further along their journey.  I have climbed into display windows to purchase crystals that spoke to me and traveled great distances to stand within Stone Circles.  The story I choose to tell you now is that of one Crystals journey or at least the part I got to play in it.

Shortly after Hurricane Irene I was scheduled to do a Psychic party in North Umberland, NH.  I gave myself extra time for travel as I was unsure how the roads would be, with wash outs and debris from the storm.  I got into the area about an 45 minutes early and decided to stop at a permanant “yard sale”.  The shop was in a little shed on the side of the road.  The owner an elderly man was clearing out the shop as his wife had recently died and he was heading south to live with his daughter.  I was excited to find that amongst his ‘Treasures’ there were 5 beautiful quartz crystals.  I bought all 5 at a ridiculously low price.  I headed out to my car with my new found friends and checked my datebook again for the 911 address of my party…only to find I was suppose to be in North Haverhill, NH, not North Umberland.  For those of you who do not know, there is a distance of almost 2 hours between North Haverhill and North Umberland.  I had gone completely in the wrong direction.  I honestly believe I was misdirected in my travels that day just so I could pick those crystals up.  I know that sounds strange, but I often contimplate how my life sounds a bit like a fantasy novel, so strange as it may sound it is my life.  Out of the 5 I still have 3 in my possession & one of them is getting ready to take another step on its personal journey….it is going to Hawaii to be used in protection work against the Nuclear waste of Fukishima.

My Druid friend Mr. Wolf spent his winter working in Hawaii.  While there he got involved in healing work that was being done for the Island.  He sent a request out to his friends asking for crystals to be sent to aid in this work.  I immediately volunteered to send one.  In my intentions to send one, I got busy….busy doing lots of stuff including organizing a couple of Water Blessing Ceremonies for the waters of the world.  I then decided that it would be a great idea to first bring the crystal to these ceremonies and absorb not only the waters of both Lake Willoughby & the Northern Atlantic Ocean, but also the prayers and blessing offered by the people who attended the ceremonies.  I wrote to my friend and told him I would be sending the Crystals after the blessings and he informed me he was home in Vermont already….my story doesn’t end there, for he knows who to send it to in Hawaii.

I hadn’t put much thought into the connection between Irene & Fukishima until last night when going to bed, the crystal called out to me.  It was clear that I needed to bring it to my room and place near my bed.  As soon as my head hit the pillow it was communicating with me….first bringing me deeply within its crystaline structure, the cracks and fissures reminding me of the animated light patterns you see when brain activity is animated.  Then it reminded me of where I had found it and how I had come to be in my possession.  It then showed me a picture of itself and made it clear that I was suppose to share this story with you folks, along with the picture.  For if thought really matters it doesn’t matter whether you have touched it you can still connect to it through the image and share your prayers.  So I ask you to share this photo and share love and blessings for the water…that with this crystal whose journey has taken it from Irene to Fukishima we can concentrate our will and aid in the healing of the waters.  This weekend it made it took part in the Water Ceremony @ the Atlantic Ocean and now it is off to begin its journey cross country and the Pacific Ocean to its new job as part of the healing & protection of Hawaii.

Let us never forget that the world is full of wonder.  Let us never assume that we are the only sentient beings seeking to heal our planet.  Let us remember we are all connected and let us spread love whenever and wherever we can.


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Lessons on Living, I have learned from the Beloved Dead…

My Dad...Richard Arthur Brown who crossed  into Spirit December 27th, 2012

My Dad…Richard Arthur Brown who crossed into Spirit December 27th, 2012

I spend a lot of time communicating with Dead people, in fact there isn’t a day that goes by that I do not interact with at least one person in Spirit.  When I sit down to do a Seance (small group Spirit Communication) with people the first thing I tell them is to relax, that communicating with Beloved Dead means reaching out to the Spirits of those we have loved…our family & friends.  This reaching out to other peoples families often makes me feel like an honored guest at other peoples family reunions…reunions filled with tears and laughter.  Over the years I have learned many lessons from the Beloved Dead….lessons on letting go of grudges, the importance of holding family together & how Introverts and Extroverts communicate.

Family Bonding- make time to get together is the most common request I hear from the Beloved Dead….most often from the family Matriarch or Patriarch.  Often when the Mama Bear of the family dies or in some cases Papa Bear, the family slowly stops gathering.   I stress that most of the time this happens after the death of the Matriarch, that great mother figure of the family who pulls her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren in around her.  With the death of the family hub often families stop making the time to gather for family dinners, celebrations and holidays.  Other things come up, life is busy and soon they cannot remember the last time they saw their brothers, sisters, cousins etc.  I realize that life is busy, but it is also short!  Time slips by and soon we are looking back, reminiscing wondering what ever happened to so & so.  My advice….Make the time!  I seriously cannot tell you how many times I have heard this from the Beloved Dead.  After all when you are on your own death bed, what will be the things you wish you had done more of?  I seriously doubt you will answer “work”.

Letting go of Bad Blood- this is a close runner up.  Let’s face it we don’t always get along.  We are a species filled with many different ideas of right & wrong.  We get our feelings hurt and we don’t always know how to forgive.  Well learn!  Learn to forgive, learn to release hatred, anger, jealousy and resentment.  For one these emotions eat at us, they often do more damage to the one harboring the feelings then the one they are directed at.  I acknowledge that sometimes there are things so horrible that happen between people that you cannot reconsile.  But often Bad Blood is a distorted thing that takes on a life of its own until we don’t really even know what the cause of it is.  Sometimes this Bad Blood is taken to the grave.  Healing of those wounds is often much harder when one of the people is on the other side of the veil.  That being said you can heal Bad Blood when one person is in Spirit.  In fact at least once or twice a month I will find myself doing family/friend counseling at a Seance.   When we die we often see more clearly.  We are able to see how our actions effected those around us, our emotions get toned down a bit and we can think more clearly.  For the living often the loss of the person who they had differences with is a heads up that they need to heal this.  Really it’s pretty simple…we cannot Hate someone we have never Loved.  We can dislike people we don’t know or disagree with their way of life, but Hate is a personal emotion, the ugly cousin of Love.  As much as I am honored to help families resolve Bad Blood from across the Veil, I highly recommend you take care of that shit before someone is dead.

The difference in communication between Introverts &  Extroverts-This is one of the most interesting things I have learned from the Dead.  In communicating with the Dead I have noticed that some Spirits are clear communicators…they could talk my ear off, filling me in on family stories, details of their life and often delivering their stories with the same words as they would have in life.  I often tell people one of the things that would keep me from doing a Radio show or any other live delivery is that if your family member swears like a truck driver….so do I.  If fact I recently opened a Seance a couple weeks ago with saying “Your Mother is saying she was a real pain in the Ass”.  I have to say this is a first that someone was so blunt off the start, but everyone started laughing and said that is exactly something she would say.  As much as I love the Chatty Cathy’s of the Spirit world there is a different way of communicating that I receive just as often….Images.  There are a whole other group of Spirits that show me vivid images, like a movie set of their life often showing me where they lived, where they worked, detailed images that I then describe.  Over the years I started to see a pattern…the ones that talked my ear off (who can often show images to go with their words) were in life Extroverts.  The ones who showed me the detailed videos of their life were  Introverts.  This information has been confirmed countless times by their family members.  I have taken this information and used it in my own life.  I am an Extrovert, anyone who knows me  knows I am seldom if ever without words.  In fact I think in words, in my mind there is an active dialog to accompany my thoughts that are also visual & layered.  But the key here is I think in words.  My husband is an Introvert, he often thinks in images and emotions…this fact makes it hard for him to communicate about highly emotional things at the drop of a hat.  The advice I would share here is learn to understand how your partner, friends and family communicate.  If they are Introverted chances are they are thinking in layered emotions and images, where the Extrovert is thinking in words, images and emotions.  When you need to communicate with an Introvert about something heavy or emotional, give them some time.  Tell them whats on your mind and then give them time to think on it and come up with the words…you will find your communication is much better, with a lot less hurt feelings.

These are only a few of the things the Beloved Dead have taught me, but I hold them amongst my most treasured gifts.  I make a point of having family dinner often, gathering with my family and friends no matter how busy my life makes me.  I also approach my communication with people with the Introvert/Extrovert communication in mind & I choose not to Hate.  That being said I do have people I have chosen to release from my life, but I harbor no ill will and genuinely wish for them happiness….for I remember that I have loved them and that no Bad Blood is worth creating the Karma that goes with it.   My advice…..Love!  Love boldly, fully  and with every atom of your being.  Filling yourself with Love is intoxicating, powerful and contagious.

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Water, water everywhere and not a drop to spare….

honoring water

The last few weeks my view has been hyper focused on Water…from Water ceremonies to making sure I am drinking enough to watching the rivers rise as the snow melts, not an hour has gone by without it being on my mind.

I am fortunate enough to go to my tap & pour myself a glass of clean, fantastic tasting water whenever I want.  I live on top of ledge and have some of the best tasting water I have ever had.  People who come to my house often comment on how good the water taste.  This fact alone is one of the most important reason my husband gives after 17 years  for wanting to spend the rest of his life on this  property.  We often find ourselves talking about the importance of water and our concerns around the scarcity of good drinking water in the future.  Sometimes it seems impossible that we will ever have to worry about having enough clean water.  But I remember being a kid and filling my canteen in river when out hiking with my parents.  I also remember thinking it was crazy that people would buy water.  Now the US consumes 1500 plastic water bottles a second… A SECOND!  Questioning the sanity of the bottled water companies was something most of us Americans contemplated less then 30 years ago.  Really folks 30 years is not that long of a time, specially when you think more and more people are living to be 90 years old,  3X’s that 30 year period.   So we are looking at seeing a shortage of good drinking water within our life time.  In fact Climate Scientist are all ready warning of water shortages in the future if we don’t turn this boat around and start doing something.  The big problem is most people feel helpless to do anything, they feel that in this world of billions their efforts are worthless.

We can take a lesson from Water itself, the Ocean after all is made up of billions & trillions of raindrops.  We are like those raindrops.  Alone we are scarcely noticed, but together we can be a force to be reckoned with.  When we wake up and make a stand we place a drop of Awen (the spirit of creativity) into the minds of others.  If each of us who stood influenced just one other we would soon have a raging river capable of creating change.   How?  What can we do individually?  First there are the practical things we can do, like being aware of what we put into the environment.  All those chemicals we wash our house with & spray our lawn with seep their way into our ground water.  Most people never take the time to look at what they are using.  With today’s technology and the vast amount of smart phones we are all walking around with the information is at our finger tips….google that shit, it’s often scary enough to make you change your mind on buying it.  Here is another note.  All those heavy duty chemicals we use to clean our houses with, they are way over the top.  We do not need such harsh chemicals to clean our homes.  A simple something you can do to protect the water is to buy Environmentally friendly cleaning products.  Even some of the mainstream companies have jumped on the green wagon, including Clorax who now sports a Green Works.  As much as I personally prefer buying local, I would like to give a big shout out of praise for mainstream cleaning companies having green  products.

As much as changing our actions is super important when it comes to the care of the water, it is also important to connect with the marcwaterSpirit of Water.  We all know the power of water to move us…emotionally as well as physically.  Many of us have experienced the transcending energy of sitting by a river, pond or the mother of water…the ocean.   Water is overwhelmingly alive!  With that thought of water as a living being we can reach out to communicate.  We communicate with the world around us all the time and not always with words.  By patting a cat, or whistling to a dog we reach out for communication.  When we sing to our plants we see them grow healthier (scientist have proven that music has an effect on plants).  Water too can be touched by our energy, moved by our emotions.

I invite you to engage water…to reach out to it regularly.  To sing to the water as you shower, give small blessings when you pour your self a glass to drink & breathe deeply in reverence when you our in the presence of oceans, rivers and lakes.  We need water to survive, we are water.  Like those raindrops that make up the ocean, when we gather together we can shape our environment.

I give thanks for the Water I drink, I honor the Water I bathe in & I connect to the Waters of the World.

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