Honoring the Fae Folk & the Summer Solstice.

familypirateSummer Solstice is my all time favorite holiday!  For the last 17 plus years my family & tribe has celebrated Litha or the Summer Solstice.  We go all out…with costumes, games and  merriment that last from noon on the Saturday closest to the Solstice until noon on Sunday.  We have a kick-ass potluck & celebrate the rich abundance of the Earth, our home.  This is a family event with games for young and old.  The children’s game is always in the form of an adventure, a theatrical game done with mediocre props & lots of soul.  We always include the magical and whimsical with folk lore and imagination the key.  The merriment of this day is something I look forward to every year.

As much as the Summer Solstice is a festive celebration in my life, it is also a time in which my land is energetically charged.

A few years back in 2012 my husband and I held a property blessing & naming ceremony @ our Solstice party.  We named the land ‘Solstice Meadow’ for it truly shines on the Summer Solstice.  During the ceremony we invited our guest to tie ribbons on our Cloutie tree (prayer tree) and asked for their blessings upon the property.  Our property, or the property which we steward is deeply connected to the Fae (Fairy) Folk.  I have called them to this property, and welcomed them every time the land around us was cut down or developed.  Clear communication has been necessary as they can be mischievous for sure.  But their blessing to the land and the deep spiritual vibration they bring has been worth it.


freyjalterAs we celebrate on the land on the Summer Solstice & other holidays of the Wheel of the Year, I know that the Fae are also celebrating.  At these times I like to leave offerings for their festivities as well.

Leaving offerings for the Fae (Fairy) Folk-

When choosing to leave an offering for the Fairys please remember the energy you put into it is as important, if not more then what you leave.  A bit of Mead (honey wine), cordials, or honey water, flowers and candle light…don’t forget the blessings and thanks.  *Please note when leaving offerings, it is the essence or energy of the item that is offered, not the item itself.  You will find the physical food/flowers/etc.  still there the next day although often looking a bit worse for wear.   Choose a location outside that is beautiful and part of nature.  If you have an outdoor alter or sacred space place it there.  When seeking a relationship with the Fae Folk it is wise to remember you are seeking a relationship.  Relationships are best when each partner is seen as an equal.  Approach with respect & love in your heart and require the same in return.  Relationships with the Fae Folk and Divas of your property are beneficial to all beings living there.

A Solstice blessing to all of you….

May you spread joy and abundance wherever you walk.  May the Spirit of Nature be forever honored in your daily life & May you find Love and Merriment throughout the year.

spreading Solstice Joy & Love-salicrow


Gravestones, Cemeteries & Spirit Communication

Druid pigramage to the UK 040There is a peace among gravestones that settles the soul as if the world around is holding its breathe while we remember love and loss.  As a child I was fascinated by cemeteries.  I would go with my grandmother to place plastic flowers on the gravestones of family & friends.  I always thought plastic flowers were weird, but they lasted longer and it was the 70’s.  Later as a Girl Scout I sent silent prayers to  fallen soldiers on Memorial day during gun salutes as we marched around town from graveyard to graveyard.  The energy of these hallow places was always unusual, for they are places betwixt & between.  They are tended by the living, but all occupants are of the Dead.  In Spirit Communication, contact is often made easier during times of Betwixt & Between…when we are not really fully in one world. In our solar year we have times when the veil between the world is thin, such as Halloween and Beltaine (May 1st)…and each day holds hours such as this, at Dawn & Dusk.  The light and dark are balanced, and the veil between the world of the living and the dead is thin.  These are times when communication with the dead is easier, allowing more people to have personal communication or contact.   In many ways Gravestones are physical location markers that too exist in both the world of the living and the world of the dead.

People have been marking burial grounds and graves forever…(ok, I really don’t know how old the oldest grave marker, tomb or whatever is but its ancient).  Religion and culture have told us time and again that such places are sacred, and to deface them in any way is seen as unholy.  Our need to stay connected to our ancestors is ancient, it is in our blood and soul to honor those who have come and gone before us.  Throughout time we have also used these locations as places in which to speak to, pray for and connect with our loved ones in Spirit.  When we enter a graveyard we leave behind our cluttered mind, no longer entangled by our daily worries we come for the soul purpose of visiting those we greatly miss.  Here is the cool part, because they have been used throughout time as places of honoring and prayer our Ancestors know when we are there.  Kind of like having the doorbell ring.  When we stop by the cemetery our Beloved Dead know we have come to call and join us.  They come to listen and watch as we spend time thinking of them.  They visit us in other places as well, but graveyards are an easy one.

Approaching Gravestones for Communication-

When you approach a gravestone for communication it is important to remember that this space is holy and sacred to many people and we must be thoughtful of others beliefs and wishes.  We are there to reach out to our Beloved Dead, not to disturb the peace of others (living and dead).  Be mindful of where you tread and the volume of your voice, for this is a place of reverence.

Offerings for your loved ones are always a nice idea, whether they be flowers, charms or items from the earth.   In some traditions it is custom to give offerings of tobacco and herbs.  Remember leave little behind…so keep your offerings small and biodegradable.  No food unless you plan on taking it out with you when you leave…It is important to remember that offerings to those in Spirit are about the essence of the thing, not the thing itself.  So bring the real flowers, not the plastic ones.  The plastic ones may hold their color and form longer, but they hold no real essence.

Be sincere!  One of the most foolish things about us humans is the way in which we hide our true feelings and intentions.  Often we go through life holding back our true expression.  Let us not carry this attitude over to our dealings with the Dead.  Speak truly with heart and soul, speak out loud if you can.  This action helps separate us from the chatter of our mind.  Worry not if they can hear you, for they can.  It is much easier for those in Spirit to hear and see us, then it is for us to see them.

Quiet your mind and open your eyes.  When our mind is quiet we are more likely to receive messages from our Beloved Dead.  When we practice mindfulness and calm our internal voices we become more aware of other beings around us.  Remember Spirit is often subtle, bringing us sounds, smells and sights in a gentle way.  It helps to soften your eyes so that you are looking with your peripheral vision.  (think about those 3-D art books of the 90’s)…this vision “wide angle vision” is very helpful in viewing Spirits, as they exist in another realm.

Do not base your experience on whether you received a message that very moment or not.  Often things such as this take time as both you and your loved ones in Spirit need to work on connecting.  Go back often and look for signs.  Hell (no pun intended), I would even ask for a sign.  Stick to something that is reflective of your loved ones nature…such as cardinals for your grandpa who loved them.  Ask them to reach out to you with the sign you have chosen.  Be patient….It is important to remember that like all things skill in Spirit Communication is different for different people, just as we are all not rocket scientist or marathon runners.  Remember why you have gone to visit…that you are visiting your dead out of respect, loss and love.  It is enough to honor them.

Most importantly we need to remember that gravestones and cemeteries are not the only way to reach out to the ones we love….but they are a powerful way to go visiting.

spreading love-salicrow




Friday the 13th, Full Moon Magic…

friday13The best things in life can happen when the moon is right…like connecting with the love of my life for instance.  25 years ago this year my husband and I connected on Friday the 13th under a full moon.  The story gets better from a twilight zone perspective as he also had a black cat.  It seems for us at least all that bad luck is a bunch of hogwash and I would confidently say I find Friday the 13th to be a lucky date.

In fact the whole deal about Friday the 13th being unlucky really has no backing.  Go ahead Google the shit out of that one, there is little to base the superstition on.  Some sources say it is because Friday itself is unlucky, it’s unluckiness being connected to not a good day to choose a long sailing expedition.  I can see the bad luck in this decision, as your crew is probably a bit sore over leaving port just as the weekend begins.  I believe in our culture which emphasis’ working mon-friday most people would disagree with Friday being unlucky, unless of course your boss wanted you to take on a big project Friday morning.  Others say the number 13 itself is unlucky having to do with there being 12.41 lunar cycles per year…so 12 full months and then that weird left over time.
Here is where things get interesting…I have talked a lot about that time that exist betwixt & between…dawn & dusk, Beltaine & Halloween, that time between the dream and reality.  Well 13 fits right in with that energy & Friday the 13th with it’s hype and mystery even more so.  13 in Numerology breaks down to 13/4, which carries a strong vibration of stability.  It is a number of transformation, allowing us to change ourselves and leave behind that which no longer serves us.  Breaking down to a 4 it holds security and stability, which shows that this transformation will not break us as it releases us from that which holds us back.  Basically 13 is about stepping into your big, true self.  Friday is a day connected to both Freyja & Venus who are both Goddess’ of Love & prosperity….not so shabby. Next we add the full moon….Full Moons are symbolically connected to beginnings, making them optimal for starting projects and planting dreams.  The energy of the Moon is at it’s fullest making it a great partner in any manifestation magic.  Remember Magic is science that has not yet been explained.  When I talk about manifestation magic it is the same thing as prayer with intent, or mindful manifestation in quantum physics.  Science…particularly Quantum Physics has proven that thought matters.  When we focus our thoughts we become co-creators of our own destiny.  Focus is not always easy for some, so adding tools and allies helps us hold that focus and put more oomph into our work.  Full Moons, auspicious days (friday the 13th) & group consciousness help this process.  Yes there are many people out there rolling around in the doom of superstition, fearing the almighty Friday the 13th, but there are just as many strong minds out there who fear not change and choose to embrace their bigger, truer self.

In a nut shell, we have a rare line up happening this Friday, June 13th.  We have the energy of the full moon itself, which is great for new beginnings and fueling just about anything under its luminescent light.  We also have the numerlogical vibration of 13 which is fantastic for transformation, the high energy juju of friday with all its love & prosperity &  a dash of superstition wrapped around Friday the 13th itself. And lets not forget the rarity of the whole thing happening together (the last time it occurred was 2000, and next due in 2049).  I love rare happenings…Fantastic!

Here is what I am suggesting-

fullmoon3Head out doors, under the moon and meditate.  No candles, no fires, just you and the moon…sit and think about what you are wishing to let go of.  Remember transformation is a 2 part process-that which we are releasing and that which we are becoming.  As you contemplate the things that no longer serve you imagine them dissolving under the light of the moon.  Close your eyes & breathe deeply letting your lungs be filled, as you exhale release deeply from inside of yourself…Continue to breathe deeply, releasing the unwanted parts of your life on the exhale.  When you feel you have successfully let go of the mental & emotional connection to the junk you no longer want in your life, open your eyes.  Take a few moments to stare at the moon….as you do, allow yourself to imagine the change you want to see in your life.  What are you filling your newly empty emotional & mental space with.  What changes are you seeking to manifest.  Remember the work you are doing is both science and prayer….fill in the details to best suit your own spiritual needs.  Want incense and alter pieces, have at it.  Want hail Mary’s and prayer beads, go for it.  Prayer infused with intention is powerful indeed.  God/Goddess and your connection to them is yours to hold and treasure.  The more you connect the dots for yourself the more powerful your work will be.   Go play in the energy of the moon, let it fill you with the awe of creation…

spreading love-salicrow

What to expect at a Seance…

sali22_spirit_communication2-300x100My work as a Medium is that of conduit,  I see myself as a bridge between the world of the living and that of the dead.  I have been connected to Spirit since I was a very young child, having my first visit when I was 3 months old.  I don’t remember the experience personally, but heard it over and over again from my great grandmother who was also a Medium.  She told me of how my father’s mother played with me at her funeral.  It was one of the many things she told me as she worked to make me comfortable with my gifts.  Simple truth, no elaborations…just ‘Spirits talk to you Sali, it’s ok’.  The simplicity in which my grandmother interacted with the Spirit world influenced my life greatly and it is the style I choose to embody in my work with Spirit.  They are still our loved ones and I see visiting with them as just that…a visit from an old friend or family member.

Saftely first-

Many people are afraid of Spirit Communication.  I attribute this to Religious dogma, Scooby Doo & too many bad 80’s movies.  If you are working with a respectable, skilled Medium you should have nothing to worry about.

In my work as a Medium, when doing Seances and Personal Spirit Communication sessions I communicate solely with Beloved Dead.  Beloved Dead are family, friends, ancestors and spirit guides.  This has been my practice since day one.  I will not tolerate Spirits who come with any malcontent, for my work is about love and healing.  Long before I started working with the public I placed safety measures into my Spirit Communication practice.  Not only do I hold sacred space myself while working, I also work with a Doorman.  A Doorman is a Spirit Guide whose job is to control which Spirits can come through for communication.   He decides whether the Spirits presenting themselves should enter the gathering and pass messages directly to me, wait at the door and pass messages via Doorman or bugger off because they are up to no good.   My Doorman’s name is Adam and I consider him among my dearest of friends.  I have deep trust and respect for him and he is fantastic at his job!

How I receive messages from the Dead-

I am a multi-sensory Medium, which means that I experience Spirits through my sight, hearing, sense of smell & touch…as well as seeing them in my 3rd eye (chakra right between the eyes also known as the minds eye).   I believe my skill to be very good, that being said communication with Spirits is not just based on the skill of the Medium, it also factors in the Spirits ability to communicate.  Some Spirits are great story tellers, they will literally speak to me and I will simply repeat what they are saying.  When I say I repeat what they are saying, I mean I literally repeat it….which means if your family member liked to swear a lot, so do I.  The other way they communicate with me is through images.  They will show me images, like a slide show inside of my mind of places they have lived…cars they have owned, landmarks, jewelry, and unusual things that are personal to the family or person.  I have found over the years that most Spirits communicate with one or more sense….giving me & their living family members clear information so that they know who they are.  If your grandmother comes through showing me a rolling pin and a detailed image of her kitchen, she will also most likely share a scent with me so that I know she preferred to bake pies and cinnamon rolls over chocolate cake or cookies.  When showing me the large lilac bush just off of her porch she may very well share that smell as well.  Over  my years as a Medium I have come to notice that people who are Extroverts in life are the talkers, they are the ones who can come through and carry on conversations.   The Introverts are the ones who show me images most often.  This fact has actually taught me a lot about how Introverts and Extroverts think.  I believe that Extroverts think more often with words.  In their mind their is dialog connected to images.  Introverts more often have emotions connected to images, making verbal communication an after thought.

What do the Dead talk about?

I introduce Spirits as they present themselves.  My doorman directs me to the Spirit who is up for communication.  I often share a physical description of the person as I see them.  This description comes from what I see with my eyes such as how close they are standing to the recipient, height, stature, etc., as well as what I see in my 3rd eye which is much clearer…giving me physical distinctions such hair color, facial features, & such.  I can also tell how close of a relationship the Spirit has to the person by how close they stand to them.  When a Spirit first begins to communicate with me they will spend a few moments describing themselves.  This often includes how they died, where they lived, what they did for work, etc.  After they have shared the basics of themselves they begin to pass more personal messages which may include moments that were special between the living recipient and their Beloved Dead.  They also like to give advice or talk about things that are currently happening in the living recipients life.  This to me is such an important part as it shows that are Beloved Dead are still watching over us and are aware of what we are doing in life.  They will talk about where they like to sit in peoples houses and things they have done to gain the attention of their living loved ones.  They make it clear that they are a living Spirit without a body…

Things you should know before attending a Seance-

Spirits are not omnipotent!  They do not know the answers to all, or even hold great wisdom.  If your Uncle Louie was the town fool in life, he is not going to be the fountain of knowledge in death.  However if your Grandmother was a wise woman in life she will be wise in death as well.  Not all Spirits are Psychic!  I personally work with a team of Spirits and out of my 5 only one of them is Psychic…meaning he, like myself is prophetic and can see future events.  One of the things Spirits can do is tell when someone is getting ready to cross over into the land of the Dead.  Just like we can tell when someone is going to be entering our world by watching them grow inside their mother…the Dead can see people before they enter the world of Spirit.  I refer to this as “the Grey”.  The Grey is the stasis point in which the living can no longer get better, they are dying.  It is also refers to the point in which a Dead soul may not completely understand they are dead.  When a Spirit refers to a living person as being in the Grey it is a way of helping their family members to prepare for loss.  This knowledge of peoples passing is probably the only Psychic bit you will get from Spirits.  When it is mentioned it is always with deep love.

Bring a recording device.   There are lots of little hand held recorders out their pretty cheap and most phones have the capability of recording conversations.  Recording your Seance is completely worth it for a few reasons.  First of all people get what I call Psychic Amnesia, which means that they are so overwhelmed by the information they are receiving and their experience that they forget half of it.  By recording it you are able to revisit the experience again and again allowing you to fully take in the details.  The second reason which I totally love is the Spirits will tell you things you do not know.  I cannot tell you how often I get phone calls from people weeks and months after their Seance saying that they figured out what their Beloved Dead meant.  This is because some of the things they tell you, you don’t know…but someone else in the family does.  Don’t worry, they will give you plenty of information you will recognize.  I have never had anyone walk away from one of my Seances disappointed or wondering if the experience was real… I make the Spirits work for it, they need to give details.  I find the stuff we don’t recognize right away to be the true gifts, for we get to learn from the Dead instead of just remember.

Tissues my friend tissues…Seances are emotional.  You will laugh and their is a good chance you will cry.  I think of Seances as family reunions in which I am a guest or translator.  They are powerful healing moments of closure often filled with joy and a touch of sorrow.  For many families I am a repeat visitor, as they call me to come visit over and over again to unite them with their Beloved Dead.

Choosing a Medium-

When choosing a Medium be a skeptic.  That’s right doubt a little…Like plumbers, carpenters and other skilled craftspeople Mediums come in all ranges from shitty to fantastic.  Just because someone says they can do something, doesn’t mean they can.  Beware of the Medium who starts by asking you a lot of questions, this is fishing…they are looking for you to give them the answers.  A true Medium will not need you to feed them information.  Word of mouth is the best way to pick a Medium, ask your friends if they have ever been to see one.  If that is not an option, check out the Medium’s facebook page, websites & blogs.  Read their words, check them out…if they are totally wack a loon, it’s probably a good idea to stay away.  Another good idea is to avoid choosing your Medium in a tourist zone…places like Old Orchard Beach, Salem & New Orleans.  This is not to say you cannot find a good Medium in those locations.  It is simply the fact that in a tourist area the Medium is not counting on return clientele to make a living.  She is not worried about running into her clients at the grocery store, or school event.

I hope this has been helpful to those of you curious about Spirit Communication.  To me it is natural.  I love it, I find my world enriched by it and I am thankful for the opportunity to share my gifts with others.  I get really pissed off when I meet people who claim to be Mediums and Psychic who are not.  I try my best to help people connect with other True Healers, and Readers.  I think Psychic Abilities are gifts, gifts that if abused or misrepresented will  be given a bad name.  If we want the world to change, to open up and become more intuitive we have to help present an honest, clear image of what Spirit Communication is.   It is about connecting with our Spirit Tribe.

spreading love-salicrow

Healing Ancestral Wounds…Lessons from the Beloved Dead

grammylastxmasAs a Medium I often refer to myself as a guest (translator) at other peoples family reunions.  But from time to time, I am not just acting as a translator, but as a therapist helping family members on both side of the veil heal.  This is a profound experience and one that I takes my gift to a higher level…where I am working as both Medium and Healer simultaneously.   This happens more often then you would think, as often people are unable to deal with their differences before someone dies.  Sometimes it takes death for a soul to see their life and lessons clearly.  While alive we are often consumed with the need to be right, or overwhelmed by emotion and unable to see both sides of a story.  This is a lesson I know personally as I did not speak to my father for 13 years….13 years that I now see as a waste of time, a loss that I will never be able to get back.  I do not mourn it, but I do see it for the loss that it is.  I was lucky enough to heal the wounds between us before he passed and we were given 10 years to make right what was wronged and clear the crap from our Ancestral line.

What are Ancestral Wounds?

Ancestral wounds are those that get carried out through generation after generation…they are often altered slightly and sometimes people don’t even realize they are repeating the same damage over and over again, generation after generation.  I recently did a Seance with a beautiful family who had lost a granddaughter & sister at a young age.  She had died at her own hands, but not through suicide.  Her constant abuse of her body had finally taken her life.  She was not an alcoholic or a drug addict, but simply had eaten way too much.  In the end her heart could not take the abuse anymore and she passed.  I found her story to be one that truly touched the core of Ancestral wounding for she had carried on a line of self hatred that had been carried down through the generations.  She was not the first in her family, but hopefully she will be the last.  When her family came to my table it was her grandfather who first came through.  He had deep apologies for the abuse he had put his family through living with him and his alcoholism.  He went on in detail and by communicating with him I was able to see how much he had hated himself and used that hate to lash out at others.  He talked about  his son and how he too carried the deep self hatred, and continued the ancestral pattern of self abuse and hatred.  Like his father he was an alcoholic who took his anger out on those who loved him most.  The daughter who was the Star of the Seance (the one the family had traveled so far to hear from) was not an Alcoholic nor was she abusive to others.  She saved her hatred for herself and she turned to food instead of alcohol.  In her life she could not see that her behaviors and mental dialog were kindred to that of her father & grandfather….it took death for her to see these things.  She was trapped in the cycle of abuse and carried the families Ancestral Wounds like those who had walked before her.  I was honored to work with this Spirit/Young Women, she had such great compassion and really wanted to make sure that her siblings knew that they had to stop this cycle so that it was not carried through to the generations to come.

How do we break Ancestral Wounds?

First and foremost we need to be aware that they are there.  My family has a long line of Alcoholism, particularly in the men of my family.  As a young girl when I began experimenting with Alcohol myself I made a pledge to myself that I would not drink if I was angry or sad.  This pledge was made with the knowledge that my family members had turned to Alcohol with their problems, something I did not want to do…for life is a balance of light and dark, filled with sorrow and hardship just as it is love and blessings.   Like I said identification is the first step, the second step is too stop hiding it.  The funny thing about Ancestral wounds as they are often the most staunchly guarded.  Somewhere in the back of our mind we believe that if we don’t talk about the wound it will go away.  But that is like saying if I ignore the infection in my arm it will go away…No, not true.  The infection left untended is going to fester and cause a lot more problems then if it is looked at and cleaned up.  So the second step is to bring it out into the light of day and clean it up.

Cleaning the wounds before the infection can spread-

Ancestral Wounds come in all shapes and sizes.  My sister discovered in a recent journey that she was carrying a Wound from my great, great grandmother Cora/Little Beaver.  Little Beaver had left the Blackfeet Reservation, she had traveled from Montana into Canada and Eastward where she married my grandfather an Irishman working as a Mounty.  She did not want to leave her people, but was told that it was for the good and so she made the deep sacrifice.  My sister is someone who has always put herself at the service of others and often sacrificed herself in the process.  Discovering that this was something she had carried over in her blood from Cora allowed her to disconnect from the ownership of it.  She no longer had to carry on as if her life was simply to take care of other peoples needs.  Knowledge is power my friends, when we know where something comes from we can choose whether it still serves us or not.  Effort is needed and we often need reminders that this is no longer ours to carry, but we can clean up our bloodline.  It truly comes down to making a conscious decision that you will no longer carry the burden and that you will exert effort to see that it is not carried forward through your blood.  The effort comes primarily in thoughtfulness.  We need to be thoughtful of our actions and our words.  Little ones are constantly learning from our actions and words.

How are Ancestral Wounds carried forward?

I have put a lot of thought into this one and I believe there are many factors that take place.  One is genetics….like all other beings we carry code in our DNA that not only determines how we will look and what medical conditions we will have, but personality traits and lessons.  Scientist have been talking about this one a lot lately, they are starting to notice that people like animals can have personality traits breed into them.   This inbreed mannerism shows when you come in contact with children not raised by their biological parent and watch them use the same facial expressions or body movements of that parent.  I have seen it personally and it is awe inspiring.  My thought is that deep emotional moments and patterns are shadowed into our DNA, allowing a resonance to be carried through in our blood.

Another factor is repetitive exposure.  When we experience something over and over again we begin to own it.  So when we watch our mother tell herself she is fat and ugly we begin to see ourselves as fat and ugly, for she is our mother and if this is true of her it must be true of us.  Children are like little sponges, they are constantly sucking up information and experiences.  They learn more from our actions and words then what we tell them they should learn and know.  If you want to break a pattern or Ancestral wound you must stop the behavior, whether that behavior is directed at yourself or another.

Healing ourselves Heals our Ancestors-

One of the most amazing things I have experienced with the Dead is how often they tell their family members they are working on healing.  We all walk around thinking that when we die its over, like we suddenly get a one way ticket on a luxury cruise line.  Not quite so I am afraid there is often still work to do.  I like to tell people that if Uncle Louie was not that wise in life he most likely is not in death.  The one bonus death gives to us is a dulling down of our emotions that often allows the Beloved Dead to process through things easier.  That in not having all the mundane worries of life to deal with like working and paying bills.  When we are Dead we still have to deal with ourselves, although we do have the added bonus of being all that we ever were..not just this incarnation (I personally believe in reincarnation).  When we the living work on our families garbage, we make it easier for our Beloved Dead to heal as well.  If we can break the pattern in our family line (our descendants) we also send deep healing to those who have come before us.  This is a lot of work, but when faced with the thought of family dysfunction traveling generation after generation down the line what options do we as conscious living beings have but to do something about it.

Not all Ancestral wounds can be healed easily and from time to time it takes the help of others to get us there.  Connecting to our Ancestors is a good way to start.  First begin with honoring them, even if we are not happy with them they are part of us and we a part of them.  Honor them for the beautiful soul they were before they were wounded.  Place a picture of them on your alter or a shelf in your home.  Light a candle for them often and ask that their soul find healing…for as they heal, we heal.  If you are so called reach out for communication either directly or through the aid of a Medium.  Be patient and remember LOVE is the answer.


spreading love-salicrow


Connecting to Gaia…Earth based Spirituality

salionrockThe last few days have been gorgeous and I have spent most of my time in my yard or jaunting about through the countryside in awe.  As a Druid I connect with the God/Goddess through nature.  I see Divinity in the trees, rivers, rocks and life that walks upon this planet…I see the Divine in the planet itself.   This does not mean I see God as limited to this planet, but more that I see the planet as an aspect of God/Goddess.   When I am feeling overwhelmed it is the sanctuary of Nature I seek, for there lies my cathedral…my temple of worship.  It is also the place I have chosen to make my deepest commitments…that of marriage, both to my husband and the land.  It is where I go when I need to clear my mind and find my center and where I celebrate with friends and family.

I often find myself writing about the need of a Spiritual practice in ones life.  To me Spirituality is not the same as Religion…some people get to Spirituality through Religion, but it is not the only ride.  Religion comes in many forms, but they are all have a fundamental set of rules and beliefs which are agreed upon by the followers of the religion.  These beliefs are often based on the cause and purpose of life and death and how one is suppose to behave in order to reach the best outcome.   Spirituality is an individual approach it is loose flowing and allows one to weave together a tapestry that may very well contain the thoughts and practices of various religions.  One can be Spiritual without sharing the beliefs of others, or even having a belief in a higher  power.  Spirituality is about reaching our for connection, allowing ourselves to feel like part of something greater instead of being a mini island inside of a gigantic sea….withstanding all of the hardships and blessings of life alone.  Over the last 20-30 years our culture has become one more and more based on the mini island.  Everyone is on their own…families live in large houses with few children, where generations ago that same house may have held multiple generations.  Our Grange halls and Communities centers have stood empty with the only visitors being the elderly who remember community and its importance.  Well times are changing again and people are starting to feel the need for community and tribe, they are starting to gather and share with one another and they are starting to search for something more….something beyond themselves, a place to connect.  May I suggest Nature…

You do not have to put away any current Religious beliefs to embrace Nature…nor do you have to love hiking, biking and water sports.  You can simply step outside your door, walk into your yard, the park or the local beach and enjoy.  It is amazing how much peace we humans can get from sitting in the stillness of Nature.  

headstandenglandLets start with 20 minutes each day sitting in Nature.  During my Druid training we would do this first thing in the morning as the sun was rising.  We would gather together and sit facing East as the morning sun rose about the horizon.  Sitting quietly, listening to the birds and insects as the new morning sun touches your face is a fantastic feeling…and it is a form of meditation!  Most people think Meditation is about having an empty mind, but in reality it is not that your mind is empty, but that you do not hold onto thoughts.  So when you suddenly find yourself thinking about the work you need to do, or the conflict you are facing…release it and go back to listening to the birds.  It takes practice, but remember no one is grading you…Spirituality is a personal practice and there is no wrong way to do it.  I am honestly not a morning person & have to admit, I seldom do this exercise with the rising sun.  But I have instead taken to drinking my morning coffee outside without my phone, ipad or laptop….just me and the elements.  I listen to the birds, I admire the trees and I connect the Earth beneath my feet.  I am not there every morning, sometimes I find my time in the afternoon, or at dusk which is my favorite and sometimes I don’t find the time at all.  On those days I find myself regretting not taking the time.
This year I have decided to up the anty…I have dedicate myself to more time in Nature.  Often when I travel for work my husband will escort me and we will head out to dinner after.  This summer I am all about picnics.  I told him that I want to spend  more time picnicing near rivers and streams and less time in restaurants.  I have also decided to start  working the outdoors into my yoga routine.  Like all things you will have times when you feel totally connected and charged up by your spiritual practice and then you will have the lows on the journey that leave you wondering what happened to your practice.  But remember Nature is just out your front door…go sit on a rock, go dangle your toes in a pond, go stroll through the city park & do it with your eyes wide open.  Actually observe your surrounding, don’t just walk through it on your way to something else.  Don’t sit on the park bench with your nose in your phone…breathe deep and connect to the world around you.  It will feed your soul!

spreading love-salicrow