Sacred Travel…Sleep Deprived [part 2…salicrow goes to Iceland]

Photo taken by Lucia Marie.

Photo taken by Lucia Marie.

When partaking in Sacred Travel it’s important to remember your sense of humor.  Try not to get wrapped up in things being perfect.  Choosing the right companions is important as you will be spending a great deal of time together.  I highly recommend traveling with Gypsy Folk as they seldom get worked up about perfect schedules & what other people think.  I also truly believe that when on Spiritual Adventure the Spirits throw in a bit of something-something just to make things amusing.  Like watching a movie- we want the comic relief.

imageSo…our journey began with a well scheduled plan that would get us to the bus station in Lebanon, NH early in the day…the bus would bring us to Logan Airport in Boston allowing for hours of settling in time before the flight through Time & Space to Iceland.  When going abroad I really like to eat a real meal at a real restaurant before boarding.  This time it was super important as we had my 10 month old grandson.  Well let’s just say things did not entirely go as planned…a small delay for printing a bus pass, another short delay for loading up all the Gypsies & a weird tire vibration added up to us arriving at the bus station approximately 10 minutes before our bus was to leave.   ready, set, go- get two cars valet parking, purchase bus ticket for one of our wild travelers, make that 3 (I printed off the wrong bits) & we we’re off.  LOL, JUST KIDDING.  The bus driver miscounted the seating, as he missed the young girl sitting in the back.  So I literally got the last seat on the bus, forcing the bus driver to put the cooler of water & pretzels on the floor….making him a bit of a Grumpy Bear, as he would now need to move the cooler every time anyone got off the bus.  Just to make things interesting we also were involved in a ‘bus-jam’ at South Station, as a Peter Pan bus shit the bed at the station…meaning we all waited while Peter got his ass towed.  Onward….the flight went Splendidly, well as splendid as it can be on a 4+ hour flight, cramped in like sardines.  But I was totally excited to discover the Plane we were flying on had not only been blessed by the Norse Gods, but had been named for my Gal- Freyja…Whoot!

imageIt’s important to note that most flights arriving in Iceland from the United States do so before 7am.  Ours arrived at 4am (12am back in the States).  So what does one do upon arrival in Iceland @ 4am?  Well first stop was the Huge Duty-Free shop.  (Alcohol is quite pricy in Iceland so it advised to pick up said goods before leaving the airport).  Sage & I particularly like zooming around the store in the highly maneuverable shopping carts.  We spent about 45 minutes perusing the isles in the slightly disoriented mind state of Travel.  It’s also really hard to think about the libations for 10 days @ 4am, he’ll it’s just plain hard to make decisions at all.

imageAfter our libation hunting experience we entered the outer airport & decided what we would do until noon.  That’s right-noon.  Another slightly known fact about Iceland is that planes may arrive in the early morning, but lodging not so much…unless you want to pay a extra fee. We didn’t even have the pay extra fee option as we rented an apartment in the Downtown area through Airbnb.  So we stayed in the Airport for about an hour, joining the masses of other Gypsy Folk who were camped out with pillows, & luggage trying to rest.

photo taken by-Marc Tetreault

photo taken by-Marc Tetreault

We left Keflavik (airport) & headed or Reykjavik @ about 6am.  The airport is about 45 minutes from the city & the drive is quite unlike any other.  The terrain is lava fields with low shrubbery & mountains in the distance.  I didn’t take any pictures at this time as my Grandson was feeling rambunctious.  I do have to say, for little sleep & a lot of adventure he was a Trooper.  When we got into town we walked around with our luggage in tow, until we found a cool Cafe that allowed us to stow our luggage in the back room while we ate breakfast & the baby slept by his Mother on the bench seat.  We had a long leisurely meal (wasting hours)…until we started getting hints that we should consider moving along.  So we wheeled our luggage around, deposited the men Folk & baby on a park bench & went window shopping.  We all decided that buying anything in outperform present state was ill advised.










imageAll in all it was a great first day that ended with a home cooked meal of freshly caught Salmon (from the store/no fishing for us) & some Good Wine.  I set up the Altar @ our little apartment & we talked about the places we want to visit & the Sacred work that we plan on doing.

Well that’s it Folks-I hope you enjoyed the Read.  Keep checking in I will be writing on Sacred Travel for the duration of my trip.

Spreading love-salicrow

PS- you probably noticed by the jackets, but it’s a bit cooler here… Low  50’s yesterday.  Suppose to be get up to 63 today.


Our Altar...libations, coffee & toys included

Our Altar…libations, coffee & toys included

Creating a Temporary Altar in your Lodgings-

Find a shelf, window sill or desk in your Lodging to be used for Sacred Space.  Remember when creating an Altar all item Upon it are done so intentionally.  An Altar is a place of Intention, it is the space we utilize to manifest our goals…

What are your Goals?  Sometimes our goals are as simple as having a good time & being safe.

You probably noticed I have libations on my Altar….this is Iceland & I am here to interact with the land & Spirits/Deities of this place & they like to celebrate!


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