Holiday…Christmas Moon [full moon magic]

winterMOON (1)The Holidays have been in full gear in my neck of the woods for the last few weeks, in fact…I have finished the majority of my celebrating; as my family celebrates the Winter Solstice/Yuletide, instead of Christmas.  That being said, I couldn’t help but notice the wonderful treat Christmas brings this year…a Full Moon.  The last time we had a Full Moon at Christmas (1977),  I was 6 years old; the most amazing age for Santa’s wonderment.  I don’t remember the Full Moon then, but I am sure it added majestically to the sparkle and shine that was Christmas that year.  This time however, I am ready for the Moon and planning on using it’s Holiday show to move Mountains….Mountains in my own life that is.

There has been a lot of hub-bub on the Internet over the fact that the Full Moon this month falls on Christmas day.  Astronomically, there is nothing particularly special about Christmas day.  However, the close proximity to the Winter Solstice does have significant sway over the Full Moon’s energy.  The second little bit that makes the Christmas, Full Moon significant is belief.  Quantum Physics has proven that thought matters, that what we believe has a direct effect on reality.  The fact that so many people celebrate the 25th of December as a time for family, love, abundance and good will, means something & makes it a potent seed for manifestation.

So, lets first take a look at the Astronomical significance of the Winter Solstice- Full Moon & the energy it holds.  A Full Moon occurs when the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun, and fully illuminated by it’s light.  As the energy of the Moon is receptive, it goes without saying that it is influenced by the position of the Sun.  In the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun begins it’s return or period of growth on the Winter Solstice; which occurred on the 22nd of December this year.  Energetically, this signifies growth and rebirth, for the Sun is sharing its light with us more and more each day.

Christmas is also connected to rebirth & growth.  For Christians, Christmas represents the birth of their God into human form.  It is a time of wonder & joy, salvation & redemption.  In our modern world, many people celebrate Christmas whether they are religiously Christian or not.  Their reasons for celebrating are often the same; wishing for a better world, being thankful for the gifts of change &  humanity.  For many the celebrations of the Winter Solstice have been spread out over the many days of Christmas, to include New Years day…when we all make our resolutions or manifestations for the coming year.  All of these things, that make the Christmas season so magical are shared by people all over the world, under many names and traditions.  So, yes there is a magic to Christmas.  It is a magic on the quantum level; on the level of belief, as Quantum Physics has proven that thought matters; that what we believe we create.  The more people who believe the same, the more power added to the moment.  This makes Christmas a very magical time, for Christmas is about wishing…Wishing for a better life, wishing good will to all, wishing for dolly’s and race cars and chocolate cream pie.  Young and old, rich and poor, Christmas allows us to dream & create.

So now we come to the part I love most…what are we going to do with it?  How are we going to use this energy, that so nicely aligned for us on Christmas Night?

This ceremony is intended for Christmas Night, but can be done tonight or any evening between now & December 28th; as the Full Moon’s energy is potent for 3 days prior to the Moon being full, and 3 days after.  If your busy with guest on Christmas Night, sneak away with your hot chocolate or wine & give yourself the gift of time.  You can do this wherever you happen to be.

You will need- Paper (or a blank Christmas card), pen/marker, a candle, crystals/ornaments/altar items

Set up your Altar…(Altars are temporary or permanent Sacred Space).  As your work this evening is geared toward the Moon, I recommend a shelf or table near a window; where the Moon can shine on it, or outside if possible.  Your Altar can hold items you find sacred; such as crystals, holy symbols, photos of ancestors, etc.  You will also want a simple candle; any color, shape or size will do.

Light your candle and take a few deep breathes.  With every breath in welcome the energy of the Moon, whether you can see it or not; it’s out there.  With every exhale, let go of your every day worries.  As you continue breathing, imagine a sphere of white light surrounding you & connecting you to the Moon.  This light goes above your head and below your feet, you are completely inside of the light.  This light is protective, and acknowledges the work you do as Sacred.  You may welcome the cardinal directions (East, South, West & North) and the elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth) if you feel drawn to, as well as any Deities and  Spirits you work with.  When your space is created; it is time to get to work.

Let us begin with taking a good look at our present circumstances and how we would like to change them.  Grab a nice piece of paper, or better yet a Christmas card if you have one.  Make a list of the things you need.  I stress Need over Want, as want is a fleeting thing; often determined by our child mind & does not always serve us.  Need on the other hand is the essential pieces necessary to our happiness, growth and stability.  Make your list, just like you would for Jolly Saint Nick; billeted, detailed, in marker or glitter.  Make it sincere, do not sugar coat it or gloss it over in any way, shape or form.  When working with manifestation it is important to be honest, with ourselves as well as the powers that be.  My most potent works of manifestation have happened when I was completely raw.  For me this may mean…naked in the woods, sitting on a ley line/nodal point.  But it has also taken place in a warm room, in my jammies.  It all comes down to vulnerability &  the desire to make change.  That is why honesty & need are so important.  We must to be willing to give all of ourselves; to believe & commit if we want to work magic.  The Moon, no matter how powerful it is; is but a tool for our work, an energetic partner  if you will.  As many of you reading this, have decided to partake in a year long journey of Intuitive development with the Moon.  I would highly suggest that you include your goals for this journey in the work you manifest this night.  When you have created your list, place it on the Altar to absorb the energy of the Christmas Full Moon.

After at least  one night on your Altar; preferably under the Moon Light, you can now take your card or paper with its list and place it somewhere where it will catch your attention.  It is important to not look constantly re-read the list.  In Magic, as well as Quantum Physics, belief is important.  Constantly reworking things we have put into being takes away from it’s potency.  It’s like we are saying we didn’t do it right the first time…adding doubt and disbelief to our work.  My suggestion; is to close the card and only have the image visible, or put your list in an envelope.  Place the card or envelope on your working Altar if you have one, or the top of a dresser or shelf if you do not; someplace where it will catch your eye.  Every time you notice the card/envelope, remember you are working Christmas Moon magic…and send it a bit of energy.  I recommend that you not open the card or list until Christmas of next year.  It will be a real holiday treat to see the work you have achieved.

For those of you partaking in my Lunar Intuition adventure this coming year, this is but a sneak peek at what lies ahead.  Our journey begins with the Dark Moon this January 2nd, I look forward to sharing it with you.  For the rest of you out there…have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the Merry Moon.  I hope you have enjoyed the read Folks.

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Holiday…Approaching the Dark Night of the Soul [the Winter Solstice, part 1]

DSC02701It may seem a bit strange that I am writing about Internal Struggle when we are quickly approaching the most celebrated time of the year (Solstice, Christmas, Kwanza, Etc.).  But in reality there is a reason for all those lights….to keep out the dark.  The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year; something that created fear in ancient people.  Fear that the sun would not return, that the land would lay barren & that they may starve.  In modern times we too experience fear at the Solstice.  Fear that the challenges of our life will be too heavy, and that our plans will lie fallow; never stepping into being.  As we sit at the cusp of the year; just before the light returns, we experience darkness.

The Darkness of the Winter Solstice, is a time when we become reflective & nostalgic.  We look back at the year we are leaving; with an eye for detail, and the years of Christmas Past with the deep appreciation time offers.  When looking over that which is just leaving, we are critical.  However, when we look at our deep past there is much more appreciation, even for the hard times.  Distance of time, helps us to understand that necessary lessons are often painful, and that obstacles in our path often lead to the things we need most.   There is much to be said about the beauty of looking into the dark.  When we reflect with a lucid mind (conscious on a deep level), we can turn this powerful time to our advantage; embracing the lessons it has to offer.  When we look at what lurks in the shadows/ our fears…we begin to gain personal power.  The kind of power that is unobtrusive, like putting on a really good pair of shoes…it feels right!  Through such power, we become more fully ourselves.

I have grown to love this time of year, and not just for the festive cheer, but for the darkness as well.  I find that I look forward to the reflection.  To me there is a magic in this darkness.  Magic, like telling stories in the dark to your best friend…stories of what you have experienced, what you have learned & what you plan to do with that knowledge.  Look into the mirror, seek out your reflection in the darkness & welcome the lessons you have learned.  The light returns on December, 22nd this year & we quickly approach the New Year.  May you enter it a bit wiser, more compassionate and ready for the next adventure.  I hope you enjoyed the read folks…stay tuned for Part 2 of the Winter Solstice-Stepping into the Light.

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Stories of Spirit…the Sound of Music [Heartfelt Holiday Tales]

As a Medium, Death has been a constant companion of mine.  My experience has not been limited to the Spirit World (talking to the Dead), but also includes standing present in the face of Death itself.  I consider the moments that I walk hand & hand with Death to be among those I most treasure & my work as a Spiritual Midwife the most sacred.  Death is a teacher that shows us what really matters,  for it teaches the importance of supporting one another and the true value of LOVE.

evanneMy story today, is about my first experience as Death’s handmaiden…a treasured gift given to me by a special woman named Evanne.  She was was a teacher at my children’s elementary school, but I find that the word teacher does not fully illuminate all that she brought to our community.  In fact most people in the community remember her through music….Balkan Chorus to be exact.  Through Evanne’s guidance,  junior high girls from our tiny-hilltown (average student pop. k-8=42 kids) performed Balkan Music throughout the region & beyond…they produced CD’s, took the stage at Carnegie Hall on the Prairie Home Companion &  were featured in the movie ‘In the Bedroom’ starring Sissy Spacek.  Along with this magnificent gift of culture and worldliness, Evanne also taught a summer Humanities camp @ the school each year.  Which brings us to how she came into my life.

The summer Evanne found out she had cancer, she made the decision that she was unable to offer the Summer Humanities Camp.  As it turned out, I was the first parent she contacted to explain her decision.  To make a long story short…that phone call turned into a friendship & me taking her on as a Reiki client.  My work with Evanne was one of the greatest treasures I have ever been given.  Before Evanne, I was scared of Cancer; I had lost a dear friend to Cancer (way too young) & watched as my grandfather loose his life to it as well.  With Evanne, I was able to see the gift that a slow Death offers as well as the pain & fear.

Meeting weekly for Reiki, I was able to witness the introspection that the Long-Death offers.  It gives us time to look at our life, to reflect and to love…I saw that there was so much more to dying then the end.  There were moments of bliss, pools of emotion and truly amazing insight.  I saw how community members stepped forward to support Evanne in whatever way that they could; from opening their homes for her care, to fundraisers and children sending gifts of books, cards and silliness.

As the holidays approached and Evanne’s condition worsened, her Balkan Chorus girls arranged a benefit concert in her name.  The day before the concert her health took a deep, downward spiral.  I  was not scheduled to visit her on the day of her death, but after news of the rapid change in her health I headed over.  Walking into the home I was greeted by one of my neighbors (the community took turns watching over her), & could feel the heaviness of death.  My neighbor informed me that Evanne was a bit off & kept talking about how she needed chairs to be brought into the living room; around her bed.  She insisted that she was going to have a lot of company that day.  At first we thought she was confused and that she was preparing for all the visitors  who would be coming after the concert; which was the following day.  But as it turns out we were the ones who were confused…she knew exactly what she was talking about.

15 minutes after I walked into the home; Evanne began to die.  Her breathing took on a deep rattle & then she stopped breathing.  She did not have a DNR (do not resuscitate), so I immediately began doing CPR on her as my neighbor spoke to the emergency dispatcher.  Within moments of starting CPR, I felt Evanne’s Spirit separate from her body & I knew she was Dead.  That being said, I had to continue doing CPR until a medical professional arrived, which means I spent 15 minutes breathing life into a body that would not receive it.  This sounds horrid, but in fact it was a truly profound experience; as I could feel Evanne standing next to me as I attended her body.

The first medical professional to arrive was a local nurse, who immediately took over the situation.  Time slowed down & took on a stretched feel as I stood with my 2 neighbors & the Spirit of Evanne, around her body.  Then the strangest thing happened….As the Ambulance drove up,  neighbors and friends also started arriving.  Soon the house was filled with people who loved Evanne, all this happened before anyone but the EMT’s had been called.  Somehow/someway; like a radio signal from Spirit,  she called her loved ones to her.  As it turns out, she was right…she did need those chairs that day & her room was full.  As I left the house, I heard Evanne speak to me…”I’m so sorry you had to do that Sali”. (referring to the CPR).   I feel Evanne chose me as a companion for her death, as our friendship was developed around her dying.  She was constantly thanking me, but I truly felt like walking through Death with her was a gift to me as well.  In that moment; so many years ago, the fear of death was taken from me & replaced with a deep respect & gratitude.  I saw how Death removed suffering, and allowed a person to step fully into their Soul.  Standing present with her Spirit, I felt honored by the teachings Death had given me.

The concert went on as planned the following day; albeit with a different flair.  Girls & young ladies filled the stage, singing with the love they held for the amazing woman who gave them so much love & inspiration.  Evanne’s touch can still be felt in the little town of Newark; it’s heard in the voices of the Balkan Chorus (now led by former students of Evanne) &  seen in the yearly cultural events she started.  Most of all Evanne’s touch can be felt in the hearts of the people who were fortunate enough to know her.

Today, telling this tale…I cry.  I cry for my friend, I cry for the beautiful gift she shared with me & I cry for the beauty of Death in it’s many faces.  I hope you enjoyed the read Folks.  May your hearts be filled with Love!

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Stories of Spirit…Oh, Christmas Tree [Heartfelt Holiday Tales]

runetreeOne of my favorite childhood memories of Christmas; was the year my Dad let us all get our own trees.  We trekked out into the woods, through snow that was above my knees.  I’m pretty sure we were Gypsying it up, meaning we were wondering around the woods cutting down trees without permission.  There were no tree-farms then in NH, at least not in the North Woods.  In fact just bringing up such an idea would peg you as a ‘flat-lander’.

While on our grand-Christmas tree adventure, my sisters and I convinced our Dad to let us get our own trees.  He agreed, and we all proudly picked out miniature trees to set up in our bedrooms.  That tiny tree I brought home ended up being a remarkable memory & one of my favorite Christmas’ of all time.  I spent hours, upon hours making decorations for it.  Then hours more making presents for all of my dolls to give to one another.  I had been sewing & crocheting since I was 8, so by 10…I was a pro & made some great little gifts for them all to share.  I even wrapped the gifts; with white paper I had drawn holiday images on.  I don’t know if my sisters got as much joy out of their trees, but for me it was truly magical.

As many of you know; I am a serious member of Santa’s Elf Brigade.  I love the Winter Holidays…Christmas, Hanukkuh, Kwanza, Yule.  You name it, I like it.  My family personally celebrates on the Winter Solstice/Yule, but I still celebrate Christmas with anyone and everyone who wants.  I love how the Holidays bring out a joyfulness in young and old, I love the lights & candy canes and hot cocoa & libations.  I love the crazy ways people celebrate…from Yankee Swaps to Ugly Sweater parties to Blowing the bubbles in the Snow @ Yule.  I have been known to wear Elf-ears on more then one occasion & I love, love, love striped socks!  But most of all I love the trees; with their ornaments and lights.

As a Medium I often hear of the special ways families celebrate the holidays.  The Beloved Dead often speak of favorite traditions, food and decorations on the tree.  In fact, tree-decorations are often treasures that remind us of our loved ones who have passed into Spirit; whether given by them or previously belonging to them…ornaments have Spirit.  Just yesterday I was doing a private Spirit Communication session with a wife who had lost her husband.  As he was speaking through me; he brought up cardinals (the bird) and showed me that they were ornaments not real birds.  There was a deep emotional connection around the ornaments.  When I brought it up to his wife, she replied that they had bought 3 Cardinal ornaments for their tree when their granddaughter had been born…one for Pop, one for Bubbi & one for their Granddaughter.

It’s funny, but there really is something magical about Yule trees.  As we age, the decorations and traditions of setting up our tree…how long we have it up, do we buy groomed trees, put up fake trees or pick ‘Charlie Brown’ trees, is our tree themed or do we have a hodge-podge of ornaments.  All of these things hold memories, memories we relive year after year as we set in front of our festive center piece.


My granddaughter enjoying my Yule tree.

This year my tree was a gifted to me from a friend; groomed on a tree farm.  I usually just do the ‘Charlie Brown’ thing and cut a tree that needs to come down from my Blueberry field.  I received my gifted tree just after Thanksgiving, so this is also an early rise for my Yule tree.  In fact it is the first time in 23 years I have put my tree up before December 10th.  My trees always waited until after the 10th, because it/today is my daughters birthday.   We always waited, so her birthday could be special.  That being said I am fully enjoying my early-rising tree, with it’s crystal (quartz, malachite, serpentine & rose quartz)  & Rune Ornaments….and candy canes (my husband & I have already eaten 2 boxes….it’s a problem).

Well I hope you have enjoyed the read.  As you set up your tree this year, take time to appreciate the memories it holds & remember your Beloved Dead are enjoying it too.

spreading love-salicrow

Stories of Spirit…Everything in it’s Place [Heartfelt Holiday Tales]

salisnowAs a Medium, I get to experience a tremendous amount of Love, when communicating with Beloved Dead (friends, family, loved ones and ancestors).  I get to feel their emotions; through a deep form of Empathy that feels like melding with the feelings of the Spirit I connect with.  The feelings transmitted help me to better understand what they are trying to say to their living-loved ones & I often walk away  knowing what it is like to love guest attending my Seances.  I have experienced such devotion between couples; that their separation by Death does not dilute it’s depth.  I have stood witness to tales of love that the Hallmark channel would die for (pun intended…).  The story I tell today is just such a tale.

I was working a Family Seance in the Upper Valley of Vermont when a woman came through to speak to her husband.  She had died suddenly many years before (by many years I mean somewhere around 30 years)…this was their first opportunity to communicate since her passing.   The Wife (Spirit) was overjoyed with the opportunity to connect with her husband, and as she spoke it became apparent that he had not moved on…he still mourned her.  After her passing he had changed nothing in the house.  This is not an uncommon thing.  Often people have a hard time removing items that remind them of their Beloved Dead; feeling that they will forget or loose connection with those they love if they do.  This however, was a exceptional example of that devotion; for the Husband had truly not moved a thing….Her sweater still hung on the bedpost & her makeup was still on the bathroom counter.  All of her belongings had been dusted and replaced in their spots for years, and years, and years.  The Wife spoke to her Husband about the importance of healing & moving on with his life.  She wanted him to know that those things were not necessary for her to stay around, she would stay close because she loved him.

I do not know if he ever moved her belongings, I figure they are most likely just where she left them.  Love is the most important thing of all, I truly believe this…It is what we are all searching for.  Some of us are luckier then others and get to experience that all-empowering-love on a soul level.  Soul level love is not limited to our lovers/partners.  Soul level love can be experienced between parent & child, siblings & friends.  It is those glorious moments when 2 people really get one another.  The kindred spark that lies in Soul level relationships is one that crosses the borders of life and death, life time after lifetime.  I am a fortunate person; I have experienced Soul level relationships in my own life & had the pleasure of experiencing them through other peoples lives.

This holiday season, spend some connecting with the people you share Soul level relationships with.  Pick up the phone, grab a cup of coffee, have a family gathering.  Big of small, perfect setting or 20 minutes  in the school parking lot waiting to pick up the kids…in life & relationships it is often about making time.  Nothing fancy is needed.  I hope you enjoyed the read Folks.  I will be sharing Heartfelt Holiday Tales from now until the Winter Solstice, so stay tuned & share with those you think may like it.


spreading love-salicrow


Stories of Spirit…The Spirit World and Trauma [Facing Violent Death]

cryinggraveIt’s the Holiday Season, and I would much rather be writing to you about the heartfelt stories I have experienced in my life with Spirit.  But, the recent shootings in San Bernardino have brought Traumatic Death to the forefront of my thoughts.

There are no words to describe the atrocities we have seen in the last decade; where gunman shoot down the innocent in our schools, movie theaters and conference rooms.  The ripples of fear, hatred and sorrow have washed over our News Feed so often, that as devastating as it is…it is no longer shocking.  As a Medium I have worked multiple times with Spirits who died traumatically, through violence of their own doing & at the hands of others.  It is always an emotional time when the Spirit I am communicating with has passed away violently.  For there are so many threads left untied, that healing is difficult for both the Spirit & the ones they leave behind.  It’s true that the Soul is eternal and holds infinite power to heal, but sometimes it takes longer then others.

I once met a woman (Spirit) who had died at the hands of her own son.  He was mentally ill & struggling with a drug addiction; creating circumstances that ended with him killing his mother and then himself.  I came in contact with this Mother as her living child came to me seeking connection & healing around the trauma of her death.  She had been gone for almost 2 decades, but the pain held by her living family was still deep and unwavering.  She was a strong Spirit, who came through easily…she had no problems talking about moments in her life, but she became distant and agitated whenever the circumstances of her death were brought up.  She was still struggling to accept that her life had ended the way it did.  I want to be very clear when I say that her soul was not suffering.  She simply could not wrap her thoughts around the fact that her life had ended with such tragedy.

When we pass into Spirit, our emotions become filtered.  They are turned down a notch or two, so that we can process the events of our life with mental clarity.  We also experience time differently;  it is far less linear.  What may be years for us in the Living world, may pass like moments to those in Spirit.  These factors contribute immensely to the way we process our life after death.  When our life has encountered Trauma (whether at death or as part of our life), that trauma leaves a mark on our soul.  Like a scar, it is a reminder of the wounding we experienced.  Scars can be worn in many ways.  For some scars are reminders of their strength and ability to endure, for others they are reminders of pain; bringing sorrow whenever they are looked at.

As someone who believes in reincarnation, I believe these scars are carried with our soul as reminders of the journey we have traveled already.  In many cases, scars left on the soul manifest into unexplained fears and phobias when we incarnate into a new life.  As a child I had repetitive dreams of being in a burning barn, hiding while Indians attacked the farm.  The dreams were so detailed, I knew they were not dreams at all…but memories.  I believed for many years that I died in that barn.  It wasn’t until I was in my early 30’s and did past life regression work that I realized I escaped the barn, but that the trauma of the event had left an imprint on my soul.  This life we live is but part of the whole.  When we experience trauma it is not ‘Our Story’, but simply a part of our story.  Even when the trauma we experience takes our life, it does not take away the life we lived.  Just like the mother who’s life ended tragically at the hands of one of her children.  When she came through to visit with her living child, she preferred to talk about the happy times and joy they experienced as a family.  She was not in denial that her life had ended tragically, she simply was not ready to talk about it, &  she did not see it as the entirety of her life.

When we loose a loved one violently, it is important to remember that their soul holds many memories & that the trauma they experienced is not their story, but simply a chapter in that story.  This is by no means an acceptance of evil doings.  I deeply appose violence and believe there is something fundamentally wrong in our world.  But as a Healer and Medium I want to remind people of the infinite power of healing the soul holds.  If we want to aid our Beloved Dead in healing their wounds the best thing we can do for them is to heal ourselves around the wounding.  Spirits watch over us, they see how we suffer and struggle.  When we heal ourselves we ultimately aid them in their healing.

I pray for the families wounded by violence, I pray for the souls seeking healing from trauma, and I choose to live my life spreading love and compassion wherever I can.  I hope you enjoyed the read folks.

spreading love-salicrow