Stories of Spirit…A journey with Gaia [sacred travel]

Sancreed Well

Sancreed Well

A few years back I traveled to the U.K., on a Spiritual Pilgrimage to marry the Earth.  As the symbolic completion of my Druid training, I journeyed with my clan mates (the folks I had spent the last 3 years studying with) to connect with the sacred landscape of England and Wales.  In many ways; the 3 years of training I went through, was one big courtship.  I learned a lot about myself and the responsibilities I have to the planet, I call home.  The training changed me in many ways, broadening my awareness…reminding me, how connected we are to the Earth and all the beings that walk, swim and fly upon her.

Last night as I sat in the darkness, listening to the wind and rain…my mind journeyed.  Journeying is a form of astral travel, in which we explore our inner world.  It is part hypnosis, part day dream, and part divine (godly) interaction.  My journey showed me much about the place I stand in life now, what doors lie before me, and what paths brought me to this place.  One of the things it reminded me of, was the time I spent on pilgrimage in the U.K. & of the sacred relationship I have with the Earth.

As someone who works in the Spiritual/Metaphysical/Psychic field, I often need to reminders that the work I do for others (although rewarding), is not my work.  It is not the same as dedicating time and energy to my own Spiritual Path.  That is why, I do take time for spiritual journey…both in the real world and in the world of spirit.  Last nights journey, brought into focus a particular memory of an Exceptional Moment of Spirit.  It was a moment in which I knew, without a shadow of a doubt…that the Earth was speaking to me.  As I thought about sharing the moment with you, I was reminded that I had already written about it, when the experience was fresh.  So today, I will reshare a moment of my life, that totally rocked my world.

Sally Browne & Madron’s Well

Druid pigramage to the UK 043

June 7, 2011 at 7:35pm

 It hardly seems like a month has gone by since I have returned from the UK, and again it seems like forever since I have been there.  I landed in the States and hit high speed preparing and celebrating…my 40th birthday & then my daughters graduation from High School.  I have meant to sit down and right about some of the tremendous experiences I had while on my magical journey & the time was just never there.  So here I am sitting in the parking lot of the local ice-cream shop typing away as I wait for my son to get out or work….

Druid pigramage to the UK 060

My trip to the UK consisted primarily of visiting StoneCircle sand Sacred Wells.  One of my most profound experiences happened around 2 wells in Cornwall.  First of all its important to point out that wells in England are not like wells in the U.S..  They are not deep dug holes in the ground, but places where natural springs have come to the surface.  These wells are often known for their healing powers and sometimes for their gifts of divination.  The first well we visited was in Sancreed.  This well was actually dug down into the earth a bit, and you needed to step down a few stairs to get to the well itself.  It was obviously cared for as there were tea light candles burning already lit inside.  As I walked down into the earth I placed my Runes into the water (I made a point of annointing them at every well I came too), and then annointed my third eye with the water.  I asked that my awareness be opened.  When I exited the well and put my Runes back into their bag, I then drew the Rune Gebo (gift or gateway).  I placed my ribbon & crow feather on the cloutie tree and sat down to absorb the energy of the place.

What is a Cloutie tree?  Thats a great question, and one that is important to this story.  A cloutie tree people place wishes or prayers upon.  The tree is seen as sacred, and the wishes are tied on with ribbons and such.  It is common to find a Cloutie tree near sacred wells.

Cloutie Tree @ Madron's Well

Cloutie Tree @
Madron’s Well

The next day I visited Madron’s well, also in Cornwall.  I was pretty excited about this as Madron’s well is known for its gifts of divination.   The path leading to Madron’s well was lined with Hawthorn and Blackthorn trees in bloom as well as other visual and scented delights.  When we got to the well, it was more of a pool in which the spring had gathered.  There was a beautiful Hawthorn tree growing beside it decorated with ribbons and wishes.  I gathered my feather & ribbon and went to place it on the tree, only to be stopped in my tracks, stunned.  There in the space I went to place my ribbon was a tag hanging from the branch, with my name on it.  Not just my first name, but my maiden name as well.  The spelling of the name was slightly differant, as the last name Brown had an E at the end…and the first name was spelt the same as my given name (I changed the spelling of my name when I was 14).  The tag in front of my clearly said Sally Browne.  I immediately began to cry, and explain to those who were traveling with me, that this was my name…not just my first name, but my given name at birth. Seeming appropriate, I ripped a peice of paper from my journal and wrote my name Sali Brown Tetreault to place beside of Sally Browne.   I spent a lot of time at this spot of the well, the rest of my companions traveling down the path to the old chapel where the well runs through a wall.

Druid pigramage to the UK 059

While sitting there the tree kept telling me I needed to take a piece of it.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this, as it was laden with peoples ribbons and wishes.  Then my friend Steve came down the trail carrying his handsaw (he was collecting wood on the journey for his ogham).  I borrowed his saw and traced a branch deep into the bushes where no ribbons were present.  I carefully cut a piece to bring home with me to the U.S.

I did eventually make it to the chapel, it was beautiful and  magical in its own right…but not as sacred to me as the spring by the cloutie tree.  On the way down the path heading out, I decided to read what was written on the back of Sally Brownes tag, & again I was blown away…on the back of her tag it said…”I want to wake up and smell it” (become more aware) & below her wish was the Rune Gebo…the same wish, and Rune I had drawn the day before.  As I said in my earlier note, I truly felt as if I was courted and welcomed by Gaia on my trip…this experience was one fo the ones for me that truly spoke wonders.

Well there you have Folks, an Exceptional Moment of Spirit.  The moment, the Earth/Gaia, accepted me as one of her partners. Life is full of magic, and the unexplained.  Take time to connect to yourself and the world around you.  And, for those of you wondering at the name thing…Salicrow, is my spiritual name & the one I choose to go by.  Hope you enjoyed the read.

spreading love-




Stories of Spirit…Baby, it’s Cold Outside [appreciation for life’s goodness]

woodstoveI woke up early this morning to temps., way down in the double-digit, negatives.  That being said, my house was cozy & warm; thanks to good insulation & the beauty of a wood stove.   Getting dressed (in my many layers of warmth), and heading into town (in my reliable jeep w/it’s killer heater); I found myself thankful.  Thankful for these simple, but amazing luxuries; that I take for granted, most days.

As a Medium; I connect regularly, with peoples loved ones and ancestors.  I get to hear their stories, and catch glimpses of their lives. Often, the elders who have passed into Spirit, tell of the hardships and struggles they faced in life.  These stories are part of who they were, often creating the backbone and tenacity, that we loved so much about them.   These stories, remind me that not too-long  ago; winters in the North were a hell of a lot harder, and still are for some.

These stories of struggle, are my stories as well…for they are the stories of my Ancestors.  I come from simple Folk, with strong backbones & big hearts.  On my way into town, I found myself thinking of two of these Ancestors; Grammy Bickford (my husbands grandmother) & my Grammy Brown (my great-grandmother/who raised my father & his brothers).

Grammybickford2Grammy Bickford, grew up in a logging camp, in Berlin, NH.  I remember her stories of winter in the camp; of how their cabin had no insulation, and how snow blew through the clap boards on blustery nights.  How she would wake in the morning, with her blankets covered in snow…get up, make herself a lard sandwich, and put on an extra layer of socks before heading to school; as she did not own a pair of boots.

grammywithsaliGrammy Brown, ran away from an abusive husband, with two of her young children.  They squatted in an old abandoned house; spending most of the winter laying under piles of blankets.  They did this, because they only had fallen branches & old furniture for firewood, and hardly any food.  They were fortunate, when a neighbor lady saw smoke coming from the building & set about to rescue them.

We live in a world of plenty, yet their are still those among us who don’t live that much differently then my grandmothers.  In our own communities, there are those among us who struggle to keep their homes warm, their bellies full, and their families healthy.  I am so thankful, for all the bounty life has bestowed upon me, and I am thankful to be able to share that bounty with others.

On this cold, February morning…the day after we celebrate LOVE; I ask you to take a moment and think of all the good fortune, life has bestowed upon you.  I ask further, that you think how you can share your bounty, with those that are not so fortunate.  I think of my Grammy Brown’s savior; Mrs. Flowers, the neighbor lady.  She not only took my grandmother (great-grandmother technically) & her two son’s (one who was my grandfather), out of the cold.  But she went on to provide my grandmother with a job, and later a small piece of land.  Mrs. Flowers saved more then my grandparents…she created small abundance for my great-grandmother, my grandfather, and later my father, and eventually me.  That kindness, was like a stone thrown into a pond; creating ripples of love and wonderfulness.

No act of Kindness is truly wasted, and we have no idea how great the transformation from kindness can be.  So, whether you are sitting in your warm cozy home, sipping coffee, or bundled up in layers heading out to work.  Take a few moments to think on your abundance, and the simple ways you may transform the world.  Remember, we are co-creating our lives.  What do you want that life to look like.  For me, life is more beautiful when I share my bounty with the world around me.  So today, I’m going to go buy some cheap chocolate and drop it off at H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Everyday).  Because we could all use a little sweetness in our lives.

spreading love-salicrow

Stories of Spirit…Love is Good Stuff [be the change you want to see in the world]

Brigalovefest16People often refer to me, as an optimist, and I suppose that is true.  That being said; I am not blinded to the plight, humanity is facing in this time of tremendous change.  To be an optimist, does mean we stick our head in the sand & wait for all the bad stuff to go away.  It means; we choose to embrace the goodness of life, to tune ones vibration into the beauty, kindness, and joy, that life has to offer.  Being an optimist is a choice, one that starts with a simple mindset…

Be the Change you want to see in the World. -Mahatma Gandhi

Seeing myself as co-creator, of my life and world; I live by the this motto.  I often say, that ‘God does not help the lazy‘.  This is not in reference to bumming around in our jammies, or wanting a simple life.  But more a way of saying; that we are responsible for our own happiness.  In life attitude is everything; for we all face hardships, each and every one of us.  And, yes it is true; some people have far more hardships then others.  But, that does not mean our struggles are insubstantial, because someone has it worst then we do.  How we choose to experience those hardships, is what makes us who we are; better or bitter.

Love-QuotesI chose LOVE, a long time ago.  I am not sure when, or if it even happened in this life time.  But, the truth of the matter is I chose to love the world around me, and the people in it; including myself.  That does not mean, I like everyone. What it means is I choose to be kind.  I choose to be compassionate, and as a general rule, I spread love around, as often as possible.  In doing so, the world loves me back.  For, genuine compassion and caring, is often responded to with….NEWS FLASH…compassion and caring.  That’s right folks, what we give to the world, returns back to us.

Love is not limited to the intimate relationships of partners, parents, children, & siblings.  It is something that should be shared with all, and often.  It cost nothing, not a single cent; to be kind.

I find myself talking about love today, as the old ‘Red Heart Holiday’, is just around the corner.  Valentines Day, in my opinion is a Hallmark Holiday.  It is a way for Greeting Card companies, Florist, and Chocolate makers; to get a bit of a boost to their income.  It is also a holiday, that makes many people feel like shit.  Simply, for the reason that they do not have a partner.  Hell, they may be perfectly happy with that decision 364 days of the year, but on Valentines Day; they are reminded that they are among the ‘partner-less’.  Which some how translates to unlovable.  But we must remember…love is limitless.

imageI propose that we start a revolution of LOVE.  That we collectively, choose Valentines Day, as a day to dedicate ourselves to LOVE.  Now, I am not asking you to picket the streets with banners and megaphones; declaring your love for the world (although, that would truly be an awesome sight).  Instead, I am asking you to make a pledge to yourself; to share kindness & compassion, with yourself and others.  It is amazing, how much a simple truthful compliment, can effect others.  If you see an old lady wearing a smashing hat…say something.  If you notice, the hard work your neighbor has put into their yard…say something.  Buy an extra can or two of soup, when your out grocery shopping and drop it by the local Food Bank.  Take 5 minutes out of your day, to talk to the lonely, old-guy; standing behind you at the post office. Look people in the eyes, look into their souls, and for a brief moment…share love.

While we are on the subject of sharing LOVE.  I would like to point out the most important, starting place LOVE….ourselves.  We must learn to love ourselves.

amazing youI believe the brain, is like a super computer.  And, like a computer…it can be effected by bad programming and viruses.  No child; new and fresh to this world, hates them self.  That is a fact!  The hate, and disapproval, we lavishly smear upon ourselves, was created by an outside force.  The voice of an un-approving parent, a harsh teacher, or mean spirited peers; first created the negative language we speak to ourselves.  Over the years, their voices fade, & our brain starts repeating the insults, in our own voice.  When we repetitively spew hate at ourselves, we begin to own it.

One of the most powerful truths, I hold…is that I love myself.  I truly do.  Perhaps that is the secret to being an optimist; self love.  Self love, can be learned.  But it takes patience and dedication (back to God/Goddess not helping the lazy).  Our dedication to love, needs to include ourselves.  We need to speak kindly to ourselves; acknowledge our strengths and show compassion for our weaknesses.

Here is my go-to, Self-Love Generator.


Every day, spend 5 minutes looking at yourself in the mirror.  Eye contact is crucial, so this is not a scanning for blemishes, pinching our belly-fat, cursing our hair kind of exercise.  In fact, it is completely the opposite.

As you stand in front of the mirror, connect with yourself; through looking deeply into your eyes.

Now, say something nice about yourself.  I don’t care what it is, but it must be truthful.  “I am good with children”, “I have a great voice”,  “I am have beautiful eyes”, “I am a dedicated partner”.

Notice, that the statements were made in the affirmative, with a focus on eye contact.  This is crucial, as most damage/bad programming, come through statements that were made to us…declaring we were something.  Many times these negative statements, were also made with eye contact.  Our eyes are portals to our soul.  Powerful healing can take place, when we use these portals (eyes), for positive programming.  This exercise is meant to be done often; like daily…for weeks.  But remember, it only takes 5 minutes.  I will not lie to you, it is very hard to do.  I have recommended this exercise to many of my clients over the years; and they all come back telling me how hard it was to do.  In the beginning, you will most likely struggle, with kind things to say to yourself.  But after awhile, you will find the truth & recognize just how amazing you really are.

Well, there is my rant on love, optimism and change.  I hope you take the time this Valentines day, to start a Love Revolution, in your own life.  I also hope, that you find it in you to spread love, wherever you go.  Can you imagine how awesome the world would be; if we all chose to be compassionate, kind and loving.  I hope you enjoyed the read Folks.

spreading love-salicrow


Stories of Spirit…Undying Love [losing your other half]

noel&saliA few years ago, my husband ended up in the ICU.  What was a relatively, minor problem, became pretty serious; after he was given inappropriate medication (while in the hospital).  We were lucky, and he is still here, among the living.  But during the episode; which was pretty sketchy, I had to look at the possibility of loosing him.  It was a real eye opener, showing me how much I depended on our relationship, as a keystone of my life.

As a Medium, I often meet with people who have lost their partners.  This kind of loss, is often so overwhelming; that people do not know where to start healing.  They feel a loss of direction, that permeates their being; for the story of their life has been spun around, sharing it with the one they love.  The silence, and vast emptiness, of loosing ones partner can be deafening; often making people feel as if they are drowning in their own sorrow.  For we miss the voice, the smell, and the energy, of our Beloved; in our homes & lives.   I have not personally, withstood this situation.  But I know it’s flavor, for I have felt it time and time again; through the experiences of the people I connect.  The losses are not just emotional; they are practical as well; for we no longer have a partner to share in the delegation of work within the home, the raising of children, and the paying of bills.  And, who wants to think about such things; when your heart has been torn out.  But, we must….

Many of my return clients, are people who have lost their spouses.  They come for one on one, Spirit Communication sessions, to visit with their partners.  What amazes me; is how much the Beloved Dead (partner who has crossed into Spirit), knows about the current events of their living spouse.  Often offering advice and guidance, before it is asked for.  It is an honor to hold space for such individuals, and a great joy to witness the depth of love shared between them.  It gives me faith, that our souls are connected, & that we do seek each other out beyond the veil.

When we have lost our Life Partner, we need time to adjust & heal.  But, we must also learn to continue living.  We need to understand, that our Beloved, is still there with us; even if we cannot see them, or feel them.  They are watching over us, trying in every way they can; to make contact, to let us know that they are still by our side.  They are encouraging us to move on with our lives; to continue being productive, caring members of society.  For, when we heal ourselves, they in turn can heal and become stronger Spirits.

I hope you enjoyed the read Folks, it’s a great big Universe out there…with many of mysteries to be unveiled.  We are so much more, then the body we inhabit.

spreading love-salicrow


Stories of Spirit…Loving our Shadow [accepting our unsightly bits]

love_hate_660A friend pointed out recently, that I talk a lot about Love…and, I cannot deny it, it is truly the protagonist of pretty much everything I write.  Plain and simple, Love is the most healing, empowering, thing in the Universe.  In my work, as a Psychic Medium, I am gifted with the ability to experience love that is not mine.  When working with the Beloved Dead (friends, family, and loved ones in Spirit), I can feel the love the Spirit holds for their living family.  I get to know what it feels like to love someone; I have just barely met, simply because I am communicating with their partner, parents, children, or friends.  I truly do feel their love & it is amazing.

Thinking about how much we can love others, makes me think how rare it is for us to love ourselves with such passion and devotion.  In fact, if I were to ask you right now, if you loved yourself….what would your answer be?  Would it be filled with a long list of your flaws, of the things about yourself that need improving before you were acceptable for loving? Would you find it difficult to even address the subject?

We are all flawed….every, single one of us.  There is no perfect, there is no complete, there is no light with out shadow.

Our Shadow, refers to the part of us we would rather not talk about, look at, or pretty much acknowledge in any public setting.  However, it is a pretty talkative companion, when we are alone, especially when we are feeling low.  When we have experienced loss, it is our Shadow that speaks to us; telling us that we are not good enough to be loved, that we are flawed, and we are somehow bound for eternal suffering.  It reminds us of all of these ‘flaws’, these unwanted bits of our personality, that must be hidden and protected, so the rest of the world will not know what losers we really are.

We must make friends with our Shadow, in order to have peace within our being.  We must accept that we will never be perfect, and that these flaws; when addressed in the light, can be amazing teachers.

Our Shadow, is not something that has been forced upon us, nor is it our burden to carry.  It is part of what makes us who we are, as unpleasant as it can seem.  Another bit to consider is, we are most likely not hiding it as well as we think we are.  In fact, we are pretty aware of the Shadowy bits, that belong to our loved ones, so there is a good chance those who love us, see our unsavory parts, as well.  And yet, they still love us…

I have done a lot of work with the Shadow, both personally and as a Psychic & Healer.  In working with my own Shadow, I had to acknowledge that I am both arrogant & manipulative.  There you have it folks, my Shadow boldly stated for all to see.  When I was young, it would bother me if anyone even insinuated that I was conceited, arrogant, vein, or manipulative.  Now, I know these things to be true, I have come to peace with them…and I do not let them rule the show!  It’s a lot easier to keep ones naughty bits in line, if you look them in the eye.  Now when I am feeling hurt, discouraged, or outside the world, and the Voice of my Shadow speaks to me…I know it for what it is, and I see that I am in a vulnerable place; a place where I need to be gentle with myself.  I do not let the Shadow tell me what to do, or how to act, but I realize when it comes around that I am treading on a thin place in my life.  A place of vulnerability, and if I am careful there is great personal power to be gained.

Personal power, is the internal strength of will that we all possess to some degree.  By facing our fears (shadow included), our strength of will grows.

I should point out; that our Shadow is not only a teacher, who reminds us when we are vulnerable and out of touch, but it also holds other gifts.  For example, my arrogance is a powerful ally when I have to face intimidating things.  It is the voice that strengthens me, often speaking in my Dad’s voice “Your better kid, because your a Brown”.  Now, I do not actually believe I am better then everyone, but my arrogant Shadow certainly does.  So sometimes, it’s nice to have it along on the cheering committee.  If I had not come to terms with it, I would always be fighting it, pushing it aside and the only time it would get to surface; would be when I was at my most vulnerable…most likely to take it’s word as law.  Now, it’s just part of the team…thankfully balanced out by the Light in me, that truly cares about my family, community, and world.

The balance of our light and dark, makes us who we are.  Take some time and really look at your Shadow, those pieces you know are there, the ugly bits.  Look at them from all angles, are there ways they can be used for good.  How can you make peace with them.  Remember, everyone you love, everyone you care about, everyone in the world is similarly flawed, just in a different flavor, and yet, we still can find love for them.

We need to Love Ourselves!  When we deny love from ourselves, we hold back our light from the World…for we are always on guard, not wanting to make ourselves vulnerable, for others might see our ugly bits.  News Flash!…they aren’t that well hidden.  So be kind to yourself, spread love all about your life, even into those dark, shadowy corners.  If you are serious about approaching your Shadow, for deep work.  My suggestion is to work with someone; a Healer, Psychic, Counselor, or Friend, for it is helpful to have guidance.  I will be offering a series on Self Love and the Shadow this Spring, so keep an eye out for event details.  I hope you enjoyed the read Folks.

spreading love-salicrow

Stories of Spirit…Imbolc [for the love of Brigid]

brigid's crossImbolc is one of the 8 holidays that make up the Celtic Wheel of the Year.   It is a celebration of fire, hearth & home that honors the spark of inspiration that prods us in the deep of winter where we slumber…waking us to plan.   Sacred to the Goddess Brigid it is a great time to seek inspiration & begin planning for the year ahead of you.   Imbolc takes place on February 2nd & this year it will happen during a New Moon.    Actually it is the 2nd New Moon of the month which is called a Black Moon.  Black Moons are pretty rare, happening about every 2.5 years.  New Moons/Black Moons are all about planting seeds, inspiration and Awen (the spirit of creativity).  Looks like a pretty good line up between the two events to set things in motion.   I prefer to keep things simple.  Set yourself down with a candle or in front of the open fireplace if you have one.  It’s about the flame…spending time with it, meditating…allowing it to take you within.  If you know what you want to grow with the returning of the light…dedicate yourself to it.  If you are  not sure what it is you need…ask for guidance.

As I said Imbolc is connected to Brigid…the Goddess & Saint.  Brigid started her life with the Irish people as a Goddess & was later transformed into a Saint when Christianity came into Ireland & the  people would not set her aside.   The lines that separate the two are so fine it is hard to determine where one ends and the other begins.  According to medieval historians, Christian monks took the ancient Mother Goddess and wove her tales into that of Saint Brigid.  I saw this first hand when I visited her home in Kildare, Ireland last spring.   It was pleasing to see that the Goddess Brigid had not been set aside, in fact her story as goddess as well as saint was present in the church as well as the home of the Brigidine Nuns.  Brigid is connected to flame-that of the hearth as well as the smith, she is ever the blessed of the crafter, poet & magician.  Brigids blessings are called upon at birth, she is benefactor of the poor, caretaker of the earth & connected to holy wells.  The flame of Brigid was considered sacred and cared for in pre-christian times by 19 priestess’s.  The flame burnt continually for hundreds of years, each of the 19 priestess’s took turns guarding the flame and on the 20th day Brigid herself kept her flame going.  When Brigid was tranformed into Saint the stories of her kindness and miracles continued and so did the tending of her flame.  Brigidine sisters/nuns took turns tending the flame of Brigid…each in turn for 19 days and on the 20th the flame was left for Brigid herself to tend.  It is believed that the tradition was carried out until the 16th century when it was extinguished for Christian fear of its connection to a fire cult.  In 1993 it’s flame was relit by Brigidine Nuns in Kildare.  Since then it has been cared for in the fashion it was intended, with the 20th day being that of Brigids to watch over herself.

I have been a practicing pagan Celt for most of my adult life &  have  honored Brigid with fire and fed her my dreams at Imbolc for many years.  My personal connection to Brigid however is much newer and carries an interesting tale.  In the first year of my Druid training (2008) I was gifted with the flame of Brigid.  My teacher Ivan McBeth had received the flame in a ceremony years prior when it had been brought from Ireland to England by Brigidine sisters.  They carried the flame alight from their home in Kildare by ship to England.  Upon sharing it with others they explained that once a candle has been lit with Brigid’s flame it can always be used to call upon her, you simply relight it and ask her to join you.  This made it a lot easier for Ivan to bring it into the United States as you can imagine.  Receiving this gift & its history was an honor.  In the ceremony as we all awaited our time to light our candles and connect with Divine inspiration (the heart beat of the bard) in song.  We sat around a fire chanting a simple song, holding space for the others as they approached the flame of Brigid and looked deep inside themselves for Awen (the spirit of creativity) & the blessings of Brigid.

CHANT TO BRIGID... Rise up oh Flame, by thy light glowing, show to me Beauty, Wisdom & Joy

Rise up oh Flame,
by thy light glowing,
show to me Beauty, Wisdom & Joy

Brigid entered my life in many ways during my bardic year of Druid training and has stayed on as a guide.  I often use the time of Imbolc to journey with Brigid in search of what my life needs.  This searching through journey work is what brought yoga into my life.  In fact she pretty much told me plain and simple that I needed to do yoga.  I seldom get glossy, poetic answers from the divine…short, simple and to the point seems to be the approach for me.  *Now I know I have mentioned it before, and I will mention it again.  God is god is goddess to me, it matters little how you get there or what you call it. *   In my journey I  was told I  needed yoga in my life.   Long story short, a few days later I was driving through town and saw that a yoga studio had opened.  That was 4 years ago and I am still practicing Ashtanga Yoga, so I would have to say she was right…I did need yoga in my life.  Along with her inspiration Brigid has also amazed me with the synchronicity of her nature.  Last year when I went to Ireland I traveled to Kildare, it was among 3 of the planned ventures I had on the itinerary.  I went to Ireland with an open plan of areas to explore but  3 things I knew I needed to do & visiting Brigid’s home in Kildare was one of them.   We were staying on the west coast of Ireland in County Clare (where my mum’s people come from) & Kildare was across the country almost to the East coast so about 2.5 -3 hours by car.  It was one of our planned day trips and well worth it.  When we got to Kildare we did the touristy thing and headed to Saint Brigid’s Cathedral: walked the grounds, visited the ancient fire temple & went inside the cathedral.  I was pleasantly surprised to see all of the information on Brigid the Goddess inside of the Cathedral as well as her history as a Saint.  I was however disappointed to not find her flame.  My husband and I walked around the town and were told at the historical center that the Brigidine Nuns tended the flame at their home Solas Bhride.   The woman running the shop helped us to connect with the sisters of Solas Bhride and we were soon on our way for a visit.  Before leaving she did tell us that Brigidine Nuns were not like traditional nuns and did not dress in the same fashion as the other nuns we had seen around the town.

sistermaryMeeting Sister Mary Minehan was an Exceptional Moment of Spirit.  The first thing I noticed was she was wearing a leopard print sweater & the first thing she said upon greeting my husband and I was “when I speak of God, I am speaking of the energy that has been present in the Universe for millions of years”.  She was kind and generous and being in her presence you knew she had truly dedicated her life to her faith.  She shared Brigid’s flame with us and I told her how I had received it years before from my Druid teacher.  Here is where the synchronicity lies folks…Sister Mary Minehan had been one of the sisters who took the flame of Brigid across the sea from Ireland to England.  This same women had been involved both times when Brigid’s flame was given to me.  Oh…I just love how the Universe works, it is simply Magic!  All the people in the world and we still make such fabulous connections.    We spent about an hour with Sister Mary, drinking tea and  talking about the environment.  The Brigidine sisters are building an ecological center in Kildare.  Their focus is on human rights, education and earth activism.   They are really fantastic ladies, living their light out loud.  I was delighted to see that the sisters of Brigid are the same as the image I have held in my mind of the ancient priestess’ of Brigid.  One of the things that gave me such great happiness was when Sister Mary told us to visit the old well not the new one.  She said that the sister gathered their sacred water from the old well.  I felt a bond of kinship with her.  It is always beautiful to see the light of god/goddess/universe in others even if you don’t share the same exact faith.  After all it is more about getting the connection then how you get it.  Just the year before the Dali Lama had been in Kildare and carried the flame of Brigid in a ceremony in the village.   There were pictures of it in various places in the town.

Brigid's Old Well

Brigid’s Old Well

We visited Brigid’s well, both of them.  The new one was beautiful with statuary and prayer stations.  It had been built to make a more gentile place for visitors.  The old well had little marking it, in fact if you didn’t know where you were going you would miss it.  It was on the outside of a Japanese Garden, an enclosed center people can visit, like a fancy park that you pay admission to.  I am sure the garden was lovely, but we didn’t come for that…we had come to be blessed with Brigid’s water.  Wells throughout the Celtic lands are sacred things.  They are springs that come to the surface, their water is sacred as it is said to connect both the world above with the world below.  Many holy wells are known for their healing qualities and the blessings they bestow.  To me they are indeed sacred.  I see them as the life blood of the planet, the mana that carries the deep, powerful blessings of Gaia.    Sitting at a sacred well is like sitting in church, or meditating deeply, it effects you, you just plain feel good near them.  And they make me emotional in a good way.  I found Brigid’s well especially so, for Brigid had shared so deeply of herself with me.

The Divine is alive and wheres so many faces so that we all might find comfort in connecting with God/Goddess.  I invite you to take time over the next couple of nights and reach out for inspiration.  May the year to come be filled with Awe…

Spreading love-salicrow