Stories of Spirit…The Long Story of War

DadsgoodbyeAs a child, I believed the Memorial Day parade was a celebration of my birthday; a belief my parents were responsible for.  Later, as a Brownie & Girl Scout, I marched in the parade and realized it’s true meaning.  I remember marching around town; in my uniform, carrying my little flag with pride.  I remember stopping at every graveyard, and listening as the trumpet played Taps, and the guns were fired.  I have always had great respect for Soldiers and the sacrifices they make; it was easy to understand their sacrifices; as my father was 100% disabled, due to his service in Viet Nam.

I started writing this morning, wanting to share a bit of remembrance; particularly for my father.  But that little bit, became a big bit, and a status on Facebook, just didn’t seem to be enough space for my thoughts.  I wanted to point out, that even though Memorial day is for Soldiers who die in war, I believe it should include those Soldiers, who die many years later from the wounds they received in that service.  You see; my Dad went on to live many years, after his time at war.  But the wounding he received, was still responsible for him dying at the young age of 62.

There are many, many, men and women who come home alive from war, but carrying wounds that will never heal…body parts missing, chemical exposure,  & emotional hell.  When my father died of C.O.P.D., Agent Orange was the leading contributor.  Now I will not tell you he was a saint, who never smoked, never drank, and only ate the purest of foods.  But I still say; Agent Orange was the #1 factor.  My belief is not based solely on Spiritual insight, there are many studies that back up this belief.  But as this is my page, and I am a Medium…I am going to tell you how I know.  I know because my Father’s Spirit told me so.

You see; when we die, we know what caused it.  I have had chain smokers, tell me they did not get cancer because of smoking, but because they worked laying black top for 20 years.  I have had Spirits show me, how their organs shut down, and then go on to tell me what in their lives caused it.  The one thing I have figured out about death, is we get to see what we did right and what we did wrong; when the game is over.  Another thing I know, is that war changes a persons soul, it leaves a mark; a token of remembrance.

War in many ways defines us, it separates us into categories…Those who have seen war, those who have loved someone who experienced war, and those of us untouched by war.  For those who have experienced war, it is etched upon the soul.  A soldier of war, often refers to their time in service as a benchmark of soul experience.  This comes up time and again, when I am doing Spirit Communication.  Now that my Father has passed, it also comes up in my other work (Psychic Readings & Healing).   The first time a Veteran comes to me for a Reading; my Dad is there to announce them to me.  “This one’s mine, Kid”.  It his way of saying, this person before you has experienced the trauma of war, take good care of them.

My Dad was lucky, he was able to have a family, and a life after his time of war…but in the end it was still what killed him.  Today, I would like to send love & appreciation to all of you who have experienced war, and a deep, heart felt hug, to those of you who have lost someone you love to it. Thanks for reading folks.

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Stories of Spirit…Meteors, Energetic Download, and Psychic Evolution…Oh, my!

So everyone is chatting about he Meteor that flew over New England,  Monday night.  It made headline news, and a ton on Facebook status updates; after it exploded into fireball action, lighting up the sky & carrying a sonic boom.  I happened to sleep through it, and found myself a bit bummed out yesterday; having missed it.  Then as I laid down to sleep last night; I remembered that I went to sleep on Monday night, with a terrible headache in my 3rd eye.  In fact, I had told my husband; that I needed to go to bed because my 3rd eye was wide open & I was experiencing an energetic download.

Energetic Download- is when we receive information from the Universe, God/Goddess, Other-worldly Beings, or Spirits, in such a rapid manner that we do not know what we are receiving.  Just like when you download a new program on your computer.  You may know what the basic program is, but you are not reading it line by line.  The information is being rapidly transferred, for later use.

This is not my first time around the block, nor is it my first energetic download…so I can recognize it when it is happens.  My first conscious Energetic Download happened when I was 30, during the November Incident (when I had a mass awakening to Spirit).  I remember laying in bed many nights, with my body highly infused with energy, and knowing that I was receiving information that I would want or need at a later time.

What does it feel like to have an Energetic Download?

That’s a big question, as it can be different for different people.  But I have found from talking to others, that there are some things that seem to be similar in most people.  For one…there is a feeling of Other, as if you are connected to another being or source.  It is generally not frightening, in fact most are welcoming to the experience, even if they don’t understand it.  It is as if the information coming in resonates with your being, in a way that you know it is for the best.  I know this can sound a bit wack-a-doodle, but bare with me, and please remember…you are reading the blog of a woman who makes her living talking to the Dead.  That alone can sound wack-a-doodle, but it’s not…it’s just not common.  So back to the experience.  Another common description of Energetic Download; is a feeling of having too much energy in your body.  Kind of like being plugged into an electrical current.  We may also, feel pressure in our 3rd eye (located between your eyebrows in the middle of your forehead), or at the crown of our head.  Sometimes people will feel cold, hot, or static electricity…much like the sensations felt when receiving an intense Reiki session.  It is also common, to have difficulty sleeping when downloading energetically.

Why is it happening?

This is the real question, the one that makes us go hmmm.  I believe it is happening as part of the Psychic Evolution, we are experiencing as a race.  I have talked about it before, and am sure I will talk about it many, many, more times…our world is going through a tremendous change, and we are included in that change.  The only way to survive global change of this nature is to evolve.  We need to become more aware, more connected, and more empathetic to the world around us.  Not just to the other humans; although that is a good start, but also to the planet itself. Climate change is no longer considered a theory, even the most closed off people can not deny that the world is in peril.  There is war, natural disaster and man made disaster on a freakin-enormous scale, happening all around us.  Now, I am not a fear monger, nor do I believe we are helpless.  But I do believe we no longer have the luxury of sitting on our asses, watching the boob-tube, and pretending everything is just fine.  We came into this life time to be active participants in change.  By embracing it, we lessen our struggle, and bring peace into our lives and the lives of others.

Why are you talking about this now?

I am talking about this, as I do not believe I am the only one to have had a restless night; on the night the meteor went streaming by.  Nor do I believe that I am the only person on the planet, experiencing a Spiritual Awakening.  I believe we all our to some degree.  Some of us, will fight it tooth & nail, preferring to sedate ourselves, or believe we are riding the Crazy Train.  But most of us, are aware that something just outside our realm of consciousness is happening.  It can be scary, it can be exciting…but any way you serve it, it will demand you change.

What is the best way to find our center, in times of Spiritual Awakening and Energetic Download?

Journaling is a great tool, when we are traveling in unknown waters.  It is the biggest reason why adventurers keep logs…they are experiencing the unknown, and documentation is crucial.  The process of Awakening or Psychic Evolution, will most likely happen in bits an spurts.  You will have moments when you feel like your senses are on overload….everything looks, feels, smells, and sounds a bit more intense.  These moments of direct input are not for figuring things out.  They are for experiencing.  Writing the experiences down in your journal, will give you something to contemplate and examine when things settle down.  Have a good support team.  It does not need to be a large support team, one good friend with an open mind is a treasure in times of Spiritual change.  I also highly recommend Energetic Body-work, when going through personal Psychic Evolution.  Think outside of yourself….even if you are a Reiki Master, it is more helpful to have someone else work on you at such times.  Balancing ones energetic body is key to remaining calm and centered.  Exercises such as Yoga, Thai Chi, and most Martial Arts are also helpful, as they help us bring our own body to center.  If you feel that things you are experiencing are way to difficult for you to process, and you feel a bit scared…call a trusted Psychic, open-minded Counselor, or Alternative Healer.

Thanks for reading Folks-I would love to hear what you have to say.  Did you see the Meteor?  Did you feel it?  Did you experience anything out of the ordinary over the last few days?

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Stories of Spirit…The Symbolism of Cat Piss [it’s one of those kind of days]

coolhallowToday was the kind of day that makes you want to slip back into bed and start over, or rant angrily over ever little dab of doing.  I have not for the life of me been able to find center today, and I am usually pretty good at that.  I have legitimate reasons for my wonky-ass brain state; the shelter-cat my husband had to have, pissed and shit on my bed last night…well that was just the beginning. I will spare you the details, and just say I discovered it at midnight just before going to bed.  Sigh…

So, this morning I woke from my bedroom carpet (said cat also pissed on my futon), in a not so pleasant state.  Now, I could go on a search for what this all means; but sometimes cat piss, is just cat piss.

I think about that a lot.  Not cat piss, but the fact that with an awakening Intuition, we can fall victim to seeing great meaning in everything.  Intuition is tricky; it is a feeling, a knowing.  It is not every time, and every event.  Even when those events are down right horrific.  To understand our Intuition we must first study it.

Everybody’s Intuition is different; or more accurately put, our symbolism is different.  That’s why a book on dream interpretation, is not a bible.  It is meant to give you direction, not instruct you on what is right.  When I say that Intuition is a feeling & knowing, I am saying it is both instantaneously.  It is that voice in our head that makes us go…hmmm?  Symbolism is the way in which we interpret our feeling & knowing.

Intuition, like I said is the feeling & knowing of something.  Last night when the indecent happened I knew it was about the cat, and I also knew it was not some symbolic message from the Universe.  I knew this because I constantly check things out with my Intuition.  I do this without thought, because I know my own symbolism, and the way in it speaks to me, so well.  That does not mean, I have reached my full potential, that I have no room for development.  We all benefit from keeping a beginners mind.  The moment we begin to think we have it all figured out…is the day the Universe kicks us in the ass for amusement.  I know…I learned that lesson along time ago.

Symbolism is metaphysical terms; refers to how our Intuition responds to imagery.  It is the gut response, the first thought we have when sensing something; seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling.  I left out knowing; for it is with the sense of knowing, that responds to that which triggers us through our other senses.  Books on Dream Interpretation are a good start, as they give us a whole list of things to interpret.  But, when we are triggered by something; particularly in a waking state (conscious or lucid dreaming) we know what stood out most to us.  We also know how it made us feel.  That does not mean you have all the information from just that moment (although you certainly can), it means you know how you felt, how you responded.  So ask yourself…Did you feel threatened?  Did you feel excitement?  Did anyone come to mind during your experience?

Write things down, keep track of your thoughts and dreams, and revisit them.  Go back over your journals and connect the dots.  Writing in a journal is only half the way it can be utilized.  It can also be read, like a book of us…it is a book of us.  It is telling a story from our perspective at the moment we are experiencing it.  We may be experiencing prophetic (knowing of the future) things, and totally over looking it because we never looked back.

The world is waking up.  I like to call it Psychic Evolution, because I find the term Ascension a bit fluffy, bunny for me.  Like Unicorns should be involved, or it should be accompanied by a band of Angels, singing.  But in reality, what people are experiencing is much more primitive, raw, and Earth rocking.  Now, I am not bashing anyone’s love of the term Ascension.  If it grooves for you, go for it…for me, I will stick to my slightly-edged, terminology.

So, back to my original rant here…I believe we need to aware, and remember our logical brain is meant to be a companion to our Intuition.  We need both, to get clear information.  We do not want to cross over into the world of illusion; that does not serve the world.  We are here for a reason, and developing strong, Logical Intuition is the way to go.  And remember sometimes cat piss; is just cat piss, and when it happens we need to remember…we are not fucked up, or totally off kilter; we are simply having a bad day.

I hope you enjoyed the read Folks.  I do have to say, writing to you…I found my center.  Thanks for reading.

spreading love-salicrow

Stories of Spirit…The Family Wisdom Keeper [holding space & sharing grace]

hand-and-candle-3229When we think about wisdom, our minds often go to the prophets, gurus, and religious leaders, of our community and world.  But in fact, there is often a Wisdom Keeper within our life who is much more available to us; in fact we most likely know them intimately, as they are the ones we look to when the shit hits the fan.  The Family Wisdom Keeper, is the mother, father, grandmother, aunt, uncle or cousin who the whole family seems to turn to in times of need.  They are the one who bails our ass out when the boat is sinking, the one who holds us when we cry and the one who gathers the tribe.

Wisdom comes from life experience, inner knowing and a broader view of the world.  The Wisdom Keeper is someone who is able to learn from the experiences of others, and then turn around and share said knowledge with the rest of the community.   They are not all knowing, nor are they required to live worldly lives.  They are simply the guiding light withing a family.  They hold the family together in times of need; such as death, birth, divorce, financial struggle and illness.  They give hope in dire times, and love when comfort is needed.

I have been thinking about the role of the Family Wisdom Keeper, a lot lately.  In this time of Psychic Evolution, we as a people are feeling a high level of stress.  Sometimes the simple, everyday things of our life get overwhelming; let alone dealing with acute distress.  The Wisdom Keeper, is a lot like a life raft…they may not be able to prevent us from feeling distress, but they certainly do comfort us and show us that safety is attainable.

grammywithsaliAs a child, my Grammy Brown was the Family Wisdom Keeper; who not only provided wisdom and guidance, but shelter and food to those family members who needed it.  Growing up, it was common for someone to be sleeping on her couch.  Some stayed for weeks, some just the night.  They came to be comforted, guided and loved.  She provided simple love and comfort…a blanket and a space on the couch, a home cooked meal, a good listening ear, and a bit of advice.  She was not a wealthy woman, who paid off her kids debt, nor was she a worldly woman; with glorious tales of distant lands.  She was a good, simple, woman with a very large heart.

It is important for us to recognize the efforts of our Family Wisdom Keepers.  They often hide their own needs, so that they can be strong for the rest of us.  They make sacrifices of both time and money, and they do so because they believe it to be the right thing to do.  It is also important for us to recognize our role as the Family Wisdom Keepers.  After all, I believe most of you reading this; are the ones who hold your families together.  You are the ones who put community before self, and I am proud of you for that.

I recognize myself as a Wisdom Keeper, and there are times when I feel heavy with the load of other peoples burdens.  But I could not imagine living my life, any other way.  I often refer to myself as a life raft, and sometimes the raft that is me is waited down heavy.  I once felt sorry for myself about this, and was having a bit of a pity party in head, over how much I had to carry, and how many people relied on me.  At that moment Peter (one of my Spirit Guides); who I refer to as ‘Big Business’…piped in.  He simply said “Well Sali, it’s a lot easier being the life raft, then it is being the person drowning in the middle of the ocean, looking for a life raft’.  Point well taken…I have never complained about my role as Wisdom Keeper or Life Raft since.  I may feel burdened, and I may wish I had more time for myself, but I am thankful that I am able to help others find safety, and I take a bit of satisfaction from doing my job well.

If you are the Wisdom Keeper of your family, or one of…as there can be more then one; make sure you take care of yourself.  Particularly in this time of Psychic Evolution.  We are all being bombarded with extra-sensory information.  We are feeling each others emotions, sensing the energy of our living planet, and encountering the Spirits of the Dead.  All this and still having to deal with paying our bills, managing relationships and finding our place in the Universe.  As the Wisdom Keepers, we must remember that we chose this role; we stepped into it by choice.  Now some of you will hem & haw here; telling yourself that you didn’t chose it, that it was forced on you.  But the true answer is, you chose it….You could say no; ‘no I can’t help you’.  You could choose to preoccupy yourself with your own life, and your own worries.  But you have chosen to be available and to hold space for the members of your family & community that need you.  When we can admit that we have chosen the role, it feels like a much lighter burden.  It can be a shawl of strength; giving you direction and purpose.  It can be the door to finding your place in the Universe.

liferaftAs the world we are part of evolves, we must find solid footing.  We must stop waiting for the right person to come along & give us our direction.  We must recognize in ourselves the Wisdom Keeper, and look to our own Intuition for guidance.  This does not mean we cannot seek the help of others; but more so it means we must recognize that we are that voice of wisdom and the hand of direction for others, as well.  Remember, in a world of villages there are many wise women and wise men.  Breath deep, and find your focus…trust that you came into this lifetime with purpose, and remember its good to be the life raft.

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Stories of Spirit…Spontaneous Opening to Spirit [psychic evolution]

Brigalovefest26Last night I witnessed a spontaneous opening to Spirit.  I was doing a Seance for a small group of people, when one of them began to act strangely; displaying a high level of emotion and the need to say or do something; as if directed by another.  Being a Medium, I could clearly see that they had a Spirit next to them (Beloved Dead/family member), pushing on them if you will…trying to get them to open up and connect personally.  Rare as moments like this are; it was not the first time I have witness such, nor will it be the last.  Spontaneous opening to Spirit happens when an Energetically Sensitive person is exposed to high levels of Spiritual energy.  I know it sounds like something out of a Sci-fi novel, but bare with me…I will explain.

Energetically Sensitive people, have an awareness of the unseen world; often picking up on the emotions & surface thoughts of others…seeing, hearing, and knowing things that others can not.

When an Energetically Sensitive person comes in contact with high levels of Spiritual energy, it can force them to open up to their own potential; raising their energetic vibration.  This expansion of consciousness is different for everyone.  We do not all have the same latent potential; some of us are more Empathic, some better Communicators with otherworldly beings, some more natural at Healing.  Exposure to Spiritual energy comes in different forms; such as that of a person (Psychic, Healer, Medium, etc.), place (ley lines, sacred space), or experience (large group of people doing Spiritual things).  This is best explained through violins…yes, violins.

If you have two tuned violins in the same room, and you begin to play one of them, the other will start to vibrate and make sound without being played.  Humans like violins, respond to energy/vibration.  When we are exposed to energetic beings and spaces that vibrate at a higher frequency then us, we seek to adjust…to bring our vibration up to the higher level.  I do not know why we seek to advance/adjust to the higher vibration, instead of sinking down to the lower, but I assume it has to do with Evolution.

I have been talking a lot about Psychic Evolution/Ascension lately; as it is my belief (as well as that of many others), that the Human Race, is becoming more Intuitive.  The shifting of our planet, the influence of climate change, cosmic interference, the 100 monkey effect; there are so many reasons we could come up with for why…but the fact remains, that more and more people are experiencing a shift in their perception.  I have worked publicly as a Psychic for over a quarter of a century.  When I began offering Readings to the public, approximately 2 in 10 of the people I Read for, experienced Psychic phenomenon somewhat regularly…Now it’s more like 6 in 10.  For some this is an exciting, desired thing, but for others it is scary and unwanted.

As we evolve as a species, we are developing a heightened sense of awareness.  I believe this is in part due to technology.  The internet, and all our ‘at the fingertip’ devices, have led us to believe that the knowledge we seek is ours at a snap of the finger, or more appropriately; a swipe of the screen.  Quantum Physics has proven that thought matters, that what we believe possible…we create.  So it is not that hard to see how the easy access of information, granted by the internet, can effect the consciousness of our species.  I personally think this is a good thing, I believe that heightened awareness, and the ability to feel others, has the potential to make us kinder, more thoughtful people.  But the road there is going to be bumpy.  We are harbingers of change, and considering how most people feel about change…that means discomfort.


So what does a Spontaneous Opening to Spirit look like?

imageThis is a big question, as people can experience it differently.  I will do my best to be thorough in my explanation.  First off, a person experiencing a Spontaneous Opening to Spirit, is not prepared for it…hence why it is called spontaneous.  It comes on, without much forewarning.  Most people will describe feeling a sudden surge of energy within their body.  They may become hyper aware of their surroundings, including the functions of their own body.  There may be a feeling of trembling, shaking or cold, as energy moves through the Chakra system more freely then normal.  They may feel that they can see, hear, and feel more intensely.  They may also feel or sense other beings/Spirits around them.  These Spirits may be of humans/the Dead, or they may be of nature.  There may be a heightened awareness of others; their emotions, energy and thoughts.  Experiences of visions, deep knowing and past life memories are also common.

What you need to know…

Experiencing a Spontaneous Opening of Spirit can be a bit scary; as it is a brush with the unknown.  Some people become so overwhelmed they feel the need to run to the hospital.  If you feel your life in endangered, or that you do not have the ability to judge if it so…please seek medical help.  However, if you do not feel immanent danger you may want to refrain from such actions; as they will most likely think you are having a psychotic break, and treat you as such.  With the understanding that you can contact help at any time you feel the need, I would first suggest trying a few grounding techniques first.

*Sit or lay down with a straight back, allowing energy to move freely through your Chakra system (the energetic system that runs up your spine).

*Begin to breathe deeply and smoothly through your nose, fully inhaling and exhaling.  Putting your focus on your breathe.

* Imagine a small white light deep in the center of your chest cavity/Heart Chakra.  As you breathe deeply through your nose, imagine that white light spreading out from the center.  With every breathe, the white light gets bigger; until it is completely surrounding your body.  That white light represents your soul/your higher self.  It is expanding to fill your body and bring balance.

*Now become aware of your feet.  Feel how heavy they are, how connected they are to the ground…with every breathe, imagine your feet getting heavier and heavier, until that heaviness moves up into your knees…keep breathing and focusing on the heaviness until you feel it all the way into your pelvis.

*With a strong personal Spirit (white light from your heart) and a strong foundation (heavy feet & pelvis), begin to examine your experience.  Do you still feel frightened or overwhelmed?  If so, contact a wise friend and share with them your experience.  If you know someone who works in alternative health, they are a good choice for advice.

*When you have centered and balanced yourself, begin to look at the experience you are having with a new light.  Ask yourself some big questions, such as-Do I feel safe?  What exactly do I feel (what sensations are you experiencing)?  Do I see, feel, or sense another being near me? If so, do I feel they are here to help, or here to harm?  Do I want to continue having these experiences?

One of the best things we can do, when developing Psychically is to ask lots of questions.

*Make sure to document your experience, write it down or record it audibly.  But keep track, so that you can review it when you are not feeling it.  Logic is an important factor.

Most Spiritual opening is not isolated.  When it begins to happen for you, it will most likely do so again.  It is a good idea to consult with a professional Psychic, Counselor, or Healer.  Remember to choose wisely here.  A bad Psychic is most likely a fraud, and a bad Counselor will most likely go straight to crazy.  But have no fear, there are good Psychics out there, and there are good Counselors out there.  The world is changing and we as a whole are starting to see that there is more then meets the eye.  I hope that this bit, has been of some help.  I am sure it has left you with many more questions, and I will keep on writing and trying to give guidance.  Got questions…drop me a line.

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