Stories of Spirit…Finding Love after Death

crowlovebirdsToday, I sat with a husband and wife who love each other very much; the husband is a Spirit now.  The love between them is still strong, even though he left this world over 5 years ago.  When we truly love someone, not even death can detract from the bond.  In many ways; I believe it is fair to say death strengthens love.  We find forgiveness; for the petty little things, we grieve lost time, and we review every moment shared; with a kind of nostalgia reserved for Death, alone.

I find it an honor to sit with couples, separated by Death.  I get to experience love for another human being, so quickly and so clearly.  By connecting to Spirits; I get to share in their deep emotions, and through them; I know what it is like to love their partners.  I also know the deep feeling of loss, and the desire to comfort; they also feel.  Often Spirits feel moved to encourage the one they love; to move on & find someone else to love.  Often that suggestion comes too soon, for the living partner.

When we are the one left living; our Beloved passed into Spirit, the sheer act of living often seems overwhelming.  The flood of emotions, threatens to drown us, and we often wish we were dreaming; soon to wake, with life back to normal.  With time, we find balance.  Our footing gets stronger as months pass, reaching milestones; their birthday, our birthday, Christmas, anniversaries, and finally the day of their death.  For most people the first year after loosing one’s Beloved, goes by in a blur of emotions and paperwork.  Going out socially; connecting to the world is difficult.  But again, time passes and our wounds begin to heal, our heart starts to mend.  There is no specific amount of time, appropriate for mourning.  Mourning is personal, and takes as much time as it takes.

One thing I do know; is that when we are stuck in mourning, unable to move on…our Beloved Dead remains by our side.  It is often the goal of the partner in Spirit, to help heal their living loved one.  Healing & moving on, does not have to mean finding another partner; but it does mean allowing yourself the possibility.  Most people want companionship, they want to have a special someone they can confide in, and share life’s memories with and our Beloved Dead want us to have it.

I am always reminding people, that if they were the one who had passed first…they would want their Beloved to find partnership again.  The problem is we often forget to grant it to ourselves.  Somehow we feel that it is more noble for us to stay alone, to honor them and stay connected to them.  But in reality, they do not leave us because we find another love.  In many ways, love is much less complicated when we no longer have a body and basic needs to fulfill.  We can understand that as souls we have the capability to love more then one person.  In every day life, it is not that easy; life and emotions often make it difficult to open our hearts to multiple lovers.  But in death, there we have a broader view, and a deeper understanding of what it all means.  Now that does not mean we have it all figured out, it simply means those pesky, rules of engagement are not as strict.

When we find love for another, after the death of our partner; our heart expands to love more then one.  We do not love our Beloved Dead less, instead we learn that love is infinite.

I also would like to point out, that being a widow or widower has it’s own kind of power to it.  It’s like you are given a free pass, to continue loving your past, while engaging in a loving relationship with your present.  Not many people get to publicly admit to loving someone other then their current partner.  When most relationships end, we kind of zip up the remains and stash them in the do not talk about corner of our life.  It’s not considered polite to reminisce over the fun things you did with your ex.  But, when your partner dies; they are never your ex.  They are your past, but it is granted that they will always remain part of your life.

If you are fortunate enough to find true love a second time; rejoice, and know that your Beloved Dead is rejoicing with you.  They want you to live your life fully, not seal yourself up in a tomb waiting to die.  Remember time is not the same for the Dead, as it is for the Living.  Years to us, can go by in a blink of the eye when we are Spirit bound.  Do not let your life go by without you, as you wait to join your Beloved in Spirit.  Live fully, giving honor to the life you shared with them and the joy of love itself.  I hope you enjoyed the read Folks.

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Stories of Spirit…Hugging my Father [stepping through the veil]

Laying under a copper pyramid; my body laid out with a crystal grid, I had an Exceptional Moment with Spirit…I received a full, tangible, hug from my dead father.


I had spent the weekend; working and playing at Robert Simmons ‘Alchemy of Stones Intensive’ in Burlington, VT.  I can not fully describe how amazing it was to be playing in sacred space with so many high energy crystals, and loving people.  Almost 200 people had gathered to work with Spiritual Alchemy and Crystals; with a goal of awakening ones Intuitive gifts and paving the way towards ascension.

Ascension-the act of rising to an important position or a higher level.

My weekend was an intense one, as I was there both as a professional (doing Spirit Communication & Psychic Readings), and as a participant.  My days were long, with mornings starting way before I normally feel human.  Seeing clients during the time between workshops meant, I started seeing people at 7:30am, with my days ending somewhere between 7:30 & 11pm.  This kind of juxtaposition (two things being placed together with contrasting effect) of work & study, created a warp in the web of reality; making me feel between the worlds for days.

I feel like I cannot do this tale justice without first setting the space; allowing you a glimpse of the energy we were working with.  There were almost 200 people participating in the workshop, and hundreds and hundreds of  Crystal Beings.  *take a deep breathe, before you scoff off the idea of Crystal Beings, and remember the world is much bigger then we perceive with our visual eyes, and you are reading the blog of a woman who makes her living talking to the Dead.*  The details of the Intensive; the workings itself, the intent, and the content of knowledge being worked with; on both the Intuitive & Intellectual level were truly inspiring.  If you have never had a chance to connect with Robert Simmons through his writing or in person, I highly recommend it.  I felt honored to be part of such fantastic work.


Two ballrooms were used for the workshop: one for the teaching, learning, and alchemy, and the other for the shiny bits of Crystal goodness that was for sale.  The work space had copper pyramids set up in each of the 4 corners of the room.  The pyramids were programmed and designed with intention, and large enough for 4 chairs underneath.  They were created with copper piping; which was filled with high energy crystals, and each had large crystals placed around the base.   It is not an understatement to say the room buzzed energetically.  I will not go into all of the exercises we did, but I will say they were well crafted and personal.  Something, I found remarkable in such a large group of people.  So let’s fast forward to the end of the weekend, and my Exceptional Moment of Spirit.


The last exercise of the weekend involved working with a partner; doing crystal grids on one another.  The room was packed when I walked in; with the chairs removed and folks were sitting on the floor with yoga mats.  As I looked around the room for a space, I noticed that no one was under the pyramid designed for Ascension, and considering my ‘jump girl’ mentality…I made a Bee-line for it.  As I spread out my yoga mat, one other woman joined me.  We quickly connected in that open-heart way that comes when working with high-energy.  There were hand outs; that described the crystal lay out we were to set up on one another.  I had not received the hand outs, but my partner had somehow received two, so no worries.  As I began to lay out the grid on my partner, I noticed that our grid did not look like everyone else’s.  Then Robert explained there were 3 exercises, the third one being the Ascension lay out.  I looked down at my papers, and then at her copy & had to chuckle to myself as I realized we had 2 copies of the 3rd lay out…the one for Ascension.  After the first exercise was done, I told my partner about our lay out situation, and we decided ‘what the hell’…we did not believe in coincidence. & would do the 3rd lay out, 3 times.  After all, it was unlikely that we accidentally were both drawn to working under the Ascension pyramid, and then only got the Ascension lay out.

dad&meThe last of the 3 lay outs for me was the most remarkable.  As I lay there with my body covered in crystals, listening to the soft music & vibrating with the energy moving through me; I journeyed in my mind.  Now, I am not knew to Shamanic Journeying & Vision Quest.  But this time it took on a completely real momentum.  I saw in front of me a black hole; surrounded by white light.  I did not hesitate, and walked through the blackness.  On the other side of the black hole, was my father.

grammybrownI first noticed how clear everything was.  It was like sitting in the real world.  The colors, sounds, smells, feelings were all absolutely real.  Normally my experience in the other worlds is more like a video.  This was completely, utterly real.  My Dad looked like he did about 10 years before he died; healthy, broad, and a bit stocky.  Unlike his skinny, old man self, he had become in the last years of his life.  He smiled at me, and then gave me a hug.  It was like hugging someone in the flesh.  I could truly, feel him hugging me, as completely as I could if he were alive.  I began to cry….I cried as he hugged me, and my body cried as I laid on my yoga mat, covered in crystals, under the Ascension pyramid.  This went on for what seemed to be 10-15 minutes.  I kept saying, I can’t believe how real this is.  I then said to him through tears…if I can feel you this fully, I want to hug Grammy, and Grammy Brown stepped forward to hug me.  She also looked like herself at about 75, old but healthy.  I could feel the knuckles of her hands and smell her hairspray and cigarettes…..I cried with joy, and I cried with awe.

The rest of the weekend, I was astonished and overjoyed by my experience.  As a Medium, I see, hear, smell, and feel Spirit regularly.  But not like that.  Not so completely, that I would believe they were alive.  Not even in my dreams, have I experienced the world of Spirit so fully.  I believe I stepped completely through the Veil that day.  I did not just stand at the thin spot and connect, I crossed into their world.  In fact, I remember thinking to myself as I held my grandmother, that it would not take much for me to slip into this space completely, if I so choose.  I believe standing in the world of Spirit, that I could have chosen to release myself from life, if I had wanted to.

The next day, when riding home from Burlington; my husband driving, I thought about my experience.  I wondered whether I would need to enter deep trance to feel my Beloved Dead so fully again.  And as I sat there thinking, my grandmother reached out and took my hand.  I could feel the knuckles of her hands, so pronounced on her arthritic hands.  I cried…In fact, I have cried just about every time I have told this story to anyone.  The only thing keeping me from doing so now; is that I am at the Cafe & wearing eye makeup.  LOL.

I will be thinking about this experience for quite some time.  I will explore it and experiment with it, as that is my nature.  But for now, my take on it, is that I did cross into the world of Spirit; truly & completely.  I can not begin to completely understand where this will take me.  But I am a firm believer in Psychic Evolution; and believe that we are all emerging from our deep slumber, waking up and expanding.  We are becoming more, and I for one am excited about it.  I hope you have enjoyed the read Folks.  This one was truly exceptional for me.

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Stories of Spirit…Spontaneous Lunar Attunement [solstice full moon]

Lunarattunement1The last few weeks have been pretty amazing on an energetic level.  I have toned with people inside of an urban tunnel, done Geomancy/healing work on the top of Mount Mansfield, attended a phenomenal Crystal Alchemy Intensive, done deep Earth Healing Magic @ the Crown Chakra of the Chakra Ley Line, and had a Spontaneous Lunar Attunement.  Sometimes life’s Wyrd (connected to Fate) moments come in Spades.  I struggle with where to start.  I have had so many amazing moments with Spirit these last few weeks that where to begin is the question.  As last night was the Full Moon & the Summer Solstice, I will start with Spontaneous Lunar Attunement.

I had just come home from my weekend of work & play; at Robert Simmon’s Alchemy of Stones Intensive.  Being energetically charged and exhausted simultaneously, it was a chore to get myself to Lake Willoughby for ceremony with my Tribe.  But I knew it was the perfect ending to a powerful weekend.  So I made my way there; traveling a few minutes down the road with one of my Soul Sisters.  I was not disappointed, and being in sacred space with my tribe in the magical woods of Willoughby, was truly nourishment for my soul.  The moon was late making it’s way over the mountains and we only caught glimpses of her, through the trees while there.  So on the way home I suggested, we drive around one of the little lakes in my home town; hoping for a better glimpse of Luna.  It was not a disappointment.

Lunarattunement2We drove around Newark Pond, and stopped at a little pull off; where the fire trucks usually fill up their tanks.  The Moon was absolutely radiant overhead, and we got out of the car to truly appreciate it.  As we stood there for a few moments, just enjoying the beauty of the Solstice Moon; I could feel my body being charged by it’s light.  I then realized that the rays of the Moon; reflected in the water, were hitting the shore at the exact same spot we were standing in.

Now I do not believe in coincidence, and the energetic vibration of the experience was definitely not ordinary.  My friend and I stood there for about 30 minutes; it’s hard to tell how long we actually stood there, as we have a tendency to warp time when we are together.  The time-warp bit, was in full force as we watched the Moon, her reflection on the water, and the movement of the clouds.  We could actually see the clouds standing still at moments, then at other times the clouds would move through as if they were cogs on a wheel…with systematic pauses, then jumps ahead.  It was truly a wild experience.


When I took this picture (3rd one posted) the Moon looked like an the iris of an eye, with the clouds forming the outline.  The breeze was moving the clouds gently and steadily at that time, and as I got my phone ready for the picture; I thought I would miss it.  But then the clouds just stopped and stood still…literally not moving at all.  After the picture was taken, they began to move again.


The Lunar energy; reflecting off the water, and hitting the shore at the space which we stood, was intense.  It was warm and calming, but filled with power.  You could not deny that something magical was happening.  The energy itself; both in it’s reflection and in it’s vibration, resembled a heart beat.  In fact at one point the clouds moving across the Moon, also followed the beat of a heart…stopping and starting, in their movement.  My friend said the Moonlight coming off the water looked like and EKG read-out, and it truly did.  There was also a circular space about half way out in which it looked like the ripples from something being thrown into the spot.  But it never went away the entire time we were there….there it was half way out in the water, what appeared to be a portal.

This week, and over the next few weeks actually.  I will be sharing with you tales of my energetic experiences; as I am going through another opening in my own abilities.  I do not believe I am alone in this.  I believe we as a people are evolving…experiencing a Psychic Evolution.  The warp of time and space is getting wobbly, and wyrd things are happening.  I am excited to be living in this time, when the world around us, is communicating with us on a deep, personal level.  We are the ones we have been waiting for.  We are here to be part of the change.  I would love to hear about your stories of Wyrd, particularly about this rare Solstice Moon.  I hope you enjoyed the read folks.

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Stories of Spirit…Animal Spirit Guides [power animals & totems]

crowhighlightSpirit Guides come in many forms; deceased ancestors & friends, animals, plant, and spirits of place.  Most of us our familiar with the idea of Animal as Spirit Guides, often calling them Power Animals and Totems.  They are the animals that speak to our soul; the feathered, furred and scaled creatures that we resemble in our traits and motives.  They often present themselves to us as teachers and guides; lending us their strength and connecting us deeply to the uncivilized world.

It is common for people to have more then one Animal Guide, but most generally one animal has the strongest presence in our lives; and that animal is our main guide.  As I am sure you will not be surprised my strongest, Animal Guide is Crow.  Notice I said Crow, not Crow’s.  This is intentional; as when speaking about Totems/Power Animals, it is the spirit of the species we are talking about…therefore all Crows are Crow.

Crow first presented itself to me when I was in my 20’s.  I was bombarded with Crow feathers…regularly.  In fact, I had people showing up at my house; giving me handfuls of Crow feathers and saying they had to give them to me.  I found bushels of feathers in my yard, and ‘saw’ Crow everywhere.  When I say I ‘saw’ Crow, I mean Crow presented itself to me; in that pay attention, I have something to say kind of way.  Up to that point, I had not thought much about Animal Totems, and actually thought they weren’t really my thing.  Crow had a different opinion.  As coincidence (no such thing) would have it, Crow had been connected to my family for many, many generations.  In fact it is a name that many in my family have used Spiritually; myself included (that’s right, it is not my legal name).  As time went on, I started to understand the impact Power Animals could have on one’s life.  Crow showed itself to me, when I needed to pay attention.  Often, warning me to slow down or take notice.  And the more that I looked into the meaning of Crow, the more I understood myself.

Since being introduced to my first Animal Totem, I have developed relationships with other Power Animals; including Snake, Squirrel, and Bear (temporarily).  Some animals have come in to stay for a good long while, their lessons more important to my life path.  While others; like Bear, have come in for a brief stay to teach me particular lessons.

When searching for one’s personal Animal Guides, we need to pay attention to the animals who are asking for attention…the ones we love, and the ones we fear.  In fact, very often the animals we are most intimidated by are our greatest teachers.  Which makes sense, considering how much we all love change.  Totems can show up literally and figuratively.  We may see them in our natural landscape, or find them infiltrating our dreams and thoughts.  However they present themselves, there is a feeling that accompanies our Power Animals.  A feeling of knowing, and a feeling of kindred.

There are a lot of great books and websites out there on Animal Guides, I personally like Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.  It is well written, and the author was a animal rehibilatator as well as a Spiritual man.  It is obvious; when reading his work that he had a deep personal relationship with the Animal world.  That being said, no matter how much information the writer may have, it is important to let your intuition be your guide when it comes to your personal relationship with Animal Guides.  Here are some tips for connecting with your Power Animal/Totem

Fox bones & tooth

Fox bones & tooth

*Pay attention to the animal/animals that have been most present in your life.  What animals were you drawn to as a child, what animals appear most frequently in your dreams, what animals show up most often in your natural surroundings, most importantly…what animals do you feel most drawn to.

*Learn about your Spirit Animal; research, observe and daydream about them.

*Pay attention to when and where they present themselves to you.  What is going on in your life @ that moment?  What feelings accompany their arrival?  What thoughts pop up in your mind upon seeing them?

*Place items that resemble your Spirit Animal on your personal alter…both natural & man made; feathers, statues, bits and pieces.

*Thank them for their teachings; acknowledge them when they show up.  Little offerings of song, praise, herbs & such are great ways to show you appreciate the role they play in your life.

If you are lost in the determination piece, you may want to consider taking a class on Animal Guides or doing a bunch of reading and research.  For those of you living in & around the Kingdom…heads up-I am teaching a workshop on Animal Guides in July.  I hope you enjoyed the read Folks, and remember there is no such thing as coincidence & the Universe is speaking to us all the time.

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Stories of Spirit…Spirit Guides [ancestors, teachers, and guardians]

spiritguideIt came to my attention recently,  that I have never blogged about Spirit Guides.  I have mentioned them in passing, and speak of the Ancestors and Beloved Dead often, but I have never spoken of the Spirits that personally attend us; as teachers & guides.

First and foremost, I would like to say that everyone has a Spirit Guide.  Some guides are more active then others, and some of us are more perceptive in our observation of them. but we all have one.  The voice that speaks clearly to you in a moment of crisis, telling you what to do at that very moment…that is your Spirit Guide.  Moments of crisis are often the first place we encounter our personal guides.  This is because our higher self steps in at that moment, and pokes us right in the third eye.

Have you ever noticed how clearly you can remember the details of your surroundings when you were in a critical moment?

Crisis connects us directly to our deep-self; our wise-self, and allows us to hear, sense & know what our guides are sharing with us.  This crisis does not need to be a personal emergency, it can be the long, rocky-road of healing & transformation.  Crisis, refers to those moments when our normal, heavy rules of life, no longer work.  We can’t just go into routine, for we are in survival mode…we are desperately searching for guidance.  Those moments, whether emergency, pin-point moments or long, life examining moments.  These points of crisis are moments of opening, moments when our guides can more easily access us.

For most people the level of experience with a Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel is more of a faith thing.  As in, we believe in them, may even believe we have one…but we have never had any personal interaction.  This is belief is often because we do not know what to look for, or how it’s suppose to feel when we encounter our Guide.  Hollywood, and a lot of New-Age, online sights; have a tendency to over dramatize the whole thing.  Which feels hokey & often leaves with more questions then answers.

I will try to explain things to the best of my knowledge.  I have been a Medium my entire life, but there is no manual…there is no perfect way to do it, and we do not get all the answers.  In fact, the Spirits do not have all the answers, at least none that I have met.  I have communicated with Wise Elders, and Ancestor Spirits with great knowledge.  But none have all the answers, or they won’t tell me.  So here are some facts, that I hope you find useful.

*We all have a Spirit Guide (some people have more then one)

* Often Healers, Psychics and the like have multiple guides.

*In most cases our Spirit Guide is someone we have known from this life time, or another.  They know us, and we know them.

*Spirit Guides speak in our voice.  Having another voice; other then your own speaking in your mind, is distracting & a bit unnerving.  Trust me…been there, done that.

* We have an agreement with our Spirit Guides, our life time guides made the decision to stay on the other side and watch over us.  We are a team.

*Our guides are not all knowing, but they are wise & can often see things we cannot.  It’s a good idea to listen when they speak.

*When choosing to develop a relationship with our Spirit Guide, it is helpful to keep track of our dreams and thoughts that come to us while in a meditative state.  Like Crisis…these are moments when we are more easily, able to escape our mind & listen.

*Our Spirit Guides, often have a clearer vision about our lives purpose then we do.  This is due to the fact, that they are not distracted with life’s everyday workings and the drama of living.

For those of you looking to connect with your guides, needing a bit of guidance.  You may choose to seek out the help of a professional Medium.  I have found that of late, many peoples guides are coming forward when I am doing Spirit Communication.  They are stepping up to the plate, and giving people directions that help them better navigate the waters of life.  I myself have been fortunate enough to gain knowledge from these visitations.  As the messenger, I get to learn from peoples guides as well.  We are living in changing times, big changes, evolutionary changes…I believe this makes it more important for us to create relationships with our guides, and learn how best we can be directed by them.

Over the next few months, I will be offering a series of workshops and events for people who are looking to connect to their higher selves and guides; beginning with my 3 part series on Spirit Communication that starts this evening.  I will also be offering a few video bits in the next couple of months on similar subjects…I hope you have enjoyed the read folks, and if you have interest in exploring your relationship with your guides, keep your eyes on my page for details.

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