It’s O.K. to be Pretty [embracing the feminine]

I was in my shop yesterday helping a woman find the face-cream she was looking for when she said to me “I am almost embarrassed to admit it, but I care about my appearance.  I want to stay looking young as long as I can“.  I laughed and told her, “You do not have to be embarrassed because you care about looking good, I certainly do!”

While having this conversation; which evolved to embrace the other women sitting in my cafe/wellness center @ the time, we discussed how it has almost become taboo to say such things, that the popular belief is that those of us who like putting on make-up & dying our hair are really just a short clip away from a 1950’s housewife who makes sure her make-up is perfect before her husband gets home from the office.  Somehow in our pursuit of liberation, we have found another group of women to shame….’ those poor unfortunate souls, who are still trying too hard’.

I tried writing this article last night, but the words; which came quite freely on my way home from work, we’re not giving over as I sat in front of my computer.  I thought maybe this is not really worth writing.  Then the first thing I saw when opening Facebook this morning was a blurb on how women were ditching hair-dye and embracing their gray as the biggest power move ever.  Really…our biggest power move ever as women is to decide we are no longer going to hide our gray.  I think that’s bullshit…what about people like Hedy Lemar who was both an actress known for her great beauty and a brilliant scientist.  I am pretty sure her contributions to science were not deterred by her love of lipstick.

Now I do not believe this is being done purposely, I believe it is the unspoken shame delivered by all the articles talking about how powerful it is to let your hair go white, and how women should accept themselves how they are, that size, age, and appearance are unimportant, that real feminine power comes from stepping into the world as you are, without worrying how society wants you to look…unless that means you like to spend an hour every morning getting ready for the day, because then you’re somehow shallow, and repressed by the world of man.

Personally, I have never felt repressed by men.  I know I am fortunate in being able to make this statement, and by no means am I shaming anyone for the road their self-freedom takes them down.  I am simply saying, I was raised in a family with a strong matriarchy and have never had a relationship of any kind with a man or woman who made me feel I was less because I was female…and yet, I love to do my hair, enjoy choosing my outfit for the day, love make-up and jewelry and frankly love the act of ‘getting ready’.  The moments spent in the morning admiring my favorite muse in the mirror are playful, creative and in some way an expression of the art & magic that is uniquely me.  I do not have the time or skill to create great masterpieces of art, but I do have the time to put myself together smartly and depending on the day that can mean a lot of different things.

I think the real lesson of it all, is that we are often unaware of what is silently being communicated when we stand on our soapboxes or repeat the same statements over and over again.   Is there something being left out, that in its absence is communicating unintentional volumes?

When I was a kid my father used to compliment me and my sister Sandy in very different ways, always repeating the same kind of statement, which was different for each of us.  He told me regularly, that I was a pretty girl and that someday someone would take care of me.  Meanwhile, he told my sister that she was smart and could do anything she set her mind to.  Now neither of these things were inherently wrong or insulting.  In fact, they could be seen as complementary.  But the result of such specific and repeated compliments was that at some point in our young adult lives, my sister and I each had to deal with the vacant part of the statement…the part that was left out of the compliment.  If I was pretty, did that mean I was stupid, that some guy was going to have to take care of me?  What if I got fat, or didn’t look good, would I have no worth?  On the opposite side of the fence, my sister had to deal with the fact that she had been told that she was smart, and could do whatever she intended…but no statements of beauty.  Was she lotted for a life as a woman who had to do everything for herself?  These unsaid things were never intended to harm, nor did my dad think I was stupid or that my sister was ugly.  She is a beautiful woman, and I am an intelligent and capable woman who most certainly can take care of myself.  My father’s statements were not meant to cause absence, but they did.

We people are complex, we are always in some state of liberation, expansion, contraction, or breaking down.  There is so much to learn and expand as we grow as a species.  We need to stop shaming, passing judgment and assuming we know what someone is like because they say or do such and such.  Granted if their actions are hateful, well that’s a different story.  I have absolutely no tolerance for haters.  But there is a lot to be said about the old adage of not judging a book by its cover.  Not all women who spend hours getting ready in the morning are doing so for a man, in fact…I am willing to bet that most of the Divas out there are doing it for THEMSELVES!  So rock on with your beautiful selves ladies (& gents).  Put on the eyeliner, color your hair whatever fucking color you choose and allow yourself to explore who you are.  That being said…I do recommend using ethical cosmetic companies, you will feel better about it and you will most likely be healthier.

So for all you ‘Pretty, frilly, sparkly, juicy, girly-girls’ out there…keep on doing what you’re doing.  Your beauty (and however much time you put into it) is determined by the eye of the beholder…who is oneself.  If you feel good doing it, and it makes you feel more confident then all the power to you!

spreading love-salicrow



STORIES OF SPIRIT…Once a Marine, always a Marine [communicating with a wounded warrior]

*photo Stahr Cabral

By this point many of you already know that I was raised by a Marine, in fact, if you have read my book Jump Girl, the initiation and art of a spirit speaker’, know just how much this factors into my life.  Growing up the child of a Vietnam Vet; who came home with 100% disability due to the scars received in service, I knew full well the sacrifice made by those who wear uniforms.  I was taught to respect and show thanks for those who served, for they have all made sacrifices n doing so.

A few weeks ago; thanks to my dad {who passed in 2012}, I had the opportunity to honor one who had served and to help bring closure to his family.

I was performing Spirit Gallery (large group spirit communication in which selected guests receive messages) when something unusual happened.  My attention kept being drawn to a woman sitting on the right side of the room who had an empty bubble around her.  Which means the space around her was noticeably void of Spirits.  This alone was not what surprised me, as I have encountered other people with this phenomenon, what I found shocking was my Dad was standing next to the woman telling me I needed to call on her, and he was insistent.

Sometimes when someone is deeply mourning they will create a hardening of their Aura/Biofield (the energetic field surrounding the body).  When this happens the space around a person becomes repellant to spirit activity.  It is not something someone intentionally does, but more something that happens when our emotions are so intense that we both want and fear contact, the fear being more of a fear that communication is impossible.  This is often enforced by the fact that the spirit of the Beloved Dead may be showing up in the dreams and peripheral vision of others, leaving the one with the hardened Aura wondering why their loved one is visiting others but not them.  The answer is pretty easy…they can’t get through because of the barrier.

When the women sat down in front of me, I explained that she had been called because my father insisted I bring her up.  I went on to explain the shield/hardened Aura I saw around her, and that it told me her loss was a very deep one.  I also felt that the loss was very recent.  As soon as she said she was looking for her father, the hardened veil came down and I could see him standing before me with my father.  I told her I saw he was wearing a uniform, and simultaneously she and my father told me that he was a Marine. With this revelation, it was clear why my father had been interested in helping him get my attention.

I went on to tell her that her father had something wrong with his lungs (he died of lung cancer), and that the illness was caused by his time in the service.  She then said her father had been in Vietnam.  It was an interesting conversation, in which my Dad was assisting her Dad in getting his messages through.  My dad kept telling me that her father had been a hero, which it turns out he was not just a hero in his service, but a true hero in her personal life.

*When someone is called up as a guest at a Spirit Gallery, I really only have about 10 minutes with them tops.  This, in my opinion, does not offer adequate time to get all the messages through, but it does give them time for the important stuff so that you can see that it is really them.  I told her that her father was a very stoic person, and had a hard time expressing his emotions.  Which she validated by saying that he was very quiet and that even when he was dying he did not complain about his situation.  He also shared with her his deep love for her, and how important she had been in his life.  All the while, my father just kept inforcing the words “He’s a real hero kid!” Later after the session, the woman approached me; while I was signing books.  She shared with me a bit more of her father’s story including how he had truly been a hero in her life.

I was greatly moved by the visit from her father, and my fathers interest in helping him get his message through.  While talking we discussed the fact that both of our fathers had been Marines, & Veterans of  Vietnam who died due to complications of Agent Orange affecting their lungs.  Best yet they had both been named Richard!

I am forever in awe of the world of Spirit and the lengths they will go to when it comes to communication.  Where one stoic hero could not make a connection on their own, another gregarious one stepped up to help a brother out!  (Thanks Dad…you will always be my hero).

spreading love-salicrow

STORIES OF SPIRIT…Wyrd-work [expanding consciousness through spirit communication]

Last weekend I was in Connecticut doing a Spirit Gallery at a local Elks Club; the event was a fundraiser for a local Republican Party.  When I got offered the job, I immediately responded yes, not because I identify as a Republican (I have respect for all), but because it fell into my ‘wyrd-work‘ category.  When these opportunities arise I am excited for the opportunity to sing to someone other than the choir.  I like to be challenged, to have people approach Spirit Communication with a healthy level of skepticism, and most of all to offer them a slice of faith when they see & hear things that they cannot explain.

Wyrd-connected to fate or personal destiny

Wyrd-work describes any job that is obviously outside the realm of the expected, that offers the potential to awaken the consciousness of another. It is the work that resonates with one’s soul path.  It is also the work that I imagine my accountant saying “What could Salicrow possibly be doing for these people?”.

Gallery Readings are a totally different beast than Seances and Individual Spirit Communication, as they are simultaneously a deep communication for the one receiving the message and entertainment for the crowd watching.  When looking out over the assemblage I see spirits standing with just about everyone (imagine at least twice as many ‘people’ in the room as those who paid for seating), I know that most of the people in the crowd are hopeful that they will be called upon, and that I will only be able to give that opportunity to a few.  

Every time I do Spirit Communication for a group of people I would classify as sitting in the Wyrd, I experience an expansion of my mind, as I watch my preconceived notions of who and what a group believes washed away before my eyes.  In truth, I think this could be said about most things…if we let go of what we think we know, we will find there is a lot to learn.  The biggest lesson I have learned from such experiences is that everyone mourns, and everyone wants to believe that the soul exists outside of the skin-suit we wear in this reality.  No matter our cultural, political or economic environment, we are all looking for a connection to something more than ourselves, and we all want to know our loved ones (and most importantly ourselves) continue to exist.  Death in many ways is a great equalizer.  It comes for all of us, it does not discriminate against race, age, sexual orientation or political/religious beliefs.  It does not care if we have lived our lives fully, or simply existed.  It cares not for the character of our soul and doesn’t care if we have other plans.  In short, death is a master we cannot ignore.  Nor can we ignore its trusty companion mourning.

I don’t know what I expected from the experience, but what I got were a group of people who cared deeply for their families and friends, and wanted above all else to have some kind of connection with their loved ones who have crossed into Spirit.  Stepping outside my comfort zone; working in places out of the ordinary for me, has taught me much about people.  We are more alike than we think, we all want happiness, security, love, and community in our lives, we all mourn our dead, and we all hope for something beyond this world…the problem comes when we look at our differences under the microscope.  When we focus on what tears us apart we will most certainly see plenty of things that can do so…but when we turn our lens to see what things we have in common, the world has more symbiotic flow & opportunity.

I give thanks to the Wyrd groups who have hired me, especially when I did not fit your image of normal.  I am thankful for your open minds and the opportunities you have given me to grow.  Thank you!

As always, thanks for reading folks.  Please share this article if you’re so moved, I am trying to change the world here…one little bit at a time.

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SACRED TRAVEL…Transforming the mind through personal journey, part 3

Sacred Travel is foremost a mindset.  It is something that happens within our being, regardless of our outer destination, for the true journey is a pilgrimage of the soul.

Many people go on vacation and walk away with stories of adventure, a bit of color and a feeling of rest…but that is far from being transformational.  While on the other hand there are those among us who go no further than their backyard and experience tremendous spiritual growth.

If you are looking to set up a Sacred Pilgrimage for yourself and are lacking in funds, start by setting a date.  Block out the days you wish to set aside for personal growth, and act as if you are going to be out of the State during that time.  You will not be answering phone calls unless they are emergencies.  You may even want to tell people that you know that you will be away, or better yet that you are taking a much-needed Staycation to recalibrate.  Simple answers, make it easier to not receive a thousand phone calls during your time of introspection.

Plan your journey ahead of time, choose a location in your home or abroad (if you are so fortunate).  When using our own space for the journey, we must make sure to set the stage.  Taking time to make it comfortable and inviting…Setting up an altar where we can place items sacred to us. When Packing it’s important to bring enough provisions so we do not need to leave our sacred space until finished.  Remember the more fully you can submerge yourself in the experience, the deeper into self you can go.  Make sure you have a journal and a few good writing pens on hand, perhaps even some art supplies; as not all who journal do so in words.

When we choose to engage in sacred travel without leaving our homestead, it is important to step away from our regular habits.  Disconnect from social media, television, computer, smartphones, and technological static.  *I make an exception here for my camera.  For me, taking pictures is part of my journaling.  I love to capture moments and items that are seeped in the divine.  That being said, if you do not have the willpower to resist picking up your phone every few moments then it’s best to use a real camera, not the one on your phone.

Once we have set out on our sacred adventure we should plan on staying in that mindset for the duration of the time allotted to the journey.  This is important, as most people are impatient and somehow think results/answers should come quickly like a flash of lightning.  When in fact, more often than not it takes much longer than you think and is far more subtle than hoped for. Learning the nuances of subtly is a spiritual art, it takes practice.  One of the tips I give to my students when practicing any type of trance work or meditation is to stay past the point of discomfort.  By this, I do not mean stay when we are in pain or about to wet ourselves, what I mean is…we all reach a point in which our mind starts saying “Is this it?”, “Am I doing anything, can I do anything?”, “What am I suppose to be doing?”.  I am not immune to this distraction. It still shows up from time to time… telling me I have better things to be doing.  I simply ignore it and keep on keeping on.  It is after this point when we have crossed the threshold of our wondering mind, that we begin to truly connect.

Sacred tools, like drums and rattles, scrying mirrors, tarot cards & runes are helpful tools to take on our journey.  But so is going for a walk in the woods, sitting by your favorite brook, listening to the sound of the trees, exploring art at a local museum, listening to Gregorian chants and Shamanic trance music.  This is an adventure…you may spend it how you wish, and with who you wish.  Most of my sacred travels are spent with like-minded spiritual seekers.

When I was younger and could not get away as easily, my sacred-sisters (women I practiced magic with) and I would go away for one weekend a year together.  Most often this was at someone’s parents camp.  We would work and play together or the weekend and walk away refreshed and ofter more clear of our personal path.

Now here is an important add-on…I know most of you are imagining Sacred Travel as a somber thing, filled with drumming and meditation, and that is true…but it is can also one filled with tasty libations, your favorite herbs, and laughter.  After all, it is a time of stepping out of our day to day life and let us be honest we all like to eat well and celebrate.

The biggest factor in Sacred Travel is that we are there with our senses open.  We need to savor every detail of the moment, allowing ourselves to fully be present instead of wandering around on auto-pilot like we often do in our everyday lives.  Sacred Travel is a time of fully being conscious.  It is a time of celebration and love for self and the amazing world we live in.

I personally go on a sacred journey just about every week. I began adding a weekly ‘adventure day’ almost 2 years ago; when my sister was struggling with illness.  As part of her process, we decided to dedicate every Wednesday to spiritual growth and experience.  Sometimes it is just us, sometimes others of our tribe join us.  Most often we go to the Ammounousuc River, a place seen as a spiritual treasure to both of us.  This practice has enhanced the quality of my life tremendously.  Between the small weekly journeys and the larger ones I manage to pull off each year, I have created a life in which stepping out of my everyday reality & into my deeper soul consciousness is easily accessed.

I hope you enjoyed the read & that it inspires you to seek out Spiritual Adventure of your own.  The world is an amazing place, whether our path takes us ‘just down the road a bit’ or around the world.  Open your eyes, your heart, your ears, your entire being to the marvels of self & the universe and you will not be disappointed.

spreading love-salicrow

ps-if you enjoy my writing, make sure to check out my book!




Sacred Travel…COSM, the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors-part 2.

It’s funny how we are always in some kind of flux…growing, flowing, being molded by our surroundings.  It seems that no matter how far up our personal, evolutionary tree we climb there are still wounds to heal, lessons to learn, and potentials to explore.  That is what makes living so divine!  ************************************************************ I returned home from Florida, knowing that in a few short weeks I would be connecting with members of my Spirit Tribe; a group of Wyrd (connected to fate) Travelers I met (this life) while on a sacred pilgrimage to the United Kingdom.  Our meeting was something no doubt planned in the betwixt & between, for kinships formed throughout lifetimes are a kind of magic of their own. 

Knowing I would soon be spending time in deep transformational space, I recognized that my self-work was not done, in fact, I had just placed my foot upon the trail of transformation.  After all, I was seeking to change the tempo in which I lived my life, not an easy task.

Being dedicated to myself, I started speaking of the change I was seeking, using words that supported my goal.  Positive affirmations are a good way to support and direct growth and healing in our life.   After all most of our problems come out of the bad programming that runs on repeat inside of our heads; spewing out negative bullshit that wastes the potential of our minds.  Just imagine what life could look like if we spoke as many encouraging words to ourselves…

I walked away from obvious negative internal banter along time ago, but that does not mean my brain is always kind to me.  While I don’t bad-talk myself in the way that many people do, I run a to-do list that has the potential of being never-ending.  So I still have need of positive affirmations, mantras, and intentional thoughts.  This was how I spent the weeks between my travels, reinforcing the new setting I had chosen to live my life in; the one with purposeful movement and lots of Catnaps.

The trouble was I still could not see the direction I wanted to go in, the prey I wanted to stalk or the perhaps a better way of putting it was I had not yet received the scent of that which I sought.  I was pretty sure I would find it while on Sacred journey and I was anticipating the insight it would lend to me.

The drive to COSM was absolutely beautiful.  The first part of the journey was straight down the state of Vermont via I91; a quiet highway with little traffic and few sightings of civilization.  Then we headed west & south along the Taconic State Parkway to the Hudson River Valley of NY.

COSM-the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is a sanctuary, a church of sorts dedicated to the visionary arts and creativity.  It is also a sacred womb of awakening, an intentional space filled with the mind ‘altaring’ art of Alex Grey and his wife Allison.  The permanent art collection at the sanctuary is known for integrating both scientific and spiritual truths.  In short, it is a place of transformation!

Visionary art; such as Alex & Allison Grey’s, is meant to trigger the subconscious, allowing us to step out of our analytical mind and into the deeper vastness of our souls knowing.  Spending time submerged in such art often works on the receiver long after they have walked away from the physical display.

My fellow Wyrd Travelers and I went to COSM with this in mind, we were looking for the full experience as well as a place we could step into our shared spiritual work without disturbance.  We received both, as the universe provided us with the opportunity to be the only guest staying @ Grey House (the Inn at COSM) for the duration of our visit.

In visiting the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors my personal goal was to receive with an open mind, allowing messages of direction to come to me, instead of my normal steady push for deep waters.  After all, I was working with Big Cat/Panther; I was not searching under every rock for my knowledge, instead, I was waiting around stealthily for it to appear.  Most of my time there was taken up with group work, primarily focused on helping others wake-up peacefully, in this time of Psychic Evolution. My individual work was more subtle…it involved meditating in the temple room in the early hours of the morning, and absorbing the energy of the place while I slept…where it infiltrated my dreams and seeped into my knowing.  I don’t recall a single ‘Ah-ha’ moment of self-awareness, yet I left understanding my future path more clearly and have continued to unfold subconscious wisdom in my dreams; both waking and sleeping.

Perhaps it was in walking the grounds, rich with Earth energy; intentionally harnessed through the works of Geomancy-the art of placing or arranging buildings or other sites auspiciously, walking the labyrinth or observing the many paintings & statues with their multitude of eyes, that triggered such introspection.  But I truly feel that I walked away with a deeper knowing of my path and a clearer understanding of how to get there.

I have used Sacred Travel as a vehicle for transformation for many years now.  There is something about stepping away from our mundane world, that allows us to look at our life differently.  I know I am fortunate enough to do so regularly, and for that I am thankful.  But this has not always been the case, I have not always had the luxury of time and money to make such things happen.

So…how do we submerse ourselves in Sacred Pilgrimage when we do not have the luxury of leaving our home, family & obligations?

I will be talking about just that in part 3 of this Sacred Travel log, which will be out on Friday, April 5th.  Thanks for following along on my adventures…

spreading love-salicrow

ps-A big fat, grey squirrel was very comfortable on the property.  I found it to be a cosmic joke, as I had been saying I needed to put the squirrel in a cage; in reference to my need to step away from squirrel as my active power animal.  By the end of the weekend at COSM I realized that my reference of ‘caging the squirrel’ was really a pretty shitty way to give thanks to an animal spirit that has helped me achieve a lot over the last few years, and that instead I needed to give thanks to it and wish it a safe journey.  So thank you, my friend, for all your fast-paced, zing.


Sacred Travel…Reflection, refraction, mirrors and transformation, part 1-

I have been in a place of deep reflection and examination for the last few months.  After 5 years of running at super-squirrel speed (I refer to my dark-totem as a ‘squirrel on crack’), I have decided that I need to dial in my focus, move away from ‘collecting every nut I see, to thoughtfully planning my next steps to best serve my community, while giving myself the time I need for personal growth and happiness.

This was not something I came to lightly, but more something that attacked me with flailing arms, & steam coming out of its ears.

By the end of January, I was exhausted, short-tempered and emotionally drained.  At first, I didn’t really understand where it was coming from, for my life did not feel or look any different than it normally did; my kids & grandkids were doing well, my home life & personal relationships were good, my businesses were running well.  Despite the outer vestige of my life, I was finding it hard to keep my temper in keel, and felt a building desire to just say ‘fuck it, I don’t care what you do’, to most inquiries.  Now, this does not mean I was showing my cards to the public, after all, I am a trained professional and I know how to put my stuff away while taking care of business.  But, as time went on, I found it harder and harder to ignore the fact that I was short-circuiting.  So I did what any good healer would do, I started to investigate the problem.

The answer came quickly; like a poke in the eye, and was not surprising at all…I was simply doing too much, running too fast for too long, and I needed to slow down.  This realization brought to mind the old adage ‘Healer, heal thyself’; which speaks to the need for those who care for others to practice self-care.  So I made an appointment with my apprentice Vanessa; who runs the Reiki clinic @ my wellness center and began to contemplate how I would cut back on the doing part of my life.

Now the problem with being me, is I invest in everything I take up.  Everything I do is important to me.  Which means selecting what to let go of, or pass on to others, were difficult questions for me.  I generally do not spend much time on things I don’t believe in or value.  I knew this was not going to be an easy switch, and that as much as I may want to put the squirrel in a cage it was going to take some time and planning to do so.

I began my transition while visiting family in Florida this last February.  Normally when I take my winter jaunt south, I plan on working part-time while there; doing private Seances, and Readings or workshops at stores in the area, weaving my sacred work with my sacred travel together.  But this year, I just kept hesitating to book any work, and the closer it came to my departure date the more I started limiting what my work would look like until it finally looked like “I am not working while in Florida this year.”

I have always seen travel as a time to initiate change, as we are away from our paterns, things, and the way others see us.  So instead of working for others, I spent the time in the sun working on myself…simply being; taking deep breaths, walking in the green parks, soaking up the sun and enjoying the magic of the water that Tampa Bay had to offer.

Simply embracing each day as it presented itself…swimming in the Ocean and walking along the bayou’s of public parks was truly the medicine I needed.  I received guidance in many forms…I watched a dolphin hunt & play, was lucky enough to hold a lovely snake, I even visited the shrine of the Arch Angel Micheal, while in a Greek fishing village (Tarpon Springs, FL).  I was looking for answers, or better yet I was waiting for answers.  Answers to how I was supposed to move forward, what I should focus on and what energy I should ask to help guide me. I even stayed in an Airbnb house filled with wyrdly, intriguing mirrors (note the picture at the start of the post), that I imagine would be great for deep scrying.  Instead, I fell asleep early while staying there; my body deciding I needed rest more than a spiritual deep dive into the world of mirrors.  In this stillness, answers slowly came.

The first step of my transformation was to choose another power animal to work with.  For as much as I have joked over the last few years about Squirrel on Crack being my dark totem, Squirrel has truly been the sacred animal ally calling the shots for the last few years. To call something my dark-totem, means the qualities of that animal are ones that I have to be cautious of in my life.  They are the parts of our personality/behavior that have short term benefits, but often overwhelm us when we play with them too long. I am truly squirrelish in my behavior, I gather from everywhere, often creating treasure caches of knowledge, learning, and cool stuff when working with this energy.  But when I play with it too long, I just keep collecting…more jobs, more classes, more travel, more businesses, more, more, more…until I wonder why I am even doing it, what I am collecting for and where the free time I use to have has gone.

We all have a dark-totem, an animal whose behaviors resemble ours, behaviors which we need to keep in check!

It may seem strange to say I needed to choose a power animal to work with, as in most cases our totem animals present themselves to us.  But I have many animals I have worked with over the years, some of them staying with me a lifetime (Crow) while others are active for only a few years, long enough to share their lessons with me.  It is from the latter variety that I was looking to choose.

From my slow-down time in Florida, I knew what qualities I was looking for, I wanted to keep moving forward, while focusing my intent, choosing to be more selective and purposeful in my movement.  I needed to learn to stalk the prey/goal I am after and to rest when I had downtime.  I needed the teachings of Cat.  For me, these lessons come in the form of ‘Big Cat’…Lion, Lynx, and most of all Panther.  This was not a new relationship so to speak, simply the re-emergence of an old alliance.

Creating a bond with a new Spirit Animal or rekindling an old relationship takes time.  It helps to remember that the lessons are being offered, which means if we are sincere and open, the teachings will come.  It is also beneficial to create space on your altar for honoring the ‘Spirit’ (animal, plant, ancestor, otherworldly being) relationship you are building.  You can do this by placing items that remind you of the ‘Being’ on your altar and studying their ways through observation (if you’re so lucky), books and websites.  One of my favorite books for Animal symbolism is ‘Animal Speak’ by Ted Andrews.

It is normal and perfectly alright to be working with more than one Animal Spirit Ally at a time. Personally, when asked the question “How many Spirit Allies should you have at once?”, my answer is “How many living friends and colleagues do you have?”  If your a person who likes to have only a few good friends, your most likely going to be the same way in Spirit-work.  But if you’re like me; a very social Gemini, your likely to have a whole slew of Spirit companions, teachers and guides.

With my mind clearly set on changing my speed & focus, and the aid of ‘Big Cat’ magic I was ready to return home & put my changes to the test of real life.  Something that was not without its challenges. Thankfully, I have a great partner; my husband, who offers his support in a very practical way.  Knowing that I need/want to slow down when I start squirreling up he reminds me of my intentions, by simply saying things like “Really Sali, you need to do that now?”

At first, this reminder triggered me, but I quickly staunched that voice by reminding myself that making changes in our life is easier when you have a practical support team.

My journey continues in part 2.  COSM/the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.  Look for it Wednesday, the 3rd.

spreading love-salicrow