STORIES OF SPIRIT…Beltaine [celebrating with Spirits of Nature]

Today is Beltaine…a day when the Fairies walk among us.  A day that is Betwixt & Between, standing half way between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.  It is a powerful day, like Samhain/Halloween, when the veil between the worlds is at it’s thinnest.  A day when our Beloved Dead and the Spirits of Nature are strongly present in our world.

In my little corner of the Universe, the day is wet.   The sky has opened up, and the rain is coming down in buckets.  In many ways the nature of the day is contrary to what one would expect, of hope for on Beltaine.

Beltaine is one of the 8 holidays that make up the Celtic Wheel of the year.  It is a celebration of all that is fertile, and newly awoken; of passion, play, and wild abandonment.  Traditionally it is a time in which the land is blessed, in hopes of a bountiful harvest.  A time of flowered wreathes and brightly colored frocks, a time of revelry.  In modern times this blessing of fertility that is most potently known as the Maying, has expanded to include all of our creative endevours, that our way will be fruitful and sacred.  As the veil between the worlds is particularly thin during May Day (Beltaine), it is also a time in which we give thanks to the “others”, the unseen being who share this planet with us, the Fae Folk.  

Astronomers have proposed that solid matter makes up only 5% of the Universe.  That leaves 95% unaccounted for.  In my opinion, this is a good argument for believing in unseen beings…the Spirits of the Dead, and that of Nature alike.  Beyond opinion, I have personally had experiences with many of these beings, Ancestral Dead and Nature Beings alike.

Beltaine with some of my most loved Druid companions, a few years back.

I have celebrated Beltaine since I was in my early 20’s, when I found my way back to the holidays and connections of my Ancestors, and began living my life within the cycle of nature, known as the Celtic Wheel of the Year.  My Ancestors, that which I came from, have always lived close to the Earth, and in doing so given honor and thanks, to the Planet itself.  The 8 holidays that make up the Wheel, remind me of the changes my beloved Gaia is going through, and help me to stay in sync with her rhythms.   In doing so, I feel that my life is richer and more balanced.

Like most things in modern times the celebration of such holidays is done loosely around the date that they fall on.  As today is a Monday, my celebration today, will be simple and homey.  I have set out honey water for the Fae Folk on one of my outdoor altars, as an offering, and left out a glass to fill with rain water.  Traditionally the water collected on May Day would be dew, collected from leaves, under the early morning sun.  As the day is wet, with a heavy layer of fog, and intermittent downpours, I decided that I would collect the rain water instead.

Collecting dew (or rainwater) on May Day is an old Folk tradition, the water is said to bring luck, beauty and good health, particularly if one washes their face with it.  I myself will use my collected “May Rain”, by anointing my Third-eye, and Crown Chakras with it, as long as it last.

Mother Goose Rhyme about collecting Dew on May Day…

“The Fair Maid, who on the first of May, goes to the fields at the break of day, and washes of the dew of a Hawthorn tree, will ever after handsome be!”


Another Beltaine tradition is the May Pole.  Dancing the May, is simply the act of weaving colored ribbons around a large pole.  It is simple and playful, but laden in old-school fertility magic.  The pole being very phallic like representing the God or masculine aspects of Nature, and the hole that it is planted in, representing the female/Yoni.  The dance was traditionally done as part of the blessing of the land, but it had personal effects as well, and often those seeking to become fertile in their personal lives would/do dance.  As I have said earlier, in modern times this fertility has expanded to include many aspects of creativity, but in the olden days it was mostly about the fertility of livestock, land and personal womb.

This year I will not be dancing the Pole, nor will I be attending a large May Day celebration.  Instead I will be boarding a plane this Friday and heading to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where my sister and I will be teaching a weekend intensive on Earth Magic.  And though I will miss the ribbons, and drums of the greater circle, I am delighted to be bringing the magic of nature, and the Fae Folks to those who are seeking it.  We will sit around a fire, and enter deeply into the space of Betwixt and Between, and we will seek communion with the beings of Nature, as we walk through the trails that surround Lake Michigan.

Here is a simple bit of goodness, for those of you seeking to connect with Nature and bring the blessings of fertility into your lives this the First of May.  If you cannot do this on May 1st, due to timing or lack of rain, do it the first day of May that you can.

Rainy day Beltaine altar. The stick inside the blue glass holds a branch of thorns from the Blackthorn tree @ Madron’s well, in Cornwall, UK. The golden glass holds the honey water, my offering to the Fae Folk.

You will need… 2 glasses (preferably the most sacred, or prettiest you have), honey,  a bit of hawthorn if you have it

*In one cup…add 2 tablespoons of honey to a 1/2 cup of warm water (this is your offering for the Fae Folk)

*Leave the second cup empty (this is for collecting rain water)

*Place your bit of Hawthorn in the empty cup, so that the rain water may run down it, into your glass

LEAVE THE GLASSES OUTSIDE on an altar, or upon a large rock, over night.  Give the glass time to fill with rain water.  The honey water left out for the Fae Folk will most likely still be there the following morning.  This is because they absorb the energy of the offering, not the actual physical material.  Dump the honey water, onto the ground, when you collect your May rain water the next day.

*Place your index finger and middle finger into the rain water and anoint your Heart (middle of the chest), Throat, Third Eye (between your eye brows/middle of the forehead), and your Crown (top of the head).  These four Chakras are connected to communication and Psychic Knowing.

Make sure to verbally thank the Spirits of Nature, and the Earth itself for this offering.

*place the remainder of the May water in a glass canning jar, or bottle, and label it.  Anoint your heart, throat, third eye, and crown, every morning as you start your day, until the bottle is empty.

This little spell is helpful for opening our consciousness to the unseen world, and giving the blessing of fertility to all of our creative endeavors.  Remember (before you get caught up in the word) that a spell, is simply a potent prayer.  It is intention with action.

I hope you have enjoyed the read Folks, and that you have a beautiful Beltaine, and a Spirited May!

spreading love-salicrow


Stories of Spirit…Psychic Evolution (expanding consciousness)

blindfoldIt has been a pretty intense whirlwind; of time distortion, the last few days.  I wrote about Thin Places and the Betwixt & Between, on Monday; and the Universe decided to turn things up a notch, to let me know it’s listening.

If you go online, and google Ascension, you will find a ton of articles on the chaotic energy we are experiencing & the expansion of consciousness.  I have written about Psychic Evolution (expansion of consciousness) many times, over the years; and do not believe it is something that just started…we have been experiencing this shift for years.  To make things interesting, let’s add some cyclically high energy to the mix (Beltaine-), and Tah-dah…you have a high energy slurry.

*Beltaine is one of the 8 Celtic holidays, that make up the Wheel of the Year.  Traditionally taking place on May 1st, Beltaine is an ancient fertility holiday in which people gather to bless the land.*

morningmistOver the last few days, I have felt like I was simultaneously busy and lazy.  It’s like I am accomplishing a lot, but still feel like I have a shit load of things to do.  Yet, I seem to get everything done in micro-burst of activity, and then spend what seems like eternity…literally doing nothing.  In many ways I imagine it’s what it must feel like to be a Race Horse.  Run, run, run, run, run….stare mindlessly into space.

Part of that whirlwind, crazy energy is just me by nature.  In fact, my daughter often refers to me as a Race Horse.  But this is different, and it is not just happening to me.  As we evolve Psychically, our mind begins to expand and absorb more information.  When we have a step-up in our awareness, we often need more rest.  Think about babies…they can get exhausted just looking at things.  At times of active, consciousness-shifting, we can find ourselves overloaded; just like babies.  Give your body the time it needs to rest; no judgement, no expectations.

Psychic development is like any other skill.  The more you use it, the better you get at it.  And, yes there will be people who are better at it then others…That’s life Folks!  Some people are faster then others, some people are smarter then others, and some people are more Psychic then others.  But that should not stop us from reaching our sweet spot.  We must learn to simultaneously have an open, receptive intuition, and a quizzical, scholarly brain.

The cool thing about Psychic Evolution, is we are doing in BIG TIME.  It’s not just happening to a handful of us, it’s slowly seeping out to touch, each and every one of us.  Often we are not even aware, why we are paying attention to obscure things.  But later on, they pop back into our head to remind us we knew about them before hand.  These little premonitions (awareness of future events), begin to happen more and more; until we can no longer consider them coincidences.  Sometimes the information we pick up seems so obscure…these are the best; as they point out things that we could not have known.  My advice…keep a journal, pay attention, and play.

Remember…Psychic Evolution will not be the same for all us.  Not only are some people naturally better at it, but it comes in so many flavors.  Some people will have more Empathic experiences; feeling the emotions of others.  Other people will find themselves knowing bits and pieces of future events.  Still others will find themselves sensitive to otherworldly beings (spirits, fairy folk, and the like), and the list goes on.  The reality of it is; most people will get a smidgen of this and a smidgen of that…making up our unique Intuitive language.  Discovering our language and how to best utilize it is up to us.  We must not put pressure on ourselves; this is about self development, not a collage exam.

Another bit of advice, for the journey of Psychic Evolution is…we are not alone.  The Spirits of our Ancestors, and the other Beings of this planet, are supporting us along our path.  We are the brave ones, who have come in this lifetime to physically take part in this change.  It is exciting and we are lucky to live in such times.  I for one know, that I chose to be here.  I am here to help usher in change, and I like it.  I hope you have enjoyed the read folks.  Please feel free to share your questions and comments.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

spreading love-salicrow

Stories of Spirit…Finding Balance in Thin Moments [betwixt & between]

raising the maypoleI feel like the last few weeks have gone by in a fog; with my brain slipping between this moment in time, and that of timeless eternity.  The fog has made it hard to focus, my story telling mind; so instead of pressing it…I have just chosen to exist, and take the downtime while it presents itself.  This is not entirely surprising as we are quickly approaching Beltaine (May 1st), a time when the Veil between the worlds is thinnest.  Like Halloween, Beltaine is a thin time; a time when the barrier between the worlds of the Living, Dead, and otherworldly beings (Fae Folk), is so thin that they overlap.   During thin times; people who normally do not experience Psychic phenomenon, often find themselves experiencing the unknown.  For those of us, who are Psychically sensitive, these thin moments can be a bit overwhelming.

Beltaine is one of the 8 Celtic holidays, that make up the Wheel of the Year.  Traditionally taking place on May 1st, Beltaine is an ancient fertility holiday in which people gather to bless the land.

Thin moments such as Beltaine; often take on a sort of timelessness, and are referred to as Betwixt & Between.  Betwixt & Between means neither here/nor there.  Dawn & Dusk are times of Betwixt & Between; for they are neither night, nor day….but stand in the space between.  Beltaine & Halloween are also such moments, for they are the pause, between Summer & Winter, and Winter & Summer.  Memories from this life, past lives and the memories held by the Spirit of place, often pop into our mind at these moments…for memory also exists in the Betwixt & Between.  All of this adds up`to the whirlwind feeling that often accompanies early Spring.

Collectively we humans spin through cycles together (I am sure any Astrologers among the Reading audience would agree).  These cycles are not only influenced by the planets and stars, but the shifting of our living planet.  These moments of pause or Betwixt & Between, are powerful moments Spiritually, but can often leave us feeling unbalanced.  Working regularly with the public, I have witnessed a higher level of chaos or imbalance this Spring then in years past.  I believe this is in part due to Psychic Evolution…that’s right Folks; I believe as a species, we humans are evolving right here/right now.

So what do we do about it?

Frankly, there is no putting it back in the box once it’s out. Once we start to open up Psychically, we cannot close our eyes and change our mind.  The only way out is forward.  By accepting the shift in consciousness, and the fact that it is happening on a species level scale; we can adapt & find a new balance.

crowsistersfaeFirst and foremost, I recommend a change of thinking.  I personally love moments of Betwixt & Between… I love the day-dreamy, Spirit filled, pause…as it gives me time for reflection; even if it is for brief moments.  The connection to the past is strong at this time, making it perfect for reflecting on the events of this life and moments that sneak into our consciousness, from past lives.  I have found many of my clients contacting me for Past Life Readings over the last few weeks; as their story pokes at them through the veil.  My personal belief on Past Lives; is more of a belief in parallel lives…embracing the thought of quantum theory.  I believe that we are living multiple lives simultaneously, and that we connect at the moments that lessons are shared.  By looking at this time when we are Betwixt & Between as an opportunity, we can connect with our soul more clearly.  It’s a good time for jotting things down in our journals, so that we can digest it later.

Part of Psychic Evolution is becoming more Empathic.  So make sure you take extra precautions to keep your emotions clean.  Check in with yourself regularly, if you mood has suddenly changed…do not assume it is your moodiness.  Instead look around and see where or who you think the heavy emotions are coming from.  Make time for Nature, it has the ability to soothe the frenzied beast, and remember…in the long run, this is a good thing.

spreading love-salicrow