SACRED TRAVEL…Guided by Spirit [California Dreaming part 1. LA-Mount Shasta]

Sacred travel is not a predictable thing.  It by nature is fluid and spontaneous, led by the intuition and an openness to explore.  Unlike vacation, it does not come with perfect accommodations, gourmet meals and neatly arranged outings.  It is a thing of wonder!

A few months back, when winter was still fully in possession of the north, my sister Sandy and I began planning our spring travel.  Our plan was to teach Earth Magic in Milwaukee in the beginning of the month, and then spend the end of the month teaching about parallel lives/past lives in LA & Carlsbad.  As the plan emerged from the ether of our minds, we other magical bits starting presenting themselves, and our simple business/teaching trip soon turned into a grand adventure that would involve 2 weeks in California.  The first working, the second doing deep Earth Magic in Joshua Tree, deep in the Mojave desert.  The second part of the trip was in fact the real work, and involved 13 friends and spiritual allies heading into the desert to do sound healing.

A few weeks before we were to head to California, the ‘work’ part of our trip began to fall away.  First the folks in LA seemed unable to host an event.  This at first bothered me, as they were the reason we were heading in that direction.  They had asked us to come, and only after tickets were bought and plans were made, realized that they could not make it happen.

Now in moments like this, it is easy to get discouraged, to be pissed and start doing a hissy-fit dance.  But it was clear by this point, that we needed to be there.  There was never any thought of not going, or of changing how long we would be there, simply an understanding that we had work to do on the west coast.  This same feeling came to the surface, when our second host, the one in Carlsbad told us days before we were flying out, that they had not been able to follow through on their end.

When we boarded the plane, we were still up in the air on where we were going when we got to California.  We decided, that we would decide while in the air where it was we were suppose to go.  We had place mat markers of where we needed to be, but none of those were relevant until  early next week.  Our first 4 days of the trip were open, and itching for Spiritual guidance.

By the time we landed in LA, we knew that we would not be heading south to Carlsbad, instead we would be taking an 10 hour drive north, to Mount Shasta.  This was not a random; close your eyes and point at any place on the map, kind of decision, but instead it was a knowing that we all experienced.  One that came in boldly.  For me, it was a feeling of calling that I experienced any time I looked at the in-flight map.  I would see the dot in the northern part of California, and the name Shasta, and I would feel drawn to it.

Mount Shasta is a holy mountain, one that holds the making of pilgrimage.  Known for it’s powerful vortex energy, it is a place of high earth energy, a place where one can go to heal themselves and to do direct healing toward the Earth.  (I will write more about Shasta in the next few days, after I have spent some time exploring here).

Getting to Shasta was an adventure of it’s own, as we; my traveling companions (my sister Sandy and our friend Missy), and I, are very open to intuitive travel, and following the path that Spirit presents us with.  This kind of travel is best done with a destination in mind, but a very loose idea on how long it will take you to get there, and a sense of wonderment.  Intuitive travel means there are no wrong turns, and every place you land is an opportunity to connect with Spirit.

Leaving LA was like escaping prison.  First of all, I must be completely honest…this city did nothing for me.  I felt an instant desire to leave it, yet the city itself is a powerful vortex of energy, that really doesn’t want you to leave.

Our first experience with wacky travel and leaving LA was connected to our GPS.  No matter what we typed into it, it wanted to take us back to the car rental shop.  So we tried using the GPS’s on our phones, and this happened again, and again.  We finally got ourselves out of the city, and the GPS’s to behave at least a little bit, and started heading up the coastal highway, believing that we would travel most of the way with the beautiful Pacific Ocean as our traveling guide.  That too proved incorrect.


After driving for hours, mostly along the coast, Missy who was driving suddenly said “I am not sure how this happened, but I do not believe we are on Route 1 anymore.” This did not alarm us, but instead made us ask “Well, where do you suppose we are, and where are we headed?”

Again our GPS’s were of no help.  In fact, they obviously had no idea where we were.  While accessing our GPS’s (more then one), we would often find that it believed us to be in other places on the continent…including Nebraska, Maryland, and the south western tip of Mexico.  We did not seem to be track-able.

When we finally got one of the GPS’s to acknowledge our actual location, we found we had gone inland.  We plotted a new course and continued forward, not wanting to turn around and come back the way we came.  This was not a disappointment.

Shortly after going through a bum-fuck town in California we found ourselves entering a canyon.  It was breath taking.  The road wove like a snake down and around the mountains, into the valley deep below.  It was a God moment, and exceptional moment of Spirit, when the universe took our breath away.

Sandy communing with the sun, above the Canyon.

Wild shrub Sage

We drove for hours after the canyon, so thankful for the beauty we had experienced.  We relished in the memory of the sound we had created when toning on the top of the canyon, as people drove by waving @ the crazy women singing and laughing, as they stood on the edge of the canyon on a tiny pull off.

That night we landed at a roadside hotel, thankful for hot showers and the gift of being alive.  We set up our altar, with a crystal grid and powerful bits that were sacred to us as individuals and as a traveling band of gypsies.  We gave thanks to our ancestors, particularly mine and Sandy’s dad, who was ecstatic to have us in California; a state he lived in for almost 30 years.

The next day/yesterday, we woke and set intentions…mine was to get to Mount Shasta that night, which we did.  In moments like these, I generally like to be behind the wheel.  So I drove the 10 hours or so North to get us there.

Mount Shasta

Well, I am off on adventure.  I will be sharing stories from the road via Facebook live, and blogging about our vortex adventures tomorrow morning, so stay tuned folks.  It’s a hell of a ride!

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Stories of Spirit…Take me to Church [finding the sacred when our heart is hurting]

I am a person who yearns for personal connection to Spirit.  I cannot get enough of it, and often find myself basking in the euphoria of opening myself to god/goddess/source.  I do this wherever I go, and find that it keeps me balanced and deeply centered throughout my life.  This connections is something that is available to us all, and can take place wherever we are.  That being said, it is easier for people to recognize this feeling when they are in a place of beauty, and they are holding the energy of reverence.

I am not a religious person, but I am a highly spiritual one.  I do not go to church, and I do not actually care much for public ceremony.  Yet I crave the sanctity and solace that such places offer.  I love the feeling of sacred that settles onto me, whether I am sitting in a temple, or walking in the forest.  Trees, rivers, sea caves, and stone outcroppings remind me of the beauty and creativity, that exist in this world of ours.  They remind me that my life, and experiences are no more then a raindrop in the ocean of existence.  The woes that I carry and the achievements I celebrate are fleeting…the world will go on without me.

There is a lot of pain in the world right now; people are struggling and unsure.  We fear turning on the news, and brace ourselves for the atrocities we will see there.  We question our personal security, and push down the panic that rises up, when we think of what the future holds.  The pain being felt is not simply a personal thing, created by the obstacles of our lives, it is the accumulation of sorrow, being bounced around the world, like a super sonic, ping-pong ball.  As it moves, it picks up debris…the emotions of the masses, and adds that to its bounce every time it lands.

As I have said before,  I believe we are going through a Psychic Evolution.  Which simply means we, as a species are becoming more aware.  We are perceiving with more than our 5 basic senses, and due to this fact, our consciousness is expanding.  The trouble is, most of us don’t know what to do with it.  We know that we are more sensitive, that we seem to feel the emotions of others, and that a lot of unexplained wyrdness seems to be happening.  But we don’t know how to take care of ourselves in this time of transition.

First of all we need to stop being busy for the sake of being busy.  We need to stop eating up every moment of our day with things we need to do.  When did life become so complicated?  When did kids start needing to have activities every day of the week, in order to be happy?  And are they actually happy with all those obligations?  And what about you?  Are you happy?  Do you feel more connected and whole?

As I have said earlier, I am not really a religious person.  I don’t want someone else telling me how to experience the love of god/goddess/creator, I want to go seek it out myself.  But that being said, there is something truly powerful about setting aside time for ones Spiritual practice.  The whole “And on the 7th day he rested”, bit holds an important truth.  We need to rest, we need to recharge our spirit, and connect to the power of the universe.  Spiritual work is not goal oriented.  It is not about accomplishment, it’s not about badges, buttons, or more money.  It’s about feeling that life is worth living, and that we are part of something beautiful.  It fills you from the inside, and helps you stay afloat when the current of life seems overwhelming….which can be often, in a world where people are becoming more sentient.

As someone who’s job is considered Spiritual, it has been important for me to remember that my work is not my spiritual practice.  When I am doing Readings for others, speaking to Spirits for others, and teaching workshops on spiritual awareness, I am deeply connected and doing important work.  But it does not count as a spiritual experience for me…it is work, my life path.  It is important and I highly value it, but it is not enough to sustain my soul.  I need to take time for myself to recharge, and connect with the universe.  I need to head into the woods, stand in a stone circle, sing in a sea cave, hug a tree, tone in mediation, I need to step into the betwixt and between, where the only moment is now.

When we are hurting from the death of a loved one, stressed from the mountain of bills that are piling up on our desk, worried about a friend struggling from addiction, concerned about the environment and the looming feeling of war, we need to take moments outside of our every day life, where we can rest and reconnect with Spirit, in whatever way works best for us.  If you find solace in the pews of your church, love the smell of incense and the embrace of large crowds, gathered as one…then by all means, make a point of getting yourself there.  Don’ t  make excuses, don’t say your too busy, don’t put it off because it does nothing for your pocket.  Make time for it, as feeding your soul is essential to healthy living.

If you are not drawn to organized religion, step out your door into the world of nature.  Go to the park if you live urbanely, go to river, the sea, the mountain, your back yard…light a fire, burn some incense, sing as if no one is watching, breathe deep, and get busy letting time slip by.  Make it a regular outing, make it a commitment, recognize it’s value in your life.  Pay attention to how you feel during the experience and after.  How many days did you feel better after?  Do you find yourself reminiscing, fantasizing about the peace of the moment?

We cannot change the world by worrying, and we will not change our personal (at least not positively) world by eating up every waking moment with obligations.  We need to slow down, and take time to recharge, specially when we are struggling.  When our emotions are heavy, and we feel overwhelmed, we need to remember the power of Spirit.  I hope you enjoyed the read folks.

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STORIES OF SPIRIT…Crying on the Couch

Owenegaut, the cave of the Morrigan.

Owenegaut, the cave of the Morrigan.

I sat on my couch in the early hours of the morning, and cried.  I cried for the state of our nation, I cried for the lies that are spoken, I cried for the hate mongering and xenophobia.  I cried for the Muslims, and I cried for the under-employed youth of our nation.  I cried for my friends who are Queer.  I cried for Black Mothers who fear for the lives of their children, and the Native American who fight for their lands.  I cried for the water in Flint Michigan, and all the waters of the world.  I cried for the living, and I cried for the dead.  I cried for those who have no dreams in sight, and for those whose dreams have been washed away in a haze of disdain.

I cried for the world, and the world cried with me.

There is a heaviness to our world right now, and many of us feel overwhelmed by the weigh of it.  We are emotionally exhausted, and many are living in a low level state of fear; wondering what is to come next, how far will this craziness go.  We know that the outside world is looking at our country like we have gone completely bat-shit crazy.  We keep hoping that we will wake up and this will all be a nightmare, and we can go back to life as normal.

Well we cannot go back to life as normal, nor could we stay in the sedated place of non-action we have existed in for the last few decades.  There is a sickness in our nation, and often as it is will illness, it must get worse before it gets better.  Like a body fighting off a virus we must rise to the occasion, utilize our antibodies and take action against that which is causing us harm.  This sickness is not something that came out of no where.  It has been there for a very long time, under the surface, running us down.  It was inevitable that we would come to a moment in time such as this, for a people who feel hopeless will often make rash decisions, and often those decisions will lead to crisis.

We are in a time of crisis.  But crisis is not all bad.  Crisis sheds light on that which we have kept festering in the dark.  Crisis brings opportunity.  Crisis demands action, pushing us off our fat rumps.  Crisis gathers our neighbors, friends, and community to our side.  It bolsters us, and melds us into a force of unity.

When a natural disaster hits an area, people come out in the masses, neighbor stands by neighbor, lending a hand where needed, getting the job done, without the regular bullshit of “I have things to do”.  There is nothing more important at that moment then the crisis at hand.

We are living in such times.  For some of us the storm has not hit close enough for us to get excited yet, to prepare ourselves for action.  But it is only a matter of time, before even the sheltered hermits among us, must descend from the forest to see what the fuck is going on.  Such times are meant for community to stand together, to unite as a force bigger then any one man or woman ever could be.

I do not ask you who you voted for, I do not ask you to march or to protest.  I ask you to consider your life, and the life of your neighbor, and your community, and to ask yourself “What do I stand for?”  I ask you to come together with your neighbors, and friends, and to start a discussion on that.  “How do we stay strong together in these times of struggle”.   “Will I wait until they are coming for someone I know?”  “Will I hide my head in the sand and say nothing, do nothing, while the country I love becomes less?”

I believe in America!  I believe in the people of America.  We are a nation that has been made stronger because we are a melting pot.  We are a like a good mutt, stronger and smarter for the mixing of our bloodlines.

My Ancestors knew persecution.  My great grandmother had to hide her Native blood as a child, for fear of being taken away to an Indian school.  My Irish relatives from my fathers side were Traveling People, or Gypsies.  They knew what it was like to be scorned and discriminated against.  I myself am a Psychic and a Witch.  We all know how I would have been treated a few centuries ago.

I am sure that each of us has a family story in which our Ancestors experienced persecution for one thing or another, from their nationality of origin, color of their skin, religion, sexual preference or simply their economic status.  If we take a moment to sit with ourselves, and connect with our Ancestors, we will see that this fight for equality, and justice is something that is personal to each and every one of us.  “There but for the grace of God, goes I”.

The first step to overcoming this calamity, that has beset our nation is to stop letting FEAR run the show.  Fear is the soul eater, it causes us to run scared, bury our heads in the sand, shove Ring-dings into our mouth, drink too much and pace endlessly in the loop of our mind.  It has no value, other then to let us know that something is not right.  It is an alarm, and like all alarms, once they have alerted us to the situation their job is done.

DO NOT FALL BACK ASLEEP!  Fear gave us the alarm, it alerted us to the fucked up situation that is around us.  Now we must take action, we must get moving, get organized, and come together.  I am not asking you to picket, I am not asking you to march.  I am asking you to become a supporter of your community.  It makes us feel good to help others, it takes our mind off of fear, and gives us purpose.  Look at the situation at hand and ask what you can do.  Whatever it is you choose to do, please, please, connect with your community.  This alone will help you to find your spot.

GET CENTERED…understand that mixed into this slurry of chaos is the fact that we are going through a Psychic Evolution.  We are changing as a species, becoming more attuned to the world around us.  We are becoming EMPATHIC as a people, developing the ability to sense the emotions of others.  This adds a lot to the mix, for it means that the fear, and anxiety we are feeling is not just ours.  It belongs to the guy sitting next to us on the bus, and the co-worker who is sucking down sugar like a feen; trying to feel something other then worry.  It belongs to our mother, our kids, our husband, and our friends.

Empathy is an interesting thing, for it works both ways.  Those of us, who are the most Empathic, are also the best at sending our emotions out.  In this way, the Empaths are broadcasting emotions out into the world.  The problem is most Empaths don’t know a thing about how to control it.  So we sit there absorbing the pain and suffering, and then we turn around and amplify those feelings, before sending them out like a wave around us.

What if we, the Empaths decided we were going to utilize this knowledge and choose what we were going to broadcast out?  What if we chose to send out Love instead of Hate, and Bravery instead of Fear.  After all they are simply opposite ends of a pendulum swing.

freyjalterJust for today, choose to be an ambassador of Love.  Whatever lands in your lap, whatever news you hear, whatever approach you take to the situations of your day, choose love.  Choose your words to support, and strengthen, not to degrade and breakdown.  Even when standing against apposing forces we can choose to do so with love.  We can choose to see that what we stand against is already broken, and that by embracing hate we are perpetuating that which we do not want.  Because hate destroys us from within.  It consumes us, torments us, and leaves us empty.  Love gives us hope, love supports us, strengthens us, and pushes us to be more.

Do not stick your head in the sand, stand bravely and with purpose, but do so with love and kindness.  Do not sink to the level of name calling and trash talking, that gets us no where.  Move with purpose, act with forethought, and find your center.  When we choose bravery and love, we are no longer victims, we are crusaders out to make a difference in whatever way we can.

Know that you do not walk alone in these hard times, our Ancestors are walking with us.  Not just our personal Ancestors, but the Ancestors of our country.  Those proud Americans who have fought for this country we call home.  I am proud to be an American, even if I am not proud of the state it is in at this moment.  I love this land, I love it’s people, I love my community, and my neighbors, and my sweet loving family.  I love you, and I believe in you.

Finding my words stops my tears, and my fears.  I too have moments when it feels overwhelming, and I want to go back to bed and wake up when it’s over.  But then I remember I was made for such times, I chose to come in at this moment and in this place.  So I will put on my mud boots, and get ready to clean some shit up.  I hope you decide to join me, I hope you decide to replace hate with love, and I hope you see just how powerful you are.

spreading love-salicrow

Stories of Spirit…Love in Darkness [the importance of community]

salicrowcavernFear is the eater of souls. It twist our thoughts and crams us down into the pit of despair, making us selfish and greedy.  It makes us think in terms of me and my, and screams at us to fend for ourselves because no one else is going to look out for us.  Fear isolates us, separating us from any who have different opinions then we do.  If we allow ourselves to give in to fear it will consume us, licking up every last drop of our blood and tears as a sacrificial offering, given freely without constraints.

Life is full of reasons to be fearful.  We are going through a time of immense change, on an individual level, as a nation, & as a species.  We are becoming more Empathic, not just some of us, but all of us.  Even those of us who appear to be sleeping on the job, are actually going through deep change, and expansion.  To be Empathic means we pick up on the emotions of others.  This is a scary evolutionary change.  Many can not tell the difference between the emotions they are picking up from others, and their own.  They often feel overwhelmed, and try to push their emotions down in whatever way they can…drugs, food, TV, shopping, etc.  But the changes that our world faces, and that which we experience as a species, are so intense that we cannot block them out completely.  We cannot stop feeling.  The more we try, the more the volume gets turned up, until we are unable to look away.

The recent election is one that truly could have no good outcome.  I believe the protesting in the street would have just as likely happened if the outcome had been different.  Some say we are a country divided, that we are at odds with one another.  I have a different spin on things.  I see that we are a species trying desperately to wake up.  When we keep hitting the snooze button, the buzzer has to get louder and louder until we respond.  We have had unrest in our country for quite some time now, and we are reaching the point where we can no longer sleep through the alarm.  These differences we see when we look around us, are coming from a place of fear.  They are coming from the belief that there is not enough to go around, that we must look out for ourselves and ourselves alone.  This causes fear, and fear is quick to tell us how different we are, and how much we hate that guy over there that is not like us.  This fear builds until we feel chaos all around us.

“Every act in life yields pairs of opposites in its results.” Joseph Cambell

There is a belief that chaos, and uncertainty are the breeding ground of great change.  That times of destruction are closely woven with times of rebirth.  We are living such times.  As a species this change we are going through, this expansion of Psychic Consciousness, is forcing us to feel.  It is also asking us to step up to the plate and do what we can.  I believe must all do what we feel in our heart is best, if that means protesting, then pick up your sign, if that means building a bunker in the woods…have at it.  But I believe the majority of us really truly want to love and be connected to our neighbors and communities.  I believe this chaotic soup we are brewing holds the potential for great change on a communal level.

The reality of it is, most of us are more alike then not.  When we take out the psychopaths and those with dangerous mental illness, we are actually quite similar.  We all want to feel safe.  We want shelter, warmth, and food in our bellies.  This basic need is something shared by each and everyone of us.  When those things are missing our panic, fear, and frenzy go on high, everything triggers us.  The other piece we humans are searching for is companionship; family, friends, community, tribe.  Some of us need a large community, some prefer a small, but we are all looking for people who get us, who appreciate us, and will care for us.  We want to feel loved.

I encourage you to get involved in your world, not the big world, not the seen on TV version of reality, but the real world that exist within 20 minutes of your home.  Within 20 minutes of our homes we find our regular world.  The world we exist in day to day.  Here we find our grocery store, our bank,  gas station, school, and all the shops and people we run into regularly.  I have found that even those who live in metropolitan areas, still have a tendency to frequent the same places.  We do this because we are seeking community.  We want to have connections, it is part of wiring as humans.  It is also believed that we have a finite number of people we can have genuine relationships with.  Anthropologist Robert Dunbar proposed that humans can only sustain 150 personal relationships.  This is why we seek out a smaller community, even when we live in high populations.

Most of us have a community we are engaging in, even if we do not see it as so.  Those of us who are close to our family know we have them, but we often forget the clerk at the bank who we always go to, the people we run into at the coffee house, the shop owners and counter workers we see on our daily run through life, and the co workers who we gossip with on break.  These people are part of our community as well.  If their house burnt down, or they were struggling with cancer, we would donate a few bucks, bake a casserole, or send out prayers for them.

It is our choice whether we will submit to fear or embrace love.  We are free to isolate ourselves from the world, stick our heads in the sand, scream & yell, allowing ourselves to ride our raw emotions as they surface.  We are also free to choose love, compassion, community and hope.  I choose the latter.  I choose to be a beacon of love and hope for the people I come in contact with.  I will not go down like a punk, I will not throw in the towel embracing anger and fear.  I am angry, I do feel it.  I feel the injustice of the world, the hatred, the dog eat dog mentality preached at us by mainstream media, and I CHOOSE LOVE!  My anger is there, but it does not rule me.

How do I find community?

There are a lot of people who are struggling with finding community, people who reading this are saying “that’s all fine and good, but what if you have no community?” My simple answer is VOLUNTEER.  Volunteering is a powerful thing.  It connects us to other people who are generous and kind, it also gives us an opportunity to give.  There is nothing as rewarding as the feeling of giving.  To see the appreciation on the faces of those you help, makes you feel rich.  Not rich in a bank account way, but rich in character.  You can choose what kind of group you want to work with, where you want to give of your time, but volunteering in ones community makes you aware of your value in that community.  Whether you are working at a community meal site, raising money for your kids hockey team, fighting fires on the volunteer fire department, or singing to the elderly in a choral group, your effort given freely will empower you.  It will also weave fine threads, connecting you to the people you touch and those who serve beside you.

Another way to connect with community is through spirituality.  Whether you like going to church, or your beliefs are more unique, connecting with others for spiritual practice is a powerful thing.  It reminds us that we are so much more then this one incarnation, this flesh and bone existence of hardship and joy.  We are infinite, we are powerful and we are co-creators of our reality.  I have always been a spiritual person.  I love to connect with people on a deep, personal level.  I also believe that I am here on this planet, at this time because I chose to be.  Which means I knew what I was coming in for.  When you own your existence, choosing to see it is a purposeful instead of haphazard, you begin to see the responsibility you have to being the best person you can be.  Connecting with others in spiritual practice, gives strength to this belief, and empowers us.

I want each and every one of you to take a moment and think about how you can choose to be a vessel of love in this time of darkness.  Do not focus on how different you are from your neighbor.  They may have chosen a different political candidate then you, they may harbor different fears then you, but at the bottom of it all we are all seeking the same thing; a feeling of security and love for ourselves and those we care about.  There will always be the haters, but hatred is a product of fear.  Let us shed love on that and see what happens.

When I was younger I faced a lot of people who were uncomfortable with my gifts.  I still do, but seem to have become a bit more immune to it.  I chose to educate instead of hate.  I chose to be active in my community, letting them see my kindness, dedication and moral character.  When they heard I was a Witch, a Psychic, someone who talked to the Dead, they remembered my kindness, activism and dedication to my community.  This shed light on the situation, allowing them to look at those things about me that scared them, differently.  I was not able to sway the opinion of all, there are those who I am sure prefer to hate me and demonize me.  But there are many who’s opinion was changed, they became educated.  They started to see that even though I did things different then they did, I had the same desires of love, security and community as they did.

I choose to be a light in this time of darkness, shining my love beam on any and all who can see it.  I choose to stand strong, help my neighbors, and remember we are all seeking the same thing.  When someone screams out in anger, I choose to look at why they are scared, and ask if there is a way I can help them feel secure.  We can not change everyone, some will choose to remain in hatred, fear and anger.  But love is contagious, kindness is a balm for the soul, and united we can make a difference.  Thanks for reading folks.  Now go out and shine some love into your communities.

spreading love-salicrow



Stories of Spirit…Meteors, Energetic Download, and Psychic Evolution…Oh, my!

So everyone is chatting about he Meteor that flew over New England,  Monday night.  It made headline news, and a ton on Facebook status updates; after it exploded into fireball action, lighting up the sky & carrying a sonic boom.  I happened to sleep through it, and found myself a bit bummed out yesterday; having missed it.  Then as I laid down to sleep last night; I remembered that I went to sleep on Monday night, with a terrible headache in my 3rd eye.  In fact, I had told my husband; that I needed to go to bed because my 3rd eye was wide open & I was experiencing an energetic download.

Energetic Download- is when we receive information from the Universe, God/Goddess, Other-worldly Beings, or Spirits, in such a rapid manner that we do not know what we are receiving.  Just like when you download a new program on your computer.  You may know what the basic program is, but you are not reading it line by line.  The information is being rapidly transferred, for later use.

This is not my first time around the block, nor is it my first energetic download…so I can recognize it when it is happens.  My first conscious Energetic Download happened when I was 30, during the November Incident (when I had a mass awakening to Spirit).  I remember laying in bed many nights, with my body highly infused with energy, and knowing that I was receiving information that I would want or need at a later time.

What does it feel like to have an Energetic Download?

That’s a big question, as it can be different for different people.  But I have found from talking to others, that there are some things that seem to be similar in most people.  For one…there is a feeling of Other, as if you are connected to another being or source.  It is generally not frightening, in fact most are welcoming to the experience, even if they don’t understand it.  It is as if the information coming in resonates with your being, in a way that you know it is for the best.  I know this can sound a bit wack-a-doodle, but bare with me, and please remember…you are reading the blog of a woman who makes her living talking to the Dead.  That alone can sound wack-a-doodle, but it’s not…it’s just not common.  So back to the experience.  Another common description of Energetic Download; is a feeling of having too much energy in your body.  Kind of like being plugged into an electrical current.  We may also, feel pressure in our 3rd eye (located between your eyebrows in the middle of your forehead), or at the crown of our head.  Sometimes people will feel cold, hot, or static electricity…much like the sensations felt when receiving an intense Reiki session.  It is also common, to have difficulty sleeping when downloading energetically.

Why is it happening?

This is the real question, the one that makes us go hmmm.  I believe it is happening as part of the Psychic Evolution, we are experiencing as a race.  I have talked about it before, and am sure I will talk about it many, many, more times…our world is going through a tremendous change, and we are included in that change.  The only way to survive global change of this nature is to evolve.  We need to become more aware, more connected, and more empathetic to the world around us.  Not just to the other humans; although that is a good start, but also to the planet itself. Climate change is no longer considered a theory, even the most closed off people can not deny that the world is in peril.  There is war, natural disaster and man made disaster on a freakin-enormous scale, happening all around us.  Now, I am not a fear monger, nor do I believe we are helpless.  But I do believe we no longer have the luxury of sitting on our asses, watching the boob-tube, and pretending everything is just fine.  We came into this life time to be active participants in change.  By embracing it, we lessen our struggle, and bring peace into our lives and the lives of others.

Why are you talking about this now?

I am talking about this, as I do not believe I am the only one to have had a restless night; on the night the meteor went streaming by.  Nor do I believe that I am the only person on the planet, experiencing a Spiritual Awakening.  I believe we all our to some degree.  Some of us, will fight it tooth & nail, preferring to sedate ourselves, or believe we are riding the Crazy Train.  But most of us, are aware that something just outside our realm of consciousness is happening.  It can be scary, it can be exciting…but any way you serve it, it will demand you change.

What is the best way to find our center, in times of Spiritual Awakening and Energetic Download?

Journaling is a great tool, when we are traveling in unknown waters.  It is the biggest reason why adventurers keep logs…they are experiencing the unknown, and documentation is crucial.  The process of Awakening or Psychic Evolution, will most likely happen in bits an spurts.  You will have moments when you feel like your senses are on overload….everything looks, feels, smells, and sounds a bit more intense.  These moments of direct input are not for figuring things out.  They are for experiencing.  Writing the experiences down in your journal, will give you something to contemplate and examine when things settle down.  Have a good support team.  It does not need to be a large support team, one good friend with an open mind is a treasure in times of Spiritual change.  I also highly recommend Energetic Body-work, when going through personal Psychic Evolution.  Think outside of yourself….even if you are a Reiki Master, it is more helpful to have someone else work on you at such times.  Balancing ones energetic body is key to remaining calm and centered.  Exercises such as Yoga, Thai Chi, and most Martial Arts are also helpful, as they help us bring our own body to center.  If you feel that things you are experiencing are way to difficult for you to process, and you feel a bit scared…call a trusted Psychic, open-minded Counselor, or Alternative Healer.

Thanks for reading Folks-I would love to hear what you have to say.  Did you see the Meteor?  Did you feel it?  Did you experience anything out of the ordinary over the last few days?

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Stories of Spirit…Spontaneous Opening to Spirit [psychic evolution]

Brigalovefest26Last night I witnessed a spontaneous opening to Spirit.  I was doing a Seance for a small group of people, when one of them began to act strangely; displaying a high level of emotion and the need to say or do something; as if directed by another.  Being a Medium, I could clearly see that they had a Spirit next to them (Beloved Dead/family member), pushing on them if you will…trying to get them to open up and connect personally.  Rare as moments like this are; it was not the first time I have witness such, nor will it be the last.  Spontaneous opening to Spirit happens when an Energetically Sensitive person is exposed to high levels of Spiritual energy.  I know it sounds like something out of a Sci-fi novel, but bare with me…I will explain.

Energetically Sensitive people, have an awareness of the unseen world; often picking up on the emotions & surface thoughts of others…seeing, hearing, and knowing things that others can not.

When an Energetically Sensitive person comes in contact with high levels of Spiritual energy, it can force them to open up to their own potential; raising their energetic vibration.  This expansion of consciousness is different for everyone.  We do not all have the same latent potential; some of us are more Empathic, some better Communicators with otherworldly beings, some more natural at Healing.  Exposure to Spiritual energy comes in different forms; such as that of a person (Psychic, Healer, Medium, etc.), place (ley lines, sacred space), or experience (large group of people doing Spiritual things).  This is best explained through violins…yes, violins.

If you have two tuned violins in the same room, and you begin to play one of them, the other will start to vibrate and make sound without being played.  Humans like violins, respond to energy/vibration.  When we are exposed to energetic beings and spaces that vibrate at a higher frequency then us, we seek to adjust…to bring our vibration up to the higher level.  I do not know why we seek to advance/adjust to the higher vibration, instead of sinking down to the lower, but I assume it has to do with Evolution.

I have been talking a lot about Psychic Evolution/Ascension lately; as it is my belief (as well as that of many others), that the Human Race, is becoming more Intuitive.  The shifting of our planet, the influence of climate change, cosmic interference, the 100 monkey effect; there are so many reasons we could come up with for why…but the fact remains, that more and more people are experiencing a shift in their perception.  I have worked publicly as a Psychic for over a quarter of a century.  When I began offering Readings to the public, approximately 2 in 10 of the people I Read for, experienced Psychic phenomenon somewhat regularly…Now it’s more like 6 in 10.  For some this is an exciting, desired thing, but for others it is scary and unwanted.

As we evolve as a species, we are developing a heightened sense of awareness.  I believe this is in part due to technology.  The internet, and all our ‘at the fingertip’ devices, have led us to believe that the knowledge we seek is ours at a snap of the finger, or more appropriately; a swipe of the screen.  Quantum Physics has proven that thought matters, that what we believe possible…we create.  So it is not that hard to see how the easy access of information, granted by the internet, can effect the consciousness of our species.  I personally think this is a good thing, I believe that heightened awareness, and the ability to feel others, has the potential to make us kinder, more thoughtful people.  But the road there is going to be bumpy.  We are harbingers of change, and considering how most people feel about change…that means discomfort.


So what does a Spontaneous Opening to Spirit look like?

imageThis is a big question, as people can experience it differently.  I will do my best to be thorough in my explanation.  First off, a person experiencing a Spontaneous Opening to Spirit, is not prepared for it…hence why it is called spontaneous.  It comes on, without much forewarning.  Most people will describe feeling a sudden surge of energy within their body.  They may become hyper aware of their surroundings, including the functions of their own body.  There may be a feeling of trembling, shaking or cold, as energy moves through the Chakra system more freely then normal.  They may feel that they can see, hear, and feel more intensely.  They may also feel or sense other beings/Spirits around them.  These Spirits may be of humans/the Dead, or they may be of nature.  There may be a heightened awareness of others; their emotions, energy and thoughts.  Experiences of visions, deep knowing and past life memories are also common.

What you need to know…

Experiencing a Spontaneous Opening of Spirit can be a bit scary; as it is a brush with the unknown.  Some people become so overwhelmed they feel the need to run to the hospital.  If you feel your life in endangered, or that you do not have the ability to judge if it so…please seek medical help.  However, if you do not feel immanent danger you may want to refrain from such actions; as they will most likely think you are having a psychotic break, and treat you as such.  With the understanding that you can contact help at any time you feel the need, I would first suggest trying a few grounding techniques first.

*Sit or lay down with a straight back, allowing energy to move freely through your Chakra system (the energetic system that runs up your spine).

*Begin to breathe deeply and smoothly through your nose, fully inhaling and exhaling.  Putting your focus on your breathe.

* Imagine a small white light deep in the center of your chest cavity/Heart Chakra.  As you breathe deeply through your nose, imagine that white light spreading out from the center.  With every breathe, the white light gets bigger; until it is completely surrounding your body.  That white light represents your soul/your higher self.  It is expanding to fill your body and bring balance.

*Now become aware of your feet.  Feel how heavy they are, how connected they are to the ground…with every breathe, imagine your feet getting heavier and heavier, until that heaviness moves up into your knees…keep breathing and focusing on the heaviness until you feel it all the way into your pelvis.

*With a strong personal Spirit (white light from your heart) and a strong foundation (heavy feet & pelvis), begin to examine your experience.  Do you still feel frightened or overwhelmed?  If so, contact a wise friend and share with them your experience.  If you know someone who works in alternative health, they are a good choice for advice.

*When you have centered and balanced yourself, begin to look at the experience you are having with a new light.  Ask yourself some big questions, such as-Do I feel safe?  What exactly do I feel (what sensations are you experiencing)?  Do I see, feel, or sense another being near me? If so, do I feel they are here to help, or here to harm?  Do I want to continue having these experiences?

One of the best things we can do, when developing Psychically is to ask lots of questions.

*Make sure to document your experience, write it down or record it audibly.  But keep track, so that you can review it when you are not feeling it.  Logic is an important factor.

Most Spiritual opening is not isolated.  When it begins to happen for you, it will most likely do so again.  It is a good idea to consult with a professional Psychic, Counselor, or Healer.  Remember to choose wisely here.  A bad Psychic is most likely a fraud, and a bad Counselor will most likely go straight to crazy.  But have no fear, there are good Psychics out there, and there are good Counselors out there.  The world is changing and we as a whole are starting to see that there is more then meets the eye.  I hope that this bit, has been of some help.  I am sure it has left you with many more questions, and I will keep on writing and trying to give guidance.  Got questions…drop me a line.

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Stories of Spirit…Psychic Evolution (expanding consciousness)

blindfoldIt has been a pretty intense whirlwind; of time distortion, the last few days.  I wrote about Thin Places and the Betwixt & Between, on Monday; and the Universe decided to turn things up a notch, to let me know it’s listening.

If you go online, and google Ascension, you will find a ton of articles on the chaotic energy we are experiencing & the expansion of consciousness.  I have written about Psychic Evolution (expansion of consciousness) many times, over the years; and do not believe it is something that just started…we have been experiencing this shift for years.  To make things interesting, let’s add some cyclically high energy to the mix (Beltaine-), and Tah-dah…you have a high energy slurry.

*Beltaine is one of the 8 Celtic holidays, that make up the Wheel of the Year.  Traditionally taking place on May 1st, Beltaine is an ancient fertility holiday in which people gather to bless the land.*

morningmistOver the last few days, I have felt like I was simultaneously busy and lazy.  It’s like I am accomplishing a lot, but still feel like I have a shit load of things to do.  Yet, I seem to get everything done in micro-burst of activity, and then spend what seems like eternity…literally doing nothing.  In many ways I imagine it’s what it must feel like to be a Race Horse.  Run, run, run, run, run….stare mindlessly into space.

Part of that whirlwind, crazy energy is just me by nature.  In fact, my daughter often refers to me as a Race Horse.  But this is different, and it is not just happening to me.  As we evolve Psychically, our mind begins to expand and absorb more information.  When we have a step-up in our awareness, we often need more rest.  Think about babies…they can get exhausted just looking at things.  At times of active, consciousness-shifting, we can find ourselves overloaded; just like babies.  Give your body the time it needs to rest; no judgement, no expectations.

Psychic development is like any other skill.  The more you use it, the better you get at it.  And, yes there will be people who are better at it then others…That’s life Folks!  Some people are faster then others, some people are smarter then others, and some people are more Psychic then others.  But that should not stop us from reaching our sweet spot.  We must learn to simultaneously have an open, receptive intuition, and a quizzical, scholarly brain.

The cool thing about Psychic Evolution, is we are doing in BIG TIME.  It’s not just happening to a handful of us, it’s slowly seeping out to touch, each and every one of us.  Often we are not even aware, why we are paying attention to obscure things.  But later on, they pop back into our head to remind us we knew about them before hand.  These little premonitions (awareness of future events), begin to happen more and more; until we can no longer consider them coincidences.  Sometimes the information we pick up seems so obscure…these are the best; as they point out things that we could not have known.  My advice…keep a journal, pay attention, and play.

Remember…Psychic Evolution will not be the same for all us.  Not only are some people naturally better at it, but it comes in so many flavors.  Some people will have more Empathic experiences; feeling the emotions of others.  Other people will find themselves knowing bits and pieces of future events.  Still others will find themselves sensitive to otherworldly beings (spirits, fairy folk, and the like), and the list goes on.  The reality of it is; most people will get a smidgen of this and a smidgen of that…making up our unique Intuitive language.  Discovering our language and how to best utilize it is up to us.  We must not put pressure on ourselves; this is about self development, not a collage exam.

Another bit of advice, for the journey of Psychic Evolution is…we are not alone.  The Spirits of our Ancestors, and the other Beings of this planet, are supporting us along our path.  We are the brave ones, who have come in this lifetime to physically take part in this change.  It is exciting and we are lucky to live in such times.  I for one know, that I chose to be here.  I am here to help usher in change, and I like it.  I hope you have enjoyed the read folks.  Please feel free to share your questions and comments.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

spreading love-salicrow