STORIES OF SPIRIT…Entering the Otherworld [connecting with our Beloved Dead on Halloween]

Halloween (Samhain/Alfablot) is tomorrow, October 31st.  It is a time of honoring our Beloved Dead; our friends, family, loved ones and ancestors who have crossed the Veil into the land of the dead, entering what is often referred to as the Otherworld by spiritual practitioners.

The Otherworld is a place of Spirit.  In many traditions, it is seen as a realm inhabited by not only our Dead but by the Fae Beings (fairies, trolls, elves and the like).  It is an ethereal place where the body is not as important, a place where the eternal soul is paramount.  In the Otherworld form is mutable, beings residing there are not stuck to one shape, one form, one incarnation of self.  It is a place of creation, where communication comes not only in the form of words but through imagery, sound, feeling, and knowing.

I have traveled to the Otherworld many times, starting as a child when I would visit Spirits on the other side of the mirror; although to be quite honest, that was more of a video conference of sorts.  At this time, I also visited the world of Spirit in my dreams, particularly those that were Lucid (Lucid Dreaming-to be conscious/awake inside your dream).  Over the years I have visited this realm over and over again, in my dreams, while journeying (active spiritual dreaming) & by slipping through the veil with my physical body.

My experience of entering the Otherworld became of great importance when I was 30, and had a hugely significant spiritual opening; which I refer to as the November Incident.  Those of you who have read my book JUMP GIRL, the initiation & art of a spirit speaker, can refer to the 2 chapters dedicated (and titled) to this experience for more details.  During the November Incident, my spirit guide Adam taught me rules of engagement while in the Otherworld.  We spent many hours playing games in my mind in which we would transform from one image of self to another.  In many ways, this was familiar to a video game or a Bugs Bunny cartoon, for we would often trap on another and then figure out how to escape.  He would turn into smoke and I would suck him up with a straw, only for him to turn into ants tickling my esophagus until I coughed him up and out.  I would become a lioness only to have him form a cage around me, to which I would become a crow and fly free of the cage.  We spent many hours this way, developing my ability to change form at will while in the world of Spirit.

Grammy Brown & my Dad ‘Richard’, two of my Beloved Dead.

The Veil thinning between the worlds does not just mean that Spirit is more likely to show up in our world, but it also means that those of us brave enough (or chosen) to venture may find ourselves in the Otherworld.   This is not a place one travels with their body, it is a journey we take with our spirit.  One that requires safeguarding, trust, and the ability to experience with an open mind.  We must put aside the idea that the only reality is the solid state of matter in which we live and the belief that what happens in our ‘mind’ has no effect on our physical reality.

Preparing for a Halloween (Samhain/Alfablot) visitation to the Spirit World-

For those of you who have never journeyed before I will give a brief logistical overview to make your voyage safer and more comfortable.

First, we must remember that we are in control of our body.  In short when it comes to this world, and our incarnation here in the physical, having a body means you have more power.  It means that the body you inhabit was assigned to you, this ownership means that Spirits can not inhabit your body unless you have asked them to, or allowed them in through the fearful belief that you are powerless.  One of the most important lessons I learned during the November Incident was that Spirits were no more important than the living.  Just because someone has died it does not make them more powerful.  Fear is what makes us powerless when we give over to fear we make ourselves vulnerable.  This is why I recommend only working with/seeking out your Beloved Dead (friends, family, loved ones and ancestors) when you are beginning your work with Spirit.  For all beginners, and as a safe practice that before doing any Spirit work we call in a friend or family member in Spirit, who we trust, asking them to be our doorman/guardian on the other side.  This is a simple practice that not only helps us to feel stronger, but also offers us the benefit of having someone familiar with the Otherworld looking out for us.  Whenever I do Spirit work, whether it be personal or for clients I always start with inviting my doorman/spirit guide Adam to join me. 

PREPARING TO JOURNEY-take time to set up an ancestor altar in the room you will use for your astral travel.  Place pictures and mementos of your loved ones in Spirit on the altar, as well as flowers, crystals, holy symbols and whatever else brings you joy and remembrance of them.  Incense and candles are fantastic for setting the atmosphere, and good incense is often created with sacred herbs and resins that help alter the mind slightly, allowing us to slip into a deeper state of relaxation.  Don’t forget to place their favorite food, drink, smoke, treats on the altar as well.  This is an offering the dead love!  Make a comfortable spot for yourself to sit or lie down.  Dim the lights and spend a few moments relaxing your body.  I prefer a simple breathing technique for this.  *Aside note-sometimes it’s helpful to be lead through a journey, especially for beginners.  If you would like to take this approach, I suggest recording yourself reading the below information so that you may listen to it.

family altar

Before beginning your journey, check and make sure your altar is to your liking, light a candle, and incense, and take a few moments creating sacred space.  The easiest way to do this is to imagine there is a dot of white light in the center of your chest, as you breathe that light spreads our around you until it fully encompasses the room you are in.  At this time, you may call in whatever guardian spirits and/or deities your work with.

*Circular breathing- with your spine straight, eyes closed, breathe deeply in through and out through your nose.  On the inhale count the length of your breath, as you slowly inhale.  Now exhale through your nose for the same count.  Do this for 5 full breaths.

*Relaxing your body-As you continue to breathe deeply; trying to keep to a rhythmic pace of equal time inhaling as exhaling.  Now bring your attention to your toes, and allow your consciousness to pull energy from your feet/the earth slowly up over the back of your body, all the way to the top of your crown, and then back down over the front of your body until it touches your toes/ground again, repeat this for 5 full cycles.

*At this point you should be deeply relaxed, and ready to begin your journey (this is the part you may want to record yourself reading)…

As your breathing becomes deeper and deeper, you find yourself standing at the edge of a forest.  As you look around your perception awaken, allowing you to observe your surrounding with whatever senses are strongest for you.  You continue your deep breathing, and remind yourself that every person experiences the world of Spirit differently, there is no right way or wrong way, only your way.  The woods around you is vibrant and teeming with life, pay close attention to what you perceive, taking in all the details you can.

Before you lies a path, leading deeper into the lush woodland.  There is a mist laying heavy along the forest floor, adding a feeling of mystery, and there seems to be a warm glow coming from a sun you cannot see.  Again your awareness is pulled to the details along the path, as you wind your way deeper and deeper into the green.  Pay close attention to any creature/animal/being that presents themselves to you.  Staying in the role of observer, remembering that now is not the time for analyzing what you see, it is a time to be present & aware.

As you make your way along the path, you see the remains of an ancient building ahead of you.  It is in ruins, the remains of what was, a place of betwixt and between, where memory lies heavy.  Allow yourself the time to take in the details of the remains that are before you.  As you walk around the site, you notice the mist has become thicker, making it hard to see the ground on which your feet trod.  As you make your way around the ruins, you notice a stairway leading into the ground.  There is a deep feeling of magic around the stairwell, a feeling of mystery and something that feels like the tickling of a memory.  This is a place you have been before, although you may not remember when or how.  There is a feeling of dreaming about you.

You step onto the top stair and remember to invite your spirit guide/doorman to join you.  You feel a familiar presence stand beside you, you may observe them in whatever manner comes to you, trusting your senses, and being careful not to make expectations.  You begin to descend the stairwell, as you place your foot on the step below, make note of what you see, what does the stair look like? what is it made of? what are you wearing upon your feet?  You descend the steps, counting as you go…9….8…..7…..6…..5….4….3….2….1…

At the bottom of the stairs you find a door, again it is familiar to you.  Make note of whatever details you can.  You open the door and before you is a room, with 2 chairs and a fireplace.  You take a deep breath in and out before entering the room, allowing yourself to feel calm and present.  In one of the chairs, someone is waiting for you.  You step into the room and make your way to the empty chair, making note of the details of the room as you cross it.  As you sit down in your chair you see/sense/know who it is sitting in the chair next to you.  They are one of your Beloved Dead, a loved one in Spirit come to visit with you on this All Hallows Eve.

Allow yourself to sit for a moment acclimating to your surroundings, permitting yourself to observe and emotionally connect with the Spirit that has come to visit.  In this time, in this space, you are completely protected.  Take a few breaths here, as you do not want to rush.  When you feel acclimated to the presence of your loved one, ask them if they have any messages for you. Take a few moments here, breathing deeply, and receiving whatever communication they wish to share, remembering that some Spirits communicate in words, some in images, some in a deep sense of knowing.  Whatever way your message comes through be thankful.

You now may share your own feelings/messages with your Beloved Dead, you may also at this time offer up to them the treats (food, drink, smoke) you placed on your altar, knowing that what you offer here in the Otherworld is also being offered on your altar in the world of the living.

As your time in the Otherworld comes to an end, your Beloved Dead presents you with an offering, a gift that they believe will help you on your spiritual path.  Make note of what they present to you, for it is an item you should seek out in the waking world.  As you accept your gift, give thanks.  You are beginning a relationship in spirit that will be a profound asset to your waking life.  The item they present you with will be a key to connecting with them in the future.

It is now time to return, you say your goodbyes and turn for the door.  As you walk across the room, once more take note of any details you perceive.  Upon opening the door you see/sense the familiar stairwell in front of you.  You take a deep breath in & out and begin your ascent to the surface.  1…2…3….4….5…6…7…8…9…

You are again standing in the misty ruins deep in the forest, the path leading home stretched out in front of you.  At this time, thank your guardian/doorman for accompanying you on your journey.  As you leave the ruins the mist begins to dissipate until the trail you are following comes to an end in the room, you inhabit in the waking world.  You see the altar you have set up for your ancestors and the familiar body that you call self, sitting and waiting for you.  You slip into your body and begin to become aware of the Waking World.

Begin by wiggling your fingers and toes, then move onto a soft slapping of your arms in legs, connecting fully with your physical body.  At this point say out loud, my work is complete, I am fully back in my physical form.  Do this for a couple of minutes, then pick up a journal and write down whatever you experienced.  Knowing that we all experience the Otherwold differently.  To complete your work (after journalling), pick up your candle, and walk counter-clockwise around your room, thanking all the spirits that came this night, those seen and unseen, reminding them that now is the time in which they must leave your space and return to their own.

So mote it be!

I hope you enjoyed the read and the journey.  The Otherworld is as real as ours, only different.  Visits from our Beloved Dead come in all shapes and forms, what we receive in a journey is ours, and may very well be like no others.  Some people are naturally proficient in journeying, while others struggle at first.  If you are a person who struggled, you may repeat this exercise daily for 3 days after Halloween.  Making a note each time in the journal of your progression.  We are all spiritual beings, and this is not foreign to us, only forgotten.  Our Ancestors have used the art of journeying to communicate with their Beloved Dead for time untold.  I wish you a magical Halloween (Samhain/Alfablot), may your Spirits bless you with a visit.

spreading love-Salicrow


Stories of Spirit…Divination, Symbolism, & Non-Ordinary Reality [viewing in light trance state]

I have lived my entire life with a view of the unknown, the hidden and the misunderstood.  As a child, I did not always know the difference between what I had been told and what I knew from elsewhere.  It was as if certain things just appeared in my mind as fact.  I just knew them and I didn’t bother trying to understand the how of it.  As I grew older, my mind became more inquisitive and I started to notice that not everyone saw things as I did; this realization didn’t occur until I was truly submerged in school, for in my home life my sister and my great grandmother ‘Grammy Brown’ also saw into the unseen world, they too existed in the betwixt & between.

In my study of the metaphysical, my brain eager to understand the experiences I had that were wyrd (connected to fate).  I discovered that in moments when knowing occurred or when I seemed to find the answer… I had stepped into the slip-stream, into the betwixt & between, the place of almost sleeping, when the subconscious mind is agile and fleet.

Another key to my understanding of Psychic ‘seeing’  was recognizing the relationship between symbols, and the subconscious mind.  My first scholastic voyage into symbolism came when I was in 7th grade and one of my parent’s friends gave me a book on dream interpretation.  I lapped it up like cream (or in my case a coconut-almond milk latte), my mind thirsty for more information like that.  I got it on a deep level and could link my own personal experiences with the playing cards Grammy Brown loved so much.  In fact many of my first Psychic lessons involved games of Memory and Rummy with her.  I thought she was cheating, letting me win, for often I had all the cards but a few.

My love of symbolism and of cards led me to the Tarot, which is still to this day my favorite divination tool.  I also picked up the Runes, and soon found myself Reading tea leafs, coffee grounds, the clouds and even the sand on a beach.  The key was to let myself slip into that space between, where the mind is fluid and to let the information present itself to me.  The more I knew of symbolism, the easier the communication was.  It was like becoming multi-lingual in a Psychic Seer kind of way.  I soon realized that I truly could read anything or nothing at all.  The symbolism could present itself to me in my mind as well as in the physical world.

When we are learning something, whether it be a musical instrument, the history of the State of Vermont, or to see into the unseen world, we need to practice, study and experiment.  We need to discover the way in which we learn best.  We need to trust our inner knowing and keeping a journal helps a lot.  Learn symbols, lots of them…and spend time with them non-scholastically as well.  Try placing a symbol on your bathroom mirror, where you can come in contact with it on a subliminal basis.  Choose a symbol that you want to activate in your life.  Choose to understand the symbol in a way that you really know it.  This is much like learning a part in a play, you need to memorize, feel and become the thing on a certain level, to truly get it.

The world is changing folks, we are living in exciting times.  Times when we can and should step into the strength of our being.  Start by allowing yourself to believe in the unseen world, when weird/wyrd events happen in your life, don’t turn first to the why it can’t be something.  Instead for a change allow yourself to sit with the thoughts of why it could be.


spreading love-salicrow

Stories of Spirit…Spirit Guides [ancestors, teachers, and guardians]

spiritguideIt came to my attention recently,  that I have never blogged about Spirit Guides.  I have mentioned them in passing, and speak of the Ancestors and Beloved Dead often, but I have never spoken of the Spirits that personally attend us; as teachers & guides.

First and foremost, I would like to say that everyone has a Spirit Guide.  Some guides are more active then others, and some of us are more perceptive in our observation of them. but we all have one.  The voice that speaks clearly to you in a moment of crisis, telling you what to do at that very moment…that is your Spirit Guide.  Moments of crisis are often the first place we encounter our personal guides.  This is because our higher self steps in at that moment, and pokes us right in the third eye.

Have you ever noticed how clearly you can remember the details of your surroundings when you were in a critical moment?

Crisis connects us directly to our deep-self; our wise-self, and allows us to hear, sense & know what our guides are sharing with us.  This crisis does not need to be a personal emergency, it can be the long, rocky-road of healing & transformation.  Crisis, refers to those moments when our normal, heavy rules of life, no longer work.  We can’t just go into routine, for we are in survival mode…we are desperately searching for guidance.  Those moments, whether emergency, pin-point moments or long, life examining moments.  These points of crisis are moments of opening, moments when our guides can more easily access us.

For most people the level of experience with a Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel is more of a faith thing.  As in, we believe in them, may even believe we have one…but we have never had any personal interaction.  This is belief is often because we do not know what to look for, or how it’s suppose to feel when we encounter our Guide.  Hollywood, and a lot of New-Age, online sights; have a tendency to over dramatize the whole thing.  Which feels hokey & often leaves with more questions then answers.

I will try to explain things to the best of my knowledge.  I have been a Medium my entire life, but there is no manual…there is no perfect way to do it, and we do not get all the answers.  In fact, the Spirits do not have all the answers, at least none that I have met.  I have communicated with Wise Elders, and Ancestor Spirits with great knowledge.  But none have all the answers, or they won’t tell me.  So here are some facts, that I hope you find useful.

*We all have a Spirit Guide (some people have more then one)

* Often Healers, Psychics and the like have multiple guides.

*In most cases our Spirit Guide is someone we have known from this life time, or another.  They know us, and we know them.

*Spirit Guides speak in our voice.  Having another voice; other then your own speaking in your mind, is distracting & a bit unnerving.  Trust me…been there, done that.

* We have an agreement with our Spirit Guides, our life time guides made the decision to stay on the other side and watch over us.  We are a team.

*Our guides are not all knowing, but they are wise & can often see things we cannot.  It’s a good idea to listen when they speak.

*When choosing to develop a relationship with our Spirit Guide, it is helpful to keep track of our dreams and thoughts that come to us while in a meditative state.  Like Crisis…these are moments when we are more easily, able to escape our mind & listen.

*Our Spirit Guides, often have a clearer vision about our lives purpose then we do.  This is due to the fact, that they are not distracted with life’s everyday workings and the drama of living.

For those of you looking to connect with your guides, needing a bit of guidance.  You may choose to seek out the help of a professional Medium.  I have found that of late, many peoples guides are coming forward when I am doing Spirit Communication.  They are stepping up to the plate, and giving people directions that help them better navigate the waters of life.  I myself have been fortunate enough to gain knowledge from these visitations.  As the messenger, I get to learn from peoples guides as well.  We are living in changing times, big changes, evolutionary changes…I believe this makes it more important for us to create relationships with our guides, and learn how best we can be directed by them.

Over the next few months, I will be offering a series of workshops and events for people who are looking to connect to their higher selves and guides; beginning with my 3 part series on Spirit Communication that starts this evening.  I will also be offering a few video bits in the next couple of months on similar subjects…I hope you have enjoyed the read folks, and if you have interest in exploring your relationship with your guides, keep your eyes on my page for details.

spreading love-salicrow


Stories of Spirit…The Symbolism of Cat Piss [it’s one of those kind of days]

coolhallowToday was the kind of day that makes you want to slip back into bed and start over, or rant angrily over ever little dab of doing.  I have not for the life of me been able to find center today, and I am usually pretty good at that.  I have legitimate reasons for my wonky-ass brain state; the shelter-cat my husband had to have, pissed and shit on my bed last night…well that was just the beginning. I will spare you the details, and just say I discovered it at midnight just before going to bed.  Sigh…

So, this morning I woke from my bedroom carpet (said cat also pissed on my futon), in a not so pleasant state.  Now, I could go on a search for what this all means; but sometimes cat piss, is just cat piss.

I think about that a lot.  Not cat piss, but the fact that with an awakening Intuition, we can fall victim to seeing great meaning in everything.  Intuition is tricky; it is a feeling, a knowing.  It is not every time, and every event.  Even when those events are down right horrific.  To understand our Intuition we must first study it.

Everybody’s Intuition is different; or more accurately put, our symbolism is different.  That’s why a book on dream interpretation, is not a bible.  It is meant to give you direction, not instruct you on what is right.  When I say that Intuition is a feeling & knowing, I am saying it is both instantaneously.  It is that voice in our head that makes us go…hmmm?  Symbolism is the way in which we interpret our feeling & knowing.

Intuition, like I said is the feeling & knowing of something.  Last night when the indecent happened I knew it was about the cat, and I also knew it was not some symbolic message from the Universe.  I knew this because I constantly check things out with my Intuition.  I do this without thought, because I know my own symbolism, and the way in it speaks to me, so well.  That does not mean, I have reached my full potential, that I have no room for development.  We all benefit from keeping a beginners mind.  The moment we begin to think we have it all figured out…is the day the Universe kicks us in the ass for amusement.  I know…I learned that lesson along time ago.

Symbolism is metaphysical terms; refers to how our Intuition responds to imagery.  It is the gut response, the first thought we have when sensing something; seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling.  I left out knowing; for it is with the sense of knowing, that responds to that which triggers us through our other senses.  Books on Dream Interpretation are a good start, as they give us a whole list of things to interpret.  But, when we are triggered by something; particularly in a waking state (conscious or lucid dreaming) we know what stood out most to us.  We also know how it made us feel.  That does not mean you have all the information from just that moment (although you certainly can), it means you know how you felt, how you responded.  So ask yourself…Did you feel threatened?  Did you feel excitement?  Did anyone come to mind during your experience?

Write things down, keep track of your thoughts and dreams, and revisit them.  Go back over your journals and connect the dots.  Writing in a journal is only half the way it can be utilized.  It can also be read, like a book of us…it is a book of us.  It is telling a story from our perspective at the moment we are experiencing it.  We may be experiencing prophetic (knowing of the future) things, and totally over looking it because we never looked back.

The world is waking up.  I like to call it Psychic Evolution, because I find the term Ascension a bit fluffy, bunny for me.  Like Unicorns should be involved, or it should be accompanied by a band of Angels, singing.  But in reality, what people are experiencing is much more primitive, raw, and Earth rocking.  Now, I am not bashing anyone’s love of the term Ascension.  If it grooves for you, go for it…for me, I will stick to my slightly-edged, terminology.

So, back to my original rant here…I believe we need to aware, and remember our logical brain is meant to be a companion to our Intuition.  We need both, to get clear information.  We do not want to cross over into the world of illusion; that does not serve the world.  We are here for a reason, and developing strong, Logical Intuition is the way to go.  And remember sometimes cat piss; is just cat piss, and when it happens we need to remember…we are not fucked up, or totally off kilter; we are simply having a bad day.

I hope you enjoyed the read Folks.  I do have to say, writing to you…I found my center.  Thanks for reading.

spreading love-salicrow

Stories of Spirit…Honoring Death as a Sacred Act [holding space part 1.]

sali21Death is an Exceptional Moment of Spirit.  No matter how many times you experience it; it moves us, shakes us and shifts our state of consciousness outside of it’s comfort level.  As a Medium, I have a different view of Death, then most people.  I see it as a powerful transition, like birth; it is a passage from one state of being to another.  I have spent many hours contemplating the workings of Life and Death, the pro’s and con’s of being incarnate (in human form).

As an accomplished traveler of  Spirit, I have lived most of my life traveling Betwixt & Between, my Spirit journeying through dreams and visions of my mind.  I have remembered past lives & communicated with myself through time; since I was 4 years old.  I have always known that I was much more then this one incarnation as Salicrow, hell even in this life I have been many incarnations.  Death holds presence in such a way, that we all sense our otherness, the expansion of our soul and the deep knowing that this one life is but a speck in the sea of stars.  I have grown to enjoy standing present in these moments.

For most of us, the opportunity to be truly present in Death happens but once or twice in a lifetime.  In these moments the outside world stands still, and we are truly and completely present in the moment.  I consider it an honor to be present and hold space in moments like this.  In times past, there was great ceremony and honor in witnessing the Spiritual crossing of the ones we loved.  The modern world with it’s sterilization and hospitalization of Death, has temporarily robbed us the Sacred act that it is, but when we consciously Hold Space in the face of Death, we create an energetic space for healing.  Healing for the soul of the one who is crossing, and healing for those who stand present to witness the passage.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have forewarning that Death is near.  With that in mind I have considered both the Long Death & Short Death in this read.  When we are dealing with the Long Death, we have the benefit of allowing the Dying to create their own passage.  With the Short Death, we must rely on our Intuition and step completely into a moment with Spirit.  We need to rewrite our story…rewrite it to include acts of the Sacred in all that we do; most importantly when approaching Death.

The Long Death, is a dance with disease, illness & deterioration.  It is tragic, and painful; often filled with long moments of darkness and despair.  But among the pain, there are glorious moments of spiritual connection and soul level revelation; as Death is the great equalizer, revealing to us the truth we all must face, and showing us what truly matters in life.  When we are the one dying, the Long Death gives us time to look at our regrets, our joys and our unfinished dreams.  When it is someone we love who is dancing the slow dance of Death, we are given the opportunity to make our peace, share out feelings and connect authentically.  We are also given the chance to help them create the Death they are looking for.

When holding space for the Long Death, we are often asked to work as guide.  As guide, we must ask the dying what their wishes are; what they want their passing to look like, how they want their body treated, and what their memorial/funeral services should entail.  When given the chance, we can make death as beautiful as birth…planning the bits that make the departing and their family/friends feel that they are taking part in something great.  Over the last dozen years, we have collectively as a people; begun to crave something more in our experience of Death.  In recognizing that our Beloved do not disappear, but simply transform into beings of Spirit, we are able to find peace in their passage, if not celebration.

Facing the Short Death; the sudden, tragic passing of a soul, we must truly rely on our Intuition and our deep rooted faith in Spirit to get us through.  We all want to imagine that Death will step into our life and the life of those we love, with plenty of warning…but that is not always so.  As a Medium, I have the ability to see the blessings and obstacles of Death in the many forms it takes.  That being said, sudden death is harder to adjust to, as we have no time to prepare.  When it shows up, we often do not have a written outline of our Beloved Dead’s wishes for their spiritual passage.  In moments such as this, it is helpful to find center; through prayer & meditation.  We need to connect deeply with our higher selves and temporarily disconnect from the grief we are experiencing.  We must reach out to the soul of our Beloved, and allow ourselves to Intuitively be guided to what we believe their wishes are for their body and souls journey.

Whatever way Death enters our lives, we are capable of providing a more sincere; Spirit filled experience for soul passage.  This is not only helpful to the departed, but to the family and friends who are left behind.  Like a Spiritual Midwife, we must step forward as guide and anchor for those who have not the ability to find safe waters.  I believe the world is whispering to us, calling us to wake up and take our rightful place as Spiritual beings.  Those of us who hear the call, must make it our responsibility to act as the representative of the Sacred in our families and communities.  The rewards are plenty.  I hope you enjoyed this read, and will check in later this week for part 2…in which I give guidance on how you can transform the transition of Death for those you love.

spreading love-salicrow

STORIES OF SPIRIT…Dreaming of the Dead [spirit visitation through dreams]

Dreaming in the Elfgarden, Harfnarfjodur, Iceland

Dreaming in the Elfgarden, Harfnarfjodur, Iceland

One of the most common ways in which our Beloved Dead visit us, is through our dreams.  This is because we have no control over what our mind shows us while we are sleeping.  The truth is; the Spirits of our loved ones are often with us, trying to make contact.  But most of us have thick walls of doubt for them to get through; walls that do not exist in the dream world.  These walls, exist for most people; including myself.

I have always been visited by Spirits, but through my life the degree in which it happened has developed significantly.  In my youth, I knew when Spirits were present, often seeing/hearing/feeling them, but the actual ability to communicate without tools (Ouija boards/pendulums) was something that I did not have until I was 30 & experienced a major opening, that brought my walls down.  I refer to that opening as the November Incident, but that’s a tale for another day.

So, if I do a flash-back sequence to my youth here…we will see that Spirits often utilized my dreams as a way of contacting me…



Dreams have always been a powerful thing for me.  I have been a lucid dreamer my whole life; which means I am conscious of the fact I am dreaming & often have the ability to take action, or change the outcome of my dream.  I have remembered many, many details of past lives from dreaming & most importantly for this read…I have been visited by the Beloved Dead, in my dreams.

When I was young and I received visitation from my Beloved Dead, at some point in the dream, I would realize they were dead.  This usually happened, by me noticing something odd about their physical appearance…like one of their eyes was black, or they were slightly off in their appearance.  The difference in their appearance, did not have anything to do with how they died; it was simply something that was just not right.  At that point, I would become Lucid (if I had not already been), and I would say “What are you doing here?  Aren’t you dead?”.  To which, they would generally reply “Yeah, but I am just going to hang out for awhile” or they would give me some personal message of support, or task they thought I should do.

Lucid Dream- A dream in which one is aware that they are dreaming.  Many of us have had the experience of waking from a dream and saying…’That was more then a dream.’.  Those dreams, the ones that stick to us, our often powerful messages.  Many of us, have also had the experience of being aware that we are dreaming…the dream is still going on, but it is more like we are watching a TV show in your mind.  The waking; conscious part of our mind, is watching the actions taking place in our dream.  Sometimes, it is more like a video game, and we are in the first person, but we are also a conscious spot behind the eyes of the experience.  These dreams are Lucid dreams.  For someone who has them on rare occasion, it is hard to manipulate anything in the dream.  We are simply there, conscious of the dream, & simultaneously unconsciously playing out the scenario, but with experience we can take action.  Many times, it is in our Lucid Dreams that we will run into a loved one who has died.  In the dream, we are not always aware that they are dead.  They may be talking to us, hanging out, visiting in some way; but we do not acknowledge that they cannot be there, that they no longer exist.  Most times, those visitations get written off as the mind dealing with sorrow.   But in reality, it truly is the Spirit of your loved one trying to make contact, trying to assure you that they are ok & are still connected to you.  I highly suggest that if you have had a dream where a loved one in Spirit shows up, that you write it down, instead of writing it off.  For many times; when I am passing messages at a Seance, that the Spirit mentions that they have been visiting the dreams of those they love.  We are just beginning to remember, how powerful and connected we all are.  Ancient cultures, took dreams much more seriously; they knew that a Spirit visitation in the Dream world was a powerful message.

I have been thinking a lot about dreams lately, and I ponder I will be writing more on the subject in the next week or so.  I hope you enjoyed the read Folks.

spreading love-salicrow