Stories of Spirit…Between the Worlds [the spirits of november]

November has long been a month of profound spiritual growth for me.  It was over 15 years ago that I had my major opening to Spirit, or at least when it seemed to hit its full force ‘You may be fucking crazy Sali’ momentum.  I had seen spirits since I was a very young girl, and was pretty comfortable with the thought, thanks to the early teaching of Grammy Brown.  But what began days after Halloween when I was 30 was more like some kind of special forces boot-camp for mediums.  It was powerful and often overwhelming.  It is also why I named my upcoming book ‘Jump Girl’, for I have always chosen the most direct route, with little regards for ‘easy’

My walking the line of crazy, opening to spirit moment was planned, something the team of spirits I work with reminded me of constantly.  What more it was planned by me.  Every mind-bending experience through time and space, every hold onto what reality you can, kundalini opening, every spirit sitting in me experience was drawn up ahead of time by ME.  After successfully passing whatever test I was taking, one of my trusted spirit companions would come forward and gently remind me that this had been my idea, that I had specifically planned to be tested the hard way.  I knew what they said to be true, for as they said it I recognized myself in the design.

A few years back I had a Soul-Level astrological Reading done by Marcella Eversole.  The things she spoke of in my Reading rang true, many of what she was telling me I was already implementing in my life.  As she finished my Reading she told me ‘You couldn’t have planned your chart better for the work you are here to do’.  This too rang as truth in my mind.

Every year when November circles back around, I find myself revisiting the Novembers that have passed since ‘the November Incident’ (a title that takes up two chapters in my book).  In my reverence, I want to step back from the world of the living and slip deeply into the warm coziness of my small home with its woodstove and quiet.  I  think of how thankful I am that my shamanic journey happened before the days of social media so that my bat-shit nuts crazy went relatively unnoticed by the outside world.  I am most thankful for the support of those who knew me well, that they could recognize that I was not mentally ill, but that something else was happening.

Waking up to Spirit, whether you have worked with it your whole life or not, is challenging.  In truth, the November Incident lasted for 4 months.  Four months of me wondering if I was ever going to feel normal again, four months of my body having spontaneous moments of convulsion as energy moved through my Kundalini, cleaning out all the old blocks in my Chakra system.  Four months of looking at all the things that hurt me. four months of looking at myself under a microscope.

I have long ago adjusted to the new level of spiritual connection in my life, in fact, it was my team of spirits that insisted that I begin doing Spirit Communication for the public.  They insisted that it was the work I had intended to do this lifetime.  At first, this seemed unbelievable as I had been working as a Psychic; looking into people’s lives and futures, for many years. But they spoke the truth, the real work I had intended for this lifetime was in communication…speaking to the unseen world and helping the living to find solace with death and an acceptance of an after life.

The November Incident; my opening of consciousness, took place over a decade ago.  I have adjusted to the point where that which had rocked my world is now my normal.  In doing so, in jumping into the deep waters I have worked really hard to find the way to the shallows, so that I may be a guide to others who are being tried by the boundaries of spiritual reality.  We are opening as a people and for many, this is a painful experience.  When our consciousness expands we must first look at ourselves, with a deep and penetrating lense.  We must look at that which we are ashamed of, the things we have done and that have been done to us, that hold pain.  This is where our power lies, our personal power lies in accepting the events that have made up our past, and choosing to use those events as teachers that strengthen us, instead of allowing ourselves to be continuously abused by them.

The dark months of winter are powerful.  The quiet and isolation that snow and cold carry naturally turn us inward, inviting us to explore the hidden recesses of our soul.  Do not be afraid to look.  We all have shadows, we all have parts of our personality we rather not acknowledge, and we have all been wounded.  You do not have to go at your shadow like a monster hunter, instead choose to be kind to yourself in the process…long baths, journalling, and good friends help.  That and Tulsi Rose Tea, and some Rose Quartz, and Reiki.

We are becoming that which we were intended to be…all of us.  We came into this world to evolve and grow, we can do so with fear and hesitation or we can do so with curiosity and a brisk stride…Tally Ho’ you know!


For those of you interested in the tales of my shamanic tight-rope journey through the November Incident my book ‘JUMP GIRL, the Initiation & Art of a Spirit Speaker’ comes out in February.  It is available for pre-order

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SACRED TRAVEL…Guided by Spirit [California Dreaming part 1. LA-Mount Shasta]

Sacred travel is not a predictable thing.  It by nature is fluid and spontaneous, led by the intuition and an openness to explore.  Unlike vacation, it does not come with perfect accommodations, gourmet meals and neatly arranged outings.  It is a thing of wonder!

A few months back, when winter was still fully in possession of the north, my sister Sandy and I began planning our spring travel.  Our plan was to teach Earth Magic in Milwaukee in the beginning of the month, and then spend the end of the month teaching about parallel lives/past lives in LA & Carlsbad.  As the plan emerged from the ether of our minds, we other magical bits starting presenting themselves, and our simple business/teaching trip soon turned into a grand adventure that would involve 2 weeks in California.  The first working, the second doing deep Earth Magic in Joshua Tree, deep in the Mojave desert.  The second part of the trip was in fact the real work, and involved 13 friends and spiritual allies heading into the desert to do sound healing.

A few weeks before we were to head to California, the ‘work’ part of our trip began to fall away.  First the folks in LA seemed unable to host an event.  This at first bothered me, as they were the reason we were heading in that direction.  They had asked us to come, and only after tickets were bought and plans were made, realized that they could not make it happen.

Now in moments like this, it is easy to get discouraged, to be pissed and start doing a hissy-fit dance.  But it was clear by this point, that we needed to be there.  There was never any thought of not going, or of changing how long we would be there, simply an understanding that we had work to do on the west coast.  This same feeling came to the surface, when our second host, the one in Carlsbad told us days before we were flying out, that they had not been able to follow through on their end.

When we boarded the plane, we were still up in the air on where we were going when we got to California.  We decided, that we would decide while in the air where it was we were suppose to go.  We had place mat markers of where we needed to be, but none of those were relevant until  early next week.  Our first 4 days of the trip were open, and itching for Spiritual guidance.

By the time we landed in LA, we knew that we would not be heading south to Carlsbad, instead we would be taking an 10 hour drive north, to Mount Shasta.  This was not a random; close your eyes and point at any place on the map, kind of decision, but instead it was a knowing that we all experienced.  One that came in boldly.  For me, it was a feeling of calling that I experienced any time I looked at the in-flight map.  I would see the dot in the northern part of California, and the name Shasta, and I would feel drawn to it.

Mount Shasta is a holy mountain, one that holds the making of pilgrimage.  Known for it’s powerful vortex energy, it is a place of high earth energy, a place where one can go to heal themselves and to do direct healing toward the Earth.  (I will write more about Shasta in the next few days, after I have spent some time exploring here).

Getting to Shasta was an adventure of it’s own, as we; my traveling companions (my sister Sandy and our friend Missy), and I, are very open to intuitive travel, and following the path that Spirit presents us with.  This kind of travel is best done with a destination in mind, but a very loose idea on how long it will take you to get there, and a sense of wonderment.  Intuitive travel means there are no wrong turns, and every place you land is an opportunity to connect with Spirit.

Leaving LA was like escaping prison.  First of all, I must be completely honest…this city did nothing for me.  I felt an instant desire to leave it, yet the city itself is a powerful vortex of energy, that really doesn’t want you to leave.

Our first experience with wacky travel and leaving LA was connected to our GPS.  No matter what we typed into it, it wanted to take us back to the car rental shop.  So we tried using the GPS’s on our phones, and this happened again, and again.  We finally got ourselves out of the city, and the GPS’s to behave at least a little bit, and started heading up the coastal highway, believing that we would travel most of the way with the beautiful Pacific Ocean as our traveling guide.  That too proved incorrect.


After driving for hours, mostly along the coast, Missy who was driving suddenly said “I am not sure how this happened, but I do not believe we are on Route 1 anymore.” This did not alarm us, but instead made us ask “Well, where do you suppose we are, and where are we headed?”

Again our GPS’s were of no help.  In fact, they obviously had no idea where we were.  While accessing our GPS’s (more then one), we would often find that it believed us to be in other places on the continent…including Nebraska, Maryland, and the south western tip of Mexico.  We did not seem to be track-able.

When we finally got one of the GPS’s to acknowledge our actual location, we found we had gone inland.  We plotted a new course and continued forward, not wanting to turn around and come back the way we came.  This was not a disappointment.

Shortly after going through a bum-fuck town in California we found ourselves entering a canyon.  It was breath taking.  The road wove like a snake down and around the mountains, into the valley deep below.  It was a God moment, and exceptional moment of Spirit, when the universe took our breath away.

Sandy communing with the sun, above the Canyon.

Wild shrub Sage

We drove for hours after the canyon, so thankful for the beauty we had experienced.  We relished in the memory of the sound we had created when toning on the top of the canyon, as people drove by waving @ the crazy women singing and laughing, as they stood on the edge of the canyon on a tiny pull off.

That night we landed at a roadside hotel, thankful for hot showers and the gift of being alive.  We set up our altar, with a crystal grid and powerful bits that were sacred to us as individuals and as a traveling band of gypsies.  We gave thanks to our ancestors, particularly mine and Sandy’s dad, who was ecstatic to have us in California; a state he lived in for almost 30 years.

The next day/yesterday, we woke and set intentions…mine was to get to Mount Shasta that night, which we did.  In moments like these, I generally like to be behind the wheel.  So I drove the 10 hours or so North to get us there.

Mount Shasta

Well, I am off on adventure.  I will be sharing stories from the road via Facebook live, and blogging about our vortex adventures tomorrow morning, so stay tuned folks.  It’s a hell of a ride!

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Stories of Spirit…Hugging my Father [stepping through the veil]

Laying under a copper pyramid; my body laid out with a crystal grid, I had an Exceptional Moment with Spirit…I received a full, tangible, hug from my dead father.


I had spent the weekend; working and playing at Robert Simmons ‘Alchemy of Stones Intensive’ in Burlington, VT.  I can not fully describe how amazing it was to be playing in sacred space with so many high energy crystals, and loving people.  Almost 200 people had gathered to work with Spiritual Alchemy and Crystals; with a goal of awakening ones Intuitive gifts and paving the way towards ascension.

Ascension-the act of rising to an important position or a higher level.

My weekend was an intense one, as I was there both as a professional (doing Spirit Communication & Psychic Readings), and as a participant.  My days were long, with mornings starting way before I normally feel human.  Seeing clients during the time between workshops meant, I started seeing people at 7:30am, with my days ending somewhere between 7:30 & 11pm.  This kind of juxtaposition (two things being placed together with contrasting effect) of work & study, created a warp in the web of reality; making me feel between the worlds for days.

I feel like I cannot do this tale justice without first setting the space; allowing you a glimpse of the energy we were working with.  There were almost 200 people participating in the workshop, and hundreds and hundreds of  Crystal Beings.  *take a deep breathe, before you scoff off the idea of Crystal Beings, and remember the world is much bigger then we perceive with our visual eyes, and you are reading the blog of a woman who makes her living talking to the Dead.*  The details of the Intensive; the workings itself, the intent, and the content of knowledge being worked with; on both the Intuitive & Intellectual level were truly inspiring.  If you have never had a chance to connect with Robert Simmons through his writing or in person, I highly recommend it.  I felt honored to be part of such fantastic work.


Two ballrooms were used for the workshop: one for the teaching, learning, and alchemy, and the other for the shiny bits of Crystal goodness that was for sale.  The work space had copper pyramids set up in each of the 4 corners of the room.  The pyramids were programmed and designed with intention, and large enough for 4 chairs underneath.  They were created with copper piping; which was filled with high energy crystals, and each had large crystals placed around the base.   It is not an understatement to say the room buzzed energetically.  I will not go into all of the exercises we did, but I will say they were well crafted and personal.  Something, I found remarkable in such a large group of people.  So let’s fast forward to the end of the weekend, and my Exceptional Moment of Spirit.


The last exercise of the weekend involved working with a partner; doing crystal grids on one another.  The room was packed when I walked in; with the chairs removed and folks were sitting on the floor with yoga mats.  As I looked around the room for a space, I noticed that no one was under the pyramid designed for Ascension, and considering my ‘jump girl’ mentality…I made a Bee-line for it.  As I spread out my yoga mat, one other woman joined me.  We quickly connected in that open-heart way that comes when working with high-energy.  There were hand outs; that described the crystal lay out we were to set up on one another.  I had not received the hand outs, but my partner had somehow received two, so no worries.  As I began to lay out the grid on my partner, I noticed that our grid did not look like everyone else’s.  Then Robert explained there were 3 exercises, the third one being the Ascension lay out.  I looked down at my papers, and then at her copy & had to chuckle to myself as I realized we had 2 copies of the 3rd lay out…the one for Ascension.  After the first exercise was done, I told my partner about our lay out situation, and we decided ‘what the hell’…we did not believe in coincidence. & would do the 3rd lay out, 3 times.  After all, it was unlikely that we accidentally were both drawn to working under the Ascension pyramid, and then only got the Ascension lay out.

dad&meThe last of the 3 lay outs for me was the most remarkable.  As I lay there with my body covered in crystals, listening to the soft music & vibrating with the energy moving through me; I journeyed in my mind.  Now, I am not knew to Shamanic Journeying & Vision Quest.  But this time it took on a completely real momentum.  I saw in front of me a black hole; surrounded by white light.  I did not hesitate, and walked through the blackness.  On the other side of the black hole, was my father.

grammybrownI first noticed how clear everything was.  It was like sitting in the real world.  The colors, sounds, smells, feelings were all absolutely real.  Normally my experience in the other worlds is more like a video.  This was completely, utterly real.  My Dad looked like he did about 10 years before he died; healthy, broad, and a bit stocky.  Unlike his skinny, old man self, he had become in the last years of his life.  He smiled at me, and then gave me a hug.  It was like hugging someone in the flesh.  I could truly, feel him hugging me, as completely as I could if he were alive.  I began to cry….I cried as he hugged me, and my body cried as I laid on my yoga mat, covered in crystals, under the Ascension pyramid.  This went on for what seemed to be 10-15 minutes.  I kept saying, I can’t believe how real this is.  I then said to him through tears…if I can feel you this fully, I want to hug Grammy, and Grammy Brown stepped forward to hug me.  She also looked like herself at about 75, old but healthy.  I could feel the knuckles of her hands and smell her hairspray and cigarettes…..I cried with joy, and I cried with awe.

The rest of the weekend, I was astonished and overjoyed by my experience.  As a Medium, I see, hear, smell, and feel Spirit regularly.  But not like that.  Not so completely, that I would believe they were alive.  Not even in my dreams, have I experienced the world of Spirit so fully.  I believe I stepped completely through the Veil that day.  I did not just stand at the thin spot and connect, I crossed into their world.  In fact, I remember thinking to myself as I held my grandmother, that it would not take much for me to slip into this space completely, if I so choose.  I believe standing in the world of Spirit, that I could have chosen to release myself from life, if I had wanted to.

The next day, when riding home from Burlington; my husband driving, I thought about my experience.  I wondered whether I would need to enter deep trance to feel my Beloved Dead so fully again.  And as I sat there thinking, my grandmother reached out and took my hand.  I could feel the knuckles of her hands, so pronounced on her arthritic hands.  I cried…In fact, I have cried just about every time I have told this story to anyone.  The only thing keeping me from doing so now; is that I am at the Cafe & wearing eye makeup.  LOL.

I will be thinking about this experience for quite some time.  I will explore it and experiment with it, as that is my nature.  But for now, my take on it, is that I did cross into the world of Spirit; truly & completely.  I can not begin to completely understand where this will take me.  But I am a firm believer in Psychic Evolution; and believe that we are all emerging from our deep slumber, waking up and expanding.  We are becoming more, and I for one am excited about it.  I hope you have enjoyed the read Folks.  This one was truly exceptional for me.

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Stories of Spirit…Spontaneous Lunar Attunement [solstice full moon]

Lunarattunement1The last few weeks have been pretty amazing on an energetic level.  I have toned with people inside of an urban tunnel, done Geomancy/healing work on the top of Mount Mansfield, attended a phenomenal Crystal Alchemy Intensive, done deep Earth Healing Magic @ the Crown Chakra of the Chakra Ley Line, and had a Spontaneous Lunar Attunement.  Sometimes life’s Wyrd (connected to Fate) moments come in Spades.  I struggle with where to start.  I have had so many amazing moments with Spirit these last few weeks that where to begin is the question.  As last night was the Full Moon & the Summer Solstice, I will start with Spontaneous Lunar Attunement.

I had just come home from my weekend of work & play; at Robert Simmon’s Alchemy of Stones Intensive.  Being energetically charged and exhausted simultaneously, it was a chore to get myself to Lake Willoughby for ceremony with my Tribe.  But I knew it was the perfect ending to a powerful weekend.  So I made my way there; traveling a few minutes down the road with one of my Soul Sisters.  I was not disappointed, and being in sacred space with my tribe in the magical woods of Willoughby, was truly nourishment for my soul.  The moon was late making it’s way over the mountains and we only caught glimpses of her, through the trees while there.  So on the way home I suggested, we drive around one of the little lakes in my home town; hoping for a better glimpse of Luna.  It was not a disappointment.

Lunarattunement2We drove around Newark Pond, and stopped at a little pull off; where the fire trucks usually fill up their tanks.  The Moon was absolutely radiant overhead, and we got out of the car to truly appreciate it.  As we stood there for a few moments, just enjoying the beauty of the Solstice Moon; I could feel my body being charged by it’s light.  I then realized that the rays of the Moon; reflected in the water, were hitting the shore at the exact same spot we were standing in.

Now I do not believe in coincidence, and the energetic vibration of the experience was definitely not ordinary.  My friend and I stood there for about 30 minutes; it’s hard to tell how long we actually stood there, as we have a tendency to warp time when we are together.  The time-warp bit, was in full force as we watched the Moon, her reflection on the water, and the movement of the clouds.  We could actually see the clouds standing still at moments, then at other times the clouds would move through as if they were cogs on a wheel…with systematic pauses, then jumps ahead.  It was truly a wild experience.


When I took this picture (3rd one posted) the Moon looked like an the iris of an eye, with the clouds forming the outline.  The breeze was moving the clouds gently and steadily at that time, and as I got my phone ready for the picture; I thought I would miss it.  But then the clouds just stopped and stood still…literally not moving at all.  After the picture was taken, they began to move again.


The Lunar energy; reflecting off the water, and hitting the shore at the space which we stood, was intense.  It was warm and calming, but filled with power.  You could not deny that something magical was happening.  The energy itself; both in it’s reflection and in it’s vibration, resembled a heart beat.  In fact at one point the clouds moving across the Moon, also followed the beat of a heart…stopping and starting, in their movement.  My friend said the Moonlight coming off the water looked like and EKG read-out, and it truly did.  There was also a circular space about half way out in which it looked like the ripples from something being thrown into the spot.  But it never went away the entire time we were there….there it was half way out in the water, what appeared to be a portal.

This week, and over the next few weeks actually.  I will be sharing with you tales of my energetic experiences; as I am going through another opening in my own abilities.  I do not believe I am alone in this.  I believe we as a people are evolving…experiencing a Psychic Evolution.  The warp of time and space is getting wobbly, and wyrd things are happening.  I am excited to be living in this time, when the world around us, is communicating with us on a deep, personal level.  We are the ones we have been waiting for.  We are here to be part of the change.  I would love to hear about your stories of Wyrd, particularly about this rare Solstice Moon.  I hope you enjoyed the read folks.

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Stories of Spirit…Spontaneous Opening to Spirit [psychic evolution]

Brigalovefest26Last night I witnessed a spontaneous opening to Spirit.  I was doing a Seance for a small group of people, when one of them began to act strangely; displaying a high level of emotion and the need to say or do something; as if directed by another.  Being a Medium, I could clearly see that they had a Spirit next to them (Beloved Dead/family member), pushing on them if you will…trying to get them to open up and connect personally.  Rare as moments like this are; it was not the first time I have witness such, nor will it be the last.  Spontaneous opening to Spirit happens when an Energetically Sensitive person is exposed to high levels of Spiritual energy.  I know it sounds like something out of a Sci-fi novel, but bare with me…I will explain.

Energetically Sensitive people, have an awareness of the unseen world; often picking up on the emotions & surface thoughts of others…seeing, hearing, and knowing things that others can not.

When an Energetically Sensitive person comes in contact with high levels of Spiritual energy, it can force them to open up to their own potential; raising their energetic vibration.  This expansion of consciousness is different for everyone.  We do not all have the same latent potential; some of us are more Empathic, some better Communicators with otherworldly beings, some more natural at Healing.  Exposure to Spiritual energy comes in different forms; such as that of a person (Psychic, Healer, Medium, etc.), place (ley lines, sacred space), or experience (large group of people doing Spiritual things).  This is best explained through violins…yes, violins.

If you have two tuned violins in the same room, and you begin to play one of them, the other will start to vibrate and make sound without being played.  Humans like violins, respond to energy/vibration.  When we are exposed to energetic beings and spaces that vibrate at a higher frequency then us, we seek to adjust…to bring our vibration up to the higher level.  I do not know why we seek to advance/adjust to the higher vibration, instead of sinking down to the lower, but I assume it has to do with Evolution.

I have been talking a lot about Psychic Evolution/Ascension lately; as it is my belief (as well as that of many others), that the Human Race, is becoming more Intuitive.  The shifting of our planet, the influence of climate change, cosmic interference, the 100 monkey effect; there are so many reasons we could come up with for why…but the fact remains, that more and more people are experiencing a shift in their perception.  I have worked publicly as a Psychic for over a quarter of a century.  When I began offering Readings to the public, approximately 2 in 10 of the people I Read for, experienced Psychic phenomenon somewhat regularly…Now it’s more like 6 in 10.  For some this is an exciting, desired thing, but for others it is scary and unwanted.

As we evolve as a species, we are developing a heightened sense of awareness.  I believe this is in part due to technology.  The internet, and all our ‘at the fingertip’ devices, have led us to believe that the knowledge we seek is ours at a snap of the finger, or more appropriately; a swipe of the screen.  Quantum Physics has proven that thought matters, that what we believe possible…we create.  So it is not that hard to see how the easy access of information, granted by the internet, can effect the consciousness of our species.  I personally think this is a good thing, I believe that heightened awareness, and the ability to feel others, has the potential to make us kinder, more thoughtful people.  But the road there is going to be bumpy.  We are harbingers of change, and considering how most people feel about change…that means discomfort.


So what does a Spontaneous Opening to Spirit look like?

imageThis is a big question, as people can experience it differently.  I will do my best to be thorough in my explanation.  First off, a person experiencing a Spontaneous Opening to Spirit, is not prepared for it…hence why it is called spontaneous.  It comes on, without much forewarning.  Most people will describe feeling a sudden surge of energy within their body.  They may become hyper aware of their surroundings, including the functions of their own body.  There may be a feeling of trembling, shaking or cold, as energy moves through the Chakra system more freely then normal.  They may feel that they can see, hear, and feel more intensely.  They may also feel or sense other beings/Spirits around them.  These Spirits may be of humans/the Dead, or they may be of nature.  There may be a heightened awareness of others; their emotions, energy and thoughts.  Experiences of visions, deep knowing and past life memories are also common.

What you need to know…

Experiencing a Spontaneous Opening of Spirit can be a bit scary; as it is a brush with the unknown.  Some people become so overwhelmed they feel the need to run to the hospital.  If you feel your life in endangered, or that you do not have the ability to judge if it so…please seek medical help.  However, if you do not feel immanent danger you may want to refrain from such actions; as they will most likely think you are having a psychotic break, and treat you as such.  With the understanding that you can contact help at any time you feel the need, I would first suggest trying a few grounding techniques first.

*Sit or lay down with a straight back, allowing energy to move freely through your Chakra system (the energetic system that runs up your spine).

*Begin to breathe deeply and smoothly through your nose, fully inhaling and exhaling.  Putting your focus on your breathe.

* Imagine a small white light deep in the center of your chest cavity/Heart Chakra.  As you breathe deeply through your nose, imagine that white light spreading out from the center.  With every breathe, the white light gets bigger; until it is completely surrounding your body.  That white light represents your soul/your higher self.  It is expanding to fill your body and bring balance.

*Now become aware of your feet.  Feel how heavy they are, how connected they are to the ground…with every breathe, imagine your feet getting heavier and heavier, until that heaviness moves up into your knees…keep breathing and focusing on the heaviness until you feel it all the way into your pelvis.

*With a strong personal Spirit (white light from your heart) and a strong foundation (heavy feet & pelvis), begin to examine your experience.  Do you still feel frightened or overwhelmed?  If so, contact a wise friend and share with them your experience.  If you know someone who works in alternative health, they are a good choice for advice.

*When you have centered and balanced yourself, begin to look at the experience you are having with a new light.  Ask yourself some big questions, such as-Do I feel safe?  What exactly do I feel (what sensations are you experiencing)?  Do I see, feel, or sense another being near me? If so, do I feel they are here to help, or here to harm?  Do I want to continue having these experiences?

One of the best things we can do, when developing Psychically is to ask lots of questions.

*Make sure to document your experience, write it down or record it audibly.  But keep track, so that you can review it when you are not feeling it.  Logic is an important factor.

Most Spiritual opening is not isolated.  When it begins to happen for you, it will most likely do so again.  It is a good idea to consult with a professional Psychic, Counselor, or Healer.  Remember to choose wisely here.  A bad Psychic is most likely a fraud, and a bad Counselor will most likely go straight to crazy.  But have no fear, there are good Psychics out there, and there are good Counselors out there.  The world is changing and we as a whole are starting to see that there is more then meets the eye.  I hope that this bit, has been of some help.  I am sure it has left you with many more questions, and I will keep on writing and trying to give guidance.  Got questions…drop me a line.

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