Does Everyone Have a Spirit Guide?

One of the most commonly asked questions by people experiencing spiritual opening is “Do I have a Spirit Guide?”  The short answer to the question is “Yes!” but there is so much more to the subject than that simple answer.

I would like to start by saying I am in no way an authority on all things spiritual.  The perspective I give however is that of a seasoned Medium; giving it a bit more clout than the average bear’s.  Here are some things I have learned over the years through stories told to me by the dead and through my incessant questioning of personal guides.

Spirit Guides are not angels, at least not in most cases.  Angels are powerful, often misunderstood beings.  If you do any reading of the Bible you will quickly be reminded that Angels often carried swords and had flaming eyes.  They are big business & generally don’t stop by to talk to just anybody…no offense, but I think most of us are really not existing in the visitation from Angels club.  I do believe some people work with Angels, but this is deep work that requires commitment and lots of trust.  What most people refer to as Guardian Angels are really ancestral spirits; Beloved Dead from our blood or spirit line who have agreed to work with them from the other side.  I refer to these lifetime spirit companions as our the ‘Main Guides’.  ‘Main Guides’ generally connect to us by the time we are toddlers.  It is common for well-adjusted people to become Main (Spirit) Guides shortly after dying.  This happens most often when there is a birth shortly before or after someone’s death.  If grandma or Uncle Ted didn’t have a lot of unfinished baggage from life, they often want to stay connected to their family line and help in what way they can, often by looking over a living loved one.

Another common form of Spirit Guide is the Healing Guide.  Healing Guides are spirits of people who were Healers in life, Masters, Shamans, Doctors, and Magi who continue to teach from beyond the veil.  These guides often come forward when a person takes a serious step onto the path of the Healer.  [It is believed in Reiki circles that after a person becomes a Reiki 2 their healing guide will start to make themselves known.]  There are however those who are pulled onto the path of the healer, those people might find that their Healing Guide shows their presence in desperate times of need, particularly related to health (mental/physical).  Healing guides may come and go throughout one’s life, sometimes only staying long enough to share knowledge, other times forming life long partnerships with the living healer.

For those that seek a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them, guides can come in many forms.  For many animals spirits (totems/power animals) are a big part of their spiritual tribe, and more so, there are those among us who have relationships with otherworldly beings.  Guides such as this are similar to the friendships we form with the living, some last but a short time, others last a lifetime.  As someone who identifies as a Mediums, the community of Spirit Guides I work with is as vast a circle as that of my living friends.

When we are looking to make contact with our Spirit Guide the first thing we want to remember is these spirits care about us, they would not speak to us in demeaning ways, or abuse us in any way.  This is important to remember as most of us have garbage reels we play in our head that talk trash to us.  We don’t want to confuse the voice of the garbage reel with a guide.  Our guides are trying to help us evolve, grow & heal.  Remember in most cases these guides are ancestors who love you.  When we keep this thought straight in our head it helps us relax into the connection with our Spirit Guides.

For most people, the easiest place to meet up with our Spirit Guide is in the world of dreams.  This world is accessed both while we are asleep and when we are on spiritual journeys & guided meditations.  This world of visions is as real as the world we live in, it is a place where deep soul growth can take place, and it is accessible to everyone with practice.  Some people are naturals to the art of dreaming, others have more resistance to get through.  For those of you wanting to do guided journey work, there are a lot of good journeys on YouTube, try out a few, until you find someone you like.  For those of you in the Northeast Kingdom, there is a guided journey class weekly on Mondays at my shop

Working with my personal Spirits; the guides who teach and travel with me, I have grown as a person.  I have become a better writer working with Adam, I have become a better Psychic working with Peter, I have learned the art of sacrifice from Thor, and the gift of the Runes from Odin, I have stepped further onto my path as a healer through my connection with the Spirit of Water, and have reminded others of the path through my connection to Crow.  I highly recommend forming a relationship with the spirits that make up one’s personal community, whether it be one spirit or many.

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Symbolism & the Intuitive Mind (psychic development)

E-en, infinity, lemniscate- no time/no space

Do you identify as Empathic?  Do you feel or sense the emotions and/or physical pain of others? Can you sense when there has been a fight in a place before you got there?  Do emotions lay heavy on your body?

Many of you said yes to these questions, in fact, I believe the majority of you did, as we are going through a Psychic Evolution.  As a species we are becoming more psychic.  Our collective consciousness is expanding and we are ‘awakening’ at a more and more rapid rate.  I like calling it evolution for I believe it is a natural process, that has been encouraged by the way we live our lives.  The use of the internet and cell phones have connected us to webs of understanding that tell us we can have the knowledge we seek at the click of a finger.  This belief has loosened the thread of our thoughts and made us question possibilities of how else we can retrieve information, and from where.

Another factor in our expanding consciousness is the fact that we have compacted our words into symbols again, creating a modern hieroglyphic language.  The days of elaborate cursive manuscripts and fancy thank you letters are gone.  We have quickened our step and shortened our transfer of information…we have gone backward & forward, connecting to forgotten magic the use of emojis and anacronyms have become common text, allowing us to transfer information rapidly.

Symbols are shorthand for the brain, they are a way of conveying a large thought in a compact form.  They often have various nuances and meanings depending on their context and can be found everywhere in the dreamscape, natural world & electronic universe.  The idea of symbols in metaphysical thought can be expanded to include animal and plant totems, musical notes, colors, and vibrations.

For those seeking to help their expansion of consciousness along, it’s important to develop a relationship with symbols.  I recommend The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects  although I am unsure why it is called such, and feel it would be better-renamed something less sexist….butwith that critique it’s important to remember this book came out in 1988.

I have always had a fascination with symbols and have studied & interacted with many over the years.  I love to explore the multitude of languages there are for opening the doors to my mind.  As a kid, I first interacted with symbols through religion.  The cross for Jesus was a powerful thing, as was the idea of water being a great healer.  I could easily understand how bread could be a representative of the body of Christ and accept how water could cleanse away the impurities of the soul.  As I grew up and my mind expanded, my symbolic vocabulary grew to include the markings of many religions and cultures.

I don’t like to talk about religion through the concept of different or separate.  I personally believe that God is god/goddess no matter how you look at it.  That the greatness of the creator/created is like a gemstone that we like to look at from many perspectives, and that we must find what way we connect best with the Divine.  Personally, my mind is too vast for one religion, one way of seeing this being that is the Collective Consciousness.  For me, the use of symbolism has been a powerful devotion to the connection I have with myself, my gods, and psychic knowing. The more I learn, the more I want to learn…so my symbolic language is quite large.  However, we do not all have the same obsessions.  So I have compiled a few suggestions for developing your own symbolic language.

*The most important thing when it comes to working with symbols to develop one’s intuition is that your interpretation is the most important one.  Symbolism is powerful because it triggers our personal knowledge, often the first thought that comes to our mind is the one that matters most.  Try whenever possible to write down your thoughts and feelings, before diving into the books or asking friends.  Books and websites are great for studying, and helpful when you really can’t figure something out, but they should always be secondary to your own mental cueing.

*Books on Dream Interpretation and Symbolism are great places to start building your symbolic language.  Place a book on symbols in your bathroom, and pick a new symbol to read up on instead of scrolling through your phone.  If you want to add to the psychic development of the exercise, don’t just randomly pick.  First, ask the question in your mind “What symbol do I need to work with at this time?”  And then really work with it, study it, think about what it has to teach you.

*Learn a symbolic language, such as the Runes or the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  These formulas are compiled of symbols that have both individual meanings and the ability to be combined to create words.  An interesting fact about the systems named is they are both believed to have been given to the people directly as gifts from their gods.  I have a personal relationship with this form of symbolic work; particularly with the Runes and Odin, as they came into my life as a door to a greater relationship with the Norse Gods and magic.  It is my experience that when properly activated these symbols hold a potent life force energy, and are ‘Beings’ of sorts.

*Keep track of your experiences with symbols; write down your dreams, record your meditations, journeys, and wyrd sightings.  Remember the Universe is communicating with us all the time, we just have to expand our vocabulary so it’s easier to understand.

I hope you have found this helpful, remember this is a journey and you do have some control over how it unfolds.  Enjoy the ride…

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Stories of Spirit…Becoming Salicrow [one from the vaults]

salicrowprofile3Crow first came into my life when I was 28 years old.  I had been on a spirtual path for 5 years but had never had a desire to work with Totem or Power animals.  I actually remember telling people that working with Animal energy was just not something I was into.

When Crow presented itself to me it was with a great cascade of black feathers…literally.  For months whenever people would come to my house for a Reading or even to visit they would be at my door holding Crow feathers, saying “I found this in your yard and thought I was suppose to give it to you”.  Sometimes it was a handful of feathers not just one or two.   I started noticing Crow everywhere.  Now I know that Crow’s are a common bird and we all see them.  But there is a difference between seeing a crow and SEEING Crow.  One is a casual glance which can be over looked, the other is an energetic pull…a psychic poke in the third eye that says “hey pay attention to me”.  Being that I pay attention when the universe speaks to me, I decided to look up the spiritual meaning of Crow.  What I found was so in touch with my life and who I was that I couldn’t deny that I too was Crow.

spiritcrowFirst of all when talking about power animals or totems it is important to remember that it is the energy of the animal in whole that you are connecting to…therefore Crow is my totem not Crow’s.  Crow is an amazing communicator.  I see myself as a strong communicator as well, in fact sometimes I describe my ability as a Medium to be similar to a translator.  When communicating with Beloved Dead I am often doing a combination of listening and translating images similar to playing pictionary.  I also need to use my skill of communication to speak to people about the sensitive matters I often discuss in their personal Psychic Readings.  Crow is connected to creation and mystery & to the betwixt and between…that which is in the process of being created.  I am a huge believer in manifestation & that we in part create our own reality.  Sometimes people ask me why Crow not Raven.  To me the answer is pretty simple.  It was Crow that called to me not Raven.  I love Ravens, don’t get me wrong…I kind of think of them as a big brother.  When they come into my life, I pay attention as they mean big business, serious message..heads up you need to be paying attention.  Crow on the other hand is constant conversation, that casualness in which I see my life as a Psychic.  For me the communication between worlds is just part of my everyday life, using my Psychic vision is something I do all the time.

Crow also has sacred meaning and connection to my Father’s family & our Blackfoot Indian heritage.  It is a name held as sacred to many in my family.

When I was 30 I had a tattoo of 3 Crows placed on the back of my throat Chakra.  I also started using the same symbol on my brochures and business cards.  To me the significance of the 3 crows was important…I named them after the Moirai or the 3 fates of Greek mythology…Clotho (she who spins the threads of fate), Lachesis (she who measuresthe threads of fate) and Atropos (she who cuts the threads of fate).  This was my second tattoo, but the first that I went into it as a spiritual experience, as an attunement with power.  By placing the Crows of fate on my throat chakra I was asking the Universe to open me up to my path, to become bonded to the fates and to become Crow.  Over the years I have interacted with Crow in so many ways…I have asked them to spread word on the wind for me when I have had need as well as asked them to assist me in healing work when something needed a bit of extra pecking at.

Calling myself Salicrow began with an email address, which came out of having my prior email address bombarded by spam.  Then I started my Druid training &  I began to call myself Salicrow.  I never thought I wanted or needed a spiritual name.  In fact all the new age pagans who needed to change their name to Dragon Wolf Rider, made me kind of laugh.  I beleive their is power in your name if you believe their is power in it…it does not need to be something fantastical.  But with all things Crow it just kind of happened.  I then started a facebook account under Sali Crow, because I didn’t know how to delete the account I had under Sali Tetreault that I was unhappy with.  Pretty soon one thing lead to another and more people knew me as Salicrow then as Sali Tetreault.

Crow has been a great companion along the path that is my spiritual life.  One that presented itself to me, over and over again until I saw what it wanted me to see.  The cleverness of Crow has helped me to grow spiritually as well as aided me in spreading my name helping others stumble into me who might need my aid.  I am ever thankful for the persistance of my black feathered siblings.

spreading love-Salicrow

PS-If you are looking to explore your own totem/power animals my favorite book on the subject is Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.