Stories of Spirit…Beloved Dead-why the stay connected

vershirerockLast winter I did a Seance for a family who had lost their husband/father to cancer.  He was a pivotal part of their family and his ladies were really struggling with the loss of  him.  Last week I returned to the same family for another Seance.   I felt him join me in my jeep as I started onto the dirt roads that led to his house & I remembered how he had given me a short cut after my  first visit that saved me a bunch of time.  As I listened to music, expecting that he like my other car visitors would sit quietly in the waiting room of my Jeep until I arrived at his home….Not this Spirit.

Driving along I hear him say “At least you got a good Rig for the roads”.  Which is true, I drive a jeep as my job takes me on many of back roads.  It was quiet for a bit and then I started wondering what made certain Spirits come back more then others for communication.  Sure enough he couldn’t miss the opportunity to share his thoughts on the subject.  “Contact” he said “I am not ready to give up contact with the ones I love who need me”.  I had to laugh because just as he said that the song “Contact” by Citizen Cope started playing.  Oh the synchronicity of the universe.  He went on to share that he was not ready to let go of the world of the living just yet.  He was not suffering, but more so he was was interested in remaining a part of his family and helping them heal.  He like many other Spirits who are return visitors seem to be busy watching over their loved ones.   They become Guardian Spirits of a type for their living family.  When I connect them to their loved ones for communication, they often come through with advice on current problems the family is facing.  Wanting to let them know that they are aware of the trials the family faces, and have something to contribute to the problem solving.  Some of them are so good at advice that their families seek them out regularly…either annually or a couple of times a year to check in and see what they have to say.  I like to point out to people that the person your loved one was in life is the same person they are dead.  If they were wise in life, they will be wise in death…if they were not so wise in life, I would refrain from taking advice from them in Spirit.

Many cultures including the Celts and Native Americans would seek their Ancestors in Spirit out when counsel was needed.  They would gather together in ceremony and welcome in the Spirits of their Ancestors, particularly the Spirits of their Chiefs and Medicine Men & Women.  They knew that these souls of their wise leaders were watching and would have something valuable to contribute to problem solving.  They know that their Beloved Dead remains in contact, even though they were separated from the world of the living.  The reasons for continuing to stay in contact are many, but I believe the bottom line comes down to love.  Love of family, love of community, love of a people.  Know that in your time of need; when you are feeling low, you are not alone.  Your loved ones are watching over you trying to get a message back.  They chooseI hope you enjoyed the read folks.


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Stories of Spirit…Psychic Baby

grammywithsaliMy first experience with Spirit happened when I was 3 months old & my fathers Mother died.  I do not hold memory of this, only the story told to me by my Grammy Brown (great grandmother).  She told me that at my Grandmothers funeral I suddenly stopped crying and looked up to the ceiling laughing as if someone were playing with me.  As a Medium herself she could see that it was my father’s mother who played with me.  In my life I have always been aware of the fact that I could see Spirits and thanks to my Grammy Brown I was pretty comfortable with it.  She would tell me regularly “Spirits talk to you Sali, it’s ok”.  A simple statement without emotion, like telling someone they have brown hair and blue eyes.  As a child I never really put much thought into it, it was just something that was.  When my Grammy Brown died I was 12 and had still never asked many questions about my gift, those questions and how she knew so much about it and me did not get answered until way after she was dead.

In my early 30’s during the November Incident (the time period in which my gift as a Medium expanded greatly) I began to question my ability, who else in the family carried it and the likes.  By this point I had experienced Death in many ways, as my life has been full of people around me dying.  I wanted to know how Grammy Brown knew to prepare me for a life filled with Spirit.  My answer came from my Main Guide-Peter.   When my mother became pregnant with me Peter began to talk to Grammy Brown.  He told her that the baby my mother was carrying would be a Medium and would need preparation.  He also told her that I would be extremely sensitive and that my empathy would need to be handled with care.

As a  child I was extremely sensitive.  I often cried-not just over my own life, but things on television and anytime there was emotions being thrown around.  I remember my Grandmother telling my sister to be gentle with me, that she did’t want to give me a nervous breakdown.  As a kid this statement startled me, I didn’t really know what a nervous breakdown was but I knew it couldn’t be good.  This high sensitivity is common among people who are empathic/intuitive/psychic.  The sensitivity refers to the hightened ability to feel the emotions of others as if they are your own.  For me as a child and even into young adulthood conflict meant I would not only feel my own emotions but that of everyone involved.  Learning how to separate what belonged to me from what belonged to others was a powerful skill that I am thankful for.  Many children are being born now who are more open then previous generations.  I think this is due to an evolutionary shift, as humans we are becoming more…more awake, more intuned with unseen worlds and more connected to emotions.  We need to be sensitive to this in the children we are raising.  Many of them will have gifts far exceeding those of their parents.  With this in mind it is important when fostering a sensitive child to remember that the things they are seeing and experiencing are most likely real.  Be patient…when they talk about seeing a ghost or spirit or someone you cannot, do not dismiss it as their imagination.  Ask them what the visitor wants, where they see them, if they have seen them before and most importantly do they feel safe.  Teach them that to embrace their emotions, while understanding that some emotions they feel may not be theirs.  A simple technique for distinguishing between emotions that belong to us and ones that belong to others is to check in with ourselves regularly.  In the morning when waking take a few moments to see how you feel…how does your body feel, what emotions are you feeling.  Then throughout the day do this again and see if things have changed.  If you find that you are suddenly emotional look around the room and try to determine who this emotion can be coming from.  It is important to note that it is not your place to point out to anyone that hey feel angry, sad or confused.  Simply use it for a check in so that you can know what belongs to you.  Kids can learn this as easy or more easily then adults and it is an important skill for staying balanced while opening.  The world is changing folks…hope you enjoyed the read.

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Stories of Spirit…Songs on the Radio

UncletedMy Uncle Ted was one of the coolest people I ever met.   Motorcycles & music were a huge part of his life & knowing him made me feel cool by association.  He lived his life in a way that seemed carefree; he was easy to laugh and never seemed to have too many commitments.  He spent a few years living in Amsterdam while in the Air Force, upon returning he lived with my grandparents temporarily.  I personally loved this as he let me go listen to music in his room when he was at work; he had great taste in music and I spent a lot of time laying on his couch listening to Pink Floyd and the likes.  A super cool moment for me was when “99 Red Balloons” became popular in the United States.  I got to seem fantastically cool as I already knew the song, my Uncle having brought back the album from Amsterdam.

Ted died when he was in his 40’s.  He never married, never had kids and somehow that seemed right.  I know as a kid I never imagined Ted actually getting old, and doing real adult things.  When he passed I got the job of putting together a picture memory board of his life.  I was handed a large stack of pictures and said to put it together somehow.  A lot of the people I didn’t even know, as my Uncle had been in a local Motorcycle club.  (This is Northern New England, so Motorcycle club does not equal Sons of Anarchy…LOL).  With the stack of pictures in hand and a great love for my Uncle I set out to put together a glimpse of him through photos.  I knew he loved music and decided I needed a sound track for my venture.  As I went over to my collection of CD’s and began to scan them, I clearly heard him say “Slow Hand”.  As tears ran down my cheeks I grabbed the Eric Clapton CD.  I put together his memory board listening a fitting soundtrack for my Uncles life as he picked out what pictures he wanted highlighted, and told me a bit about the people in the pictures that I didn’t know.  When the day of his funeral arrived I remember standing outside the funeral home & watching as motorcycle after motorcycle arrived…a troupe of Harley Davidsons filled with the people out of my Uncles memories.  Having shared the memories with him and listened to the accompanying music, I couldn’t help but associate these people with the songs.

Music is one of the most memorable things we experience in life.  It effects us on a soul level, bringing out emotional response.  It is also one of the most common ways in which our Beloved Dead tries to communicate with us.  People are always telling me of experiences they have while listening to the radio and feeling the presence of their Beloved Dead.  The Dead also talk to me about music, sometimes giving me the name of exact bands and songs and sometimes just the genre.  I am not a country music fan, so unless it’s Johnny Cash or Patsy Cline I am unlikely to get the band let alone the song….but they certainly try.  When a song comes on the radio and we feel the presence of our loved one in Spirit they are taking a hand.  They are not making the DJ play their special song at exactly the right moment…but more they are stepping in at the moment the song is being played.  They are taking advantage of the fact that you are already thinking of them and putting their energy into the song so that they can be felt more deeply.  This is still significant communication, but it is always good to be realistic on how they are doing it.  Remember our loved ones in Spirit are often checking in on us.   They are being opportunistic and taking advantage of the music to show you they are there.  A great way to connect with them yourself is to sit quietly and listen to their favorite songs, invite them to join you.  Then be open to the feelings and energy you experience.  You can feel the difference between a deep memory and a visitation, you just need to trust.   I think its time for me to dig out some Pink Floyd and visit my Uncle Ted…I certainly miss him calling me Kid and giving the biggest, back breaking hugs around.  I hope you enjoyed the read folks.


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Stories of Spirit…catching a ride

vermontroadWhen doing Spirit Communication I never check in ahead of time to see who I will be meeting with.  I make the appointment and do not think about it until I get in my car and head out, & even then I am not checking in with the Spirits until I reach my destination and start the Seance.  I have noticed over the years that when I do return visits to families that have already participated in Spirit Communication with me that their Spirits often catch a ride with me.  Usually when I am about 1/2 hour out from my destination I will notice that I have a passenger in the car.  They do not try talking to me before their appointment, but like sitting in a waiting room…they are telling me they are there and ready when I am.  As I have said working/existing with Spirit has been the story of my life, so I accept their presence and continue with my own thoughts as I travel.

One day I was going to do a Seance in Central VT.  I put the address in my GPS and headed out, not thinking about where I was going and who I was going to encounter.  About 1/2 hour from my destination a familiar Spirit took a seat in my car.  It was the Spirit of a teenage boy I had encountered a few times before, first at his Aunts house and the 2nd @ his parents house.  As I got closer to my destination it looked familiar and I was pretty sure I was going to his parents house.  However before I got to his parents house my GPS stopped me.  I looked at my passenger confused-“What are you doing here?  This is not your house.”  He just smiled.  Soon the front door opened and a women I had never met before greeted me.  I was still confused as I had no idea why this boy was with me.  I thought that perhaps he just stepped in because I was in his neighborhood.  When I walked in the house, I started laughing…there in front of me was his mother.  She was friends with the women hosting the Seance and had decided to join so she could visit with her son again.  I quickly told his mother that she had nothing to worry about, that I had no doubt her son would be joining us as he had been along for the ride for the last 1/2 hour.

This young man is among the many who ride with me to work, but he will always hold a special spot in my story telling.  He could have told me at anytime that his Mom would be at the Seance, but instead he sat quietly in the waiting room of my car…waiting to give me a surprise.  It never fails to amaze me how real & personable Spirits are.  Some Spirits are sarcastic, some humorous, some sentimental and some even grouchy.  Remember like those of us Embodied Spirits, the Spirits of the Dead are individuals with quirks and personalities all their own.  I hope you have enjoyed the read folk.

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Stories from Spirit…Guides & Friends

Druid pigramage to the UK 040My journey with Spirit is one that has been part of my entire life.  From the time I was a small child, I have seen Spirits and accepted them as part of my normal world.  This was easy to do, as my Grandmother & sister also saw them.  Throughout my journey there have have been many moments when I knew they were stepping in and offering me guidance.  From childhood through young adulthood my interaction with my guides was mostly on a NEED basis.  There were many times that I was saved from dangerous or inconvenient situations by the clear message of Spirit saying….”move now Sali, or “you need to leave early”.  I remember sitting on the side of a river bank as a teenager, having left a party minutes before the police showed up. (It was the 80’s…please remember if you lived in the 80’s you were at the teenage party too).  I also clearly remember being told to leave work 5 minutes early, only to find out the next day that the register I worked got held up at gunpoint.

Spirit Guides are the Spirits of Loved Ones and Ancestors who have made an agreement to work with us in Spirit.

We all have Spirit Guides & one in particular who works with us for life, this is our Main Guide.  Our Main Guide is what I like to refer to as “Big Business”.  They are the ones who check in and poke us when we need to pay attention.  I personally believe in reincarnation and believe that we make arrangement with our main Spirit Guide before being born.  We have a relationship with them on a soul level that is long and powerful.  I know in my case, I have known my Main Guide- Peter for many…many lives.  He is the one who keeps me on task, reminding me of what I have come in to achieve this life time.  I call the Main Guide “Big Business” because they are not really around to chit chat.  I don’t have random conversations about stuff with Peter.  When Peter wants to talk, it’s because something significant is going on.  For many people the Main Guide is all they will ever have.   I believe this is because most people are not going to be sitting around having conversations with the Dead, or doing work that requires them to have more specific guides.

Two of the most common guides that come to mind are Healing Guides and Doormen.

Healing Guides are Spirits who have worked as Healers in life & are important to anyone who is called this lifetime to the path of the Healer.  In my Healing work as a Reiki Master & Sound Healer I have learned much from Spirits.  I have worked extensively with more then one Spirit in this field and find them to be the best teachers as they can instruct me in the moment that it is needed.  It is part of the Reiki tradition that I follow to acknowledge Reiki Healing Guides.  Most people who practice Reiki regularly will begin to feel the presence of their Healing Guide.  They may not have direct conversation with them, but will feel their presence when doing Healing work or have sudden inspiration.  This sudden inspiration is usually your guide poking you and saying…”Hey have you thought about it this way?”

Doormen are the Spirit Guides who work with Mediums and those that work in the Spirit World.  I call them Doormen because I use to own a bar.  A Doorman is the person who stands at the door and determines who can come in, who has to wait at the door while they deliver the message for you & who needs to get out.  Anyone who works with Spirits; professionally or on a personal level should have a Doorman.  They are the eyes and ears of the Spirit World, for they see things you cannot and they watch your back….Safety first folks.  My closest relationship with a Spirit is with my Doorman-Adam.  I talk to him regularly, and consider him one of my best friends.

Adam is someone I knew in life, he was one of my sisters best friends.  While alive I always liked him, but did not know him well.   After his passing Adam became a major part of my life and was played a significant part in helping me develop the confidence needed to work with the public as a Medium.  He was able to tell me things about his life that I could confirm by talking to my sister.  I am ever thankful for the relationship I have with him.  Anyone who has ever come to me for Spirit Communication has heard of Adam, for he is the hardest working Spirit I know.  He has a job and he takes it seriously.

It is important to understand that we all have Spirit Guides and are not truly on our own.  Sometimes just the acceptance of this fact can help us to feel more connected.  It’s a big world out there with many moments that are hard and sometimes overwhelming.  Knowing that there is another soul out there watching your back is a great comfort.  I personally talk to my guides often and consider the team of Spirits I work with to be as important to me as the people who I share my life with who are alive.  In trying to make contact with your Spirit Guide, remember for most people you will have one…the Main Guide, they will work with you from behind the scenes.  They are that little voice that sometimes comes out of no where when needed most, offering guidance.  I hope you enjoyed the read folks.

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Stories of Spirit…Psychic Amnesia

I am a multi sensory Medium, which means Spirits can communicate with me through multiple means.   I see, smell, hear, and feel spirit as well as receive messages directly in my mind like a form of telepathy.  How a Spirit chooses to communicate has more to do with the individual Spirit then it does with me.  Some Spirits talk directly to me, which allows me to repeat things they are saying verbatim.  Others show me images, kind of like watching a slide show of their life.  Most use a combination of both, speaking to me and showing me things.  When working as a Medium I am sharing this information with people in whatever way it comes to me.

When Spirits present themselves for communication I first notice them with my eyes.  I see them standing next to their family member, how close they stand to their living family shows me a lot about their relationship.  Sometimes they have their arms around their living or a hand on their shoulder.  They may sit down right beside them or stand a ways back.  When doing Gallery Spirit Communication or Seances, it is helpful for them to be standing by their loved ones.  It makes the event move smoothly, as I know who they are looking for.  When I see them standing near their living loved one, I simultaneously see them with my physical eye and my minds eye.  I can see a shadow of them with my eyes; showing me how tall & broad they are, and basic features.  The details such as what kind of clothing they are wearing, hair color, age, etc are being shown to me in  my minds eye.  As both of these things are happening simultaneously, its hard to separate what information comes from my eyes & what from telepathy.

voicerecorderWhen attending a Spirit Communication event such as a Seance of Gallery Reading the living often come in a highly emotional state.  They have been looking forward to the communication & fear that the loved one they so dearly want to hear from will not come.  This high emotional state can cause people to experience Psychic Amnesia.  I have seen it many times, but one time stands out more then the rest.

I was doing a Gallery Spirit Communication event for about 40 people.  When doing Gallery events, I start by bringing the living guest from the crowd to the front of the room where I can direct my attention on them.  This makes it so the crowd can also get a clear view of what is happening…making it personal and interesting to the whole Gallery at the same time.  At this particular event I found myself drawn to a lady in the back of the crowd.  She had a man standing close to her, as I approached her I said.  There is a man standing next to you, who is a friend.  He has died recently.  She shook her head and said she had not lost any friends recently.  At first I was confused, this had never happened before.  I looked around the people close to her and asked if anyone there had recently lost a male friend, in his late 50’s.  They all said no.  The Spirit then told me again he was connected to the lady I had first approached, so I asked her again…”He says he is here to see you, are you sure you have not lost anyone recently?”  As she again said No, her friend next to her gently shook her arm and said “Actually, you have.”  She reminded her friend that recently a close friends husband had passed.  With this gentle reminder the lady teared up, remembering that she had indeed lost a friend…her best friends husband had recently passed.  When I brought her to the front of the room, her friends husband told us how he had passed of Cancer and described some other small things about his life.  He then went on to give her a message he hoped she would deliver to his wife who he loved very much.

Psychic Amnesia is the main reason I encourage people to record their Spirit Communication sessions.  Over the years I have received many phone calls weeks later from clients telling me that they remembered or figured out the bits that didn’t make sense at our meeting.  It’s important when working with a Medium that you feel the messages you are receiving are genuine and speak to your heart.  That being said, do not disregard the bits that don’t originally make sense.   Remember that under emotional pressure we often forget things, it’s normal.  I hope you enjoyed the read folks.

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Messages from Spirit…Reuniting through the Dead

dad&meI have great love for my father, but our relationship was not always easy & we spent years apart from one another without contact…13 in fact.  It was never a matter of loving or not loving, it was a matter of hurt, pride and miscommunication.  I know I am not alone in this kind of family ordeal, for as humans we are always stepping on each others toes, saying the wrong things and doing the wrong things.  We also generally see things from our own personal view, a view that is tainted by our emotions and personal story.  I am among the fortunate who can say that my relationship was mended and I got to have another 10 years with my dad before he passed.

This story is a personal one of re-connection, and because it’s my story…I have already started crying, writing it (really a bit pathetic as I am sitting in the cafe).  You see my reconnecting with my father was the direct result of my great- grandmother “Grammy Brown”, who was my fathers grandmother & mother for she raised him and his brothers.  As I said, I went 13 years without speaking to my father.  I knew he lived in Sacramento, CA but that was all I knew.  While experiencing my major opening to Spirit during the November Incident I saw my father in a hospital room sitting on the side of the bed.  I saw this while journeying and I know that what I  was seeing was real.  I also know that he felt me in the room, although he did not know it was me he was feeling.  This was the beginning of an onslaught of serious badgering that only my grandmother could give me, for I am not pushed easy.  She was only able to push me because I loved her so much I would pretty much do anything for her.

My grandmother started visiting me regularly and she would tell me stories.  Stories of my life and stories of my fathers life.  My dad grew up hard, poor and living with his grandmother whom he loved more then anything.  He signed up for the Marine Corp @ 17 and went to Vietnam to help my grandmother put food on the table and raise his brothers.  The stories my grandmother told me kept coming back to the same point…my father was a better father then the father he had, and he did the best he was capable of.  She also pointed out that wounds were easier healed while one of the people involved was still alive.  Pretty much saying that if I waited until  he was dead, as a Medium I was still going to have to deal with it but I would most likely have more regrets.  *My bit of advice here folks is mend fences.  The pain, regret and remorse does not go away because someone dies, it stays and picks at us.  If you have unfinished business and one of the people is dead, go see a Medium…get that stuff taken care of.  HEAL!*  My grandmothers nights of persuasion won out.  I wrote my father a letter, and sent him a scrapbook filled with pictures of my life including art work from my kids.  The one sticking point was I did not have his address.  Because I didn’t know how he would react, I did not want to involve other family members.  I didn’t want to call anyone asking for his address, so my grandmother gave it to me.

Weeks went by before I heard from him.  In the time of waiting I thought he had decided that he was not interested in reconnecting with me.  When I received his letter, he said he was sorry it had taken him so long to get back to me but that the package had been sent to the  wrong address.  When I finally talked to him, he said that the street address was one number off…I laughed and told him that was pretty good since I had gotten it from his dead Grandmother.  I am ever thankful to my Grammy  Brown for her tenaciousness.  Without her continuing push for forgiveness, I would have missed out on years of love with my dad.  I do regret the 13 years of absence, but am ever thankful for the 10 years I got.  Hope you enjoyed the read folks.

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