Stories of Spirit…Love in a hateful world

I admit that sometimes I too am overwhelmed by the darkness that seems to be settling on our world.  At times it feels as if we are being pulled into a hateful ravine of ‘other’, in which society functions with the foremost thought being “Everyone who does not think exactly like me must be sinister, wrong & evil.”  This thought process has everyone walking on eggshells, expecting that at any moment they are going to say/do something that offends someone, or someone is going to say/do something that offends them.  Add to this an underlying fear from global climate change and the abyss can seem all-consuming.

In this time of global chaos, I chose every day to be a light in the darkness.  I center my mind and remember that I may not have a choice in how others/the larger world acts, but I do have a choice in how I personally present myself, and I chose LOVE along time ago.

My belief system is deeply rooted in the concept of ‘thought effects outcome‘; manifestation is in my blood.  I have been aware of my own ability to affect the world around me for a long time, and am quickly reminded of my ability when I let my thoughts go to anger & despair.  When I let myself sit in those feelings, the world around me does it’s best to prove to me how right I am; how fucked up and stupid human beings are and how there is no hope.  But you know what?  When I focus on love & abundance I see those things everywhere I go as well.  I prefer to live in a world in which happiness exists!

I believe none of us are here by chance, we are here at this moment in time, when the world is changing dramatically because we chose to be agents of change.  Each and every one of us is responsible for being the best version of self that we can at this moment of exponential growth.  Our consciousness is waking, evolving, and with that comes many aches and pains as growth is seldom easy.  We need to start acknowledging our thoughts, both conscious and unconscious.  It’s time to clean up our minds!

I am not saying that we must forgo drinking, smoking, and naughty (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) thoughts, I am saying we must clean up the continuous negative banter of our mind.  The outdated dogma that tells us we are eternally flawed and lacking in what is necessary for happiness, success, and love.

The first step to cleaning up one’s mind is to track its behavior… This is easiest done with the aid of a journal or notepad.  For a full day take note of any negative thought that crosses your mind, be thorough but quick, if we make it too tedious most of us won’t do it.  Simply, jot down the basic idea of the thought, was it directed at yourself or others, was it something you recognize as a frequent flyer?  Did it carry emotion with it, and if so what was the dominating emotion felt?

After spending a day critically looking at our thoughts, most of us are going to be awe-stricken by the sheer amount of negativity we express daily.  I know, as I have done this very thing, only mine was not done with a notepad it was done with the voice of ‘other/spirit’ keeping track of my pissy brain rants; the majority of which were directed at myself.  When I became aware of how much of my energy I was wasting or worse yet manifesting things I definitely did not want with, I was stunned and immediately could see how such things were affecting my life.

Our brains are like super-computers, and like computers they get viruses.  In the case of our mind, the viruses are often negative brain patterns, things we say over and over again, in the forms of self-abuse and entitlements.  If we examine these thoughts closely, following the strands of their being, we will find that the original seed of thought was not placed there by ourselves, but by others.  No child comes into this world believing they are ugly, stupid, or worthless, these thoughts are created by things outside our own belief.

When the thought demons we fight are not our own flogging, but a deeper fear, a fear of the darkness that is set on the planet, of climate change, political unrest, and world changes.  For these things, we must take comfort in the knowledge that we chose to come at this time of great change, and we must ask ourselves how we can be the best version of ourselves at this time.  For when we shine our light bright we do make a difference in the world.  It may be just a little one, but a lot of little lights can be brilliant.  Plus, who wants to go down like a punk?

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SACRED TRAVEL…Guided by Spirit [California Dreaming part 1. LA-Mount Shasta]

Sacred travel is not a predictable thing.  It by nature is fluid and spontaneous, led by the intuition and an openness to explore.  Unlike vacation, it does not come with perfect accommodations, gourmet meals and neatly arranged outings.  It is a thing of wonder!

A few months back, when winter was still fully in possession of the north, my sister Sandy and I began planning our spring travel.  Our plan was to teach Earth Magic in Milwaukee in the beginning of the month, and then spend the end of the month teaching about parallel lives/past lives in LA & Carlsbad.  As the plan emerged from the ether of our minds, we other magical bits starting presenting themselves, and our simple business/teaching trip soon turned into a grand adventure that would involve 2 weeks in California.  The first working, the second doing deep Earth Magic in Joshua Tree, deep in the Mojave desert.  The second part of the trip was in fact the real work, and involved 13 friends and spiritual allies heading into the desert to do sound healing.

A few weeks before we were to head to California, the ‘work’ part of our trip began to fall away.  First the folks in LA seemed unable to host an event.  This at first bothered me, as they were the reason we were heading in that direction.  They had asked us to come, and only after tickets were bought and plans were made, realized that they could not make it happen.

Now in moments like this, it is easy to get discouraged, to be pissed and start doing a hissy-fit dance.  But it was clear by this point, that we needed to be there.  There was never any thought of not going, or of changing how long we would be there, simply an understanding that we had work to do on the west coast.  This same feeling came to the surface, when our second host, the one in Carlsbad told us days before we were flying out, that they had not been able to follow through on their end.

When we boarded the plane, we were still up in the air on where we were going when we got to California.  We decided, that we would decide while in the air where it was we were suppose to go.  We had place mat markers of where we needed to be, but none of those were relevant until  early next week.  Our first 4 days of the trip were open, and itching for Spiritual guidance.

By the time we landed in LA, we knew that we would not be heading south to Carlsbad, instead we would be taking an 10 hour drive north, to Mount Shasta.  This was not a random; close your eyes and point at any place on the map, kind of decision, but instead it was a knowing that we all experienced.  One that came in boldly.  For me, it was a feeling of calling that I experienced any time I looked at the in-flight map.  I would see the dot in the northern part of California, and the name Shasta, and I would feel drawn to it.

Mount Shasta is a holy mountain, one that holds the making of pilgrimage.  Known for it’s powerful vortex energy, it is a place of high earth energy, a place where one can go to heal themselves and to do direct healing toward the Earth.  (I will write more about Shasta in the next few days, after I have spent some time exploring here).

Getting to Shasta was an adventure of it’s own, as we; my traveling companions (my sister Sandy and our friend Missy), and I, are very open to intuitive travel, and following the path that Spirit presents us with.  This kind of travel is best done with a destination in mind, but a very loose idea on how long it will take you to get there, and a sense of wonderment.  Intuitive travel means there are no wrong turns, and every place you land is an opportunity to connect with Spirit.

Leaving LA was like escaping prison.  First of all, I must be completely honest…this city did nothing for me.  I felt an instant desire to leave it, yet the city itself is a powerful vortex of energy, that really doesn’t want you to leave.

Our first experience with wacky travel and leaving LA was connected to our GPS.  No matter what we typed into it, it wanted to take us back to the car rental shop.  So we tried using the GPS’s on our phones, and this happened again, and again.  We finally got ourselves out of the city, and the GPS’s to behave at least a little bit, and started heading up the coastal highway, believing that we would travel most of the way with the beautiful Pacific Ocean as our traveling guide.  That too proved incorrect.


After driving for hours, mostly along the coast, Missy who was driving suddenly said “I am not sure how this happened, but I do not believe we are on Route 1 anymore.” This did not alarm us, but instead made us ask “Well, where do you suppose we are, and where are we headed?”

Again our GPS’s were of no help.  In fact, they obviously had no idea where we were.  While accessing our GPS’s (more then one), we would often find that it believed us to be in other places on the continent…including Nebraska, Maryland, and the south western tip of Mexico.  We did not seem to be track-able.

When we finally got one of the GPS’s to acknowledge our actual location, we found we had gone inland.  We plotted a new course and continued forward, not wanting to turn around and come back the way we came.  This was not a disappointment.

Shortly after going through a bum-fuck town in California we found ourselves entering a canyon.  It was breath taking.  The road wove like a snake down and around the mountains, into the valley deep below.  It was a God moment, and exceptional moment of Spirit, when the universe took our breath away.

Sandy communing with the sun, above the Canyon.

Wild shrub Sage

We drove for hours after the canyon, so thankful for the beauty we had experienced.  We relished in the memory of the sound we had created when toning on the top of the canyon, as people drove by waving @ the crazy women singing and laughing, as they stood on the edge of the canyon on a tiny pull off.

That night we landed at a roadside hotel, thankful for hot showers and the gift of being alive.  We set up our altar, with a crystal grid and powerful bits that were sacred to us as individuals and as a traveling band of gypsies.  We gave thanks to our ancestors, particularly mine and Sandy’s dad, who was ecstatic to have us in California; a state he lived in for almost 30 years.

The next day/yesterday, we woke and set intentions…mine was to get to Mount Shasta that night, which we did.  In moments like these, I generally like to be behind the wheel.  So I drove the 10 hours or so North to get us there.

Mount Shasta

Well, I am off on adventure.  I will be sharing stories from the road via Facebook live, and blogging about our vortex adventures tomorrow morning, so stay tuned folks.  It’s a hell of a ride!

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Stories of Spirit…Take me to Church [finding the sacred when our heart is hurting]

I am a person who yearns for personal connection to Spirit.  I cannot get enough of it, and often find myself basking in the euphoria of opening myself to god/goddess/source.  I do this wherever I go, and find that it keeps me balanced and deeply centered throughout my life.  This connections is something that is available to us all, and can take place wherever we are.  That being said, it is easier for people to recognize this feeling when they are in a place of beauty, and they are holding the energy of reverence.

I am not a religious person, but I am a highly spiritual one.  I do not go to church, and I do not actually care much for public ceremony.  Yet I crave the sanctity and solace that such places offer.  I love the feeling of sacred that settles onto me, whether I am sitting in a temple, or walking in the forest.  Trees, rivers, sea caves, and stone outcroppings remind me of the beauty and creativity, that exist in this world of ours.  They remind me that my life, and experiences are no more then a raindrop in the ocean of existence.  The woes that I carry and the achievements I celebrate are fleeting…the world will go on without me.

There is a lot of pain in the world right now; people are struggling and unsure.  We fear turning on the news, and brace ourselves for the atrocities we will see there.  We question our personal security, and push down the panic that rises up, when we think of what the future holds.  The pain being felt is not simply a personal thing, created by the obstacles of our lives, it is the accumulation of sorrow, being bounced around the world, like a super sonic, ping-pong ball.  As it moves, it picks up debris…the emotions of the masses, and adds that to its bounce every time it lands.

As I have said before,  I believe we are going through a Psychic Evolution.  Which simply means we, as a species are becoming more aware.  We are perceiving with more than our 5 basic senses, and due to this fact, our consciousness is expanding.  The trouble is, most of us don’t know what to do with it.  We know that we are more sensitive, that we seem to feel the emotions of others, and that a lot of unexplained wyrdness seems to be happening.  But we don’t know how to take care of ourselves in this time of transition.

First of all we need to stop being busy for the sake of being busy.  We need to stop eating up every moment of our day with things we need to do.  When did life become so complicated?  When did kids start needing to have activities every day of the week, in order to be happy?  And are they actually happy with all those obligations?  And what about you?  Are you happy?  Do you feel more connected and whole?

As I have said earlier, I am not really a religious person.  I don’t want someone else telling me how to experience the love of god/goddess/creator, I want to go seek it out myself.  But that being said, there is something truly powerful about setting aside time for ones Spiritual practice.  The whole “And on the 7th day he rested”, bit holds an important truth.  We need to rest, we need to recharge our spirit, and connect to the power of the universe.  Spiritual work is not goal oriented.  It is not about accomplishment, it’s not about badges, buttons, or more money.  It’s about feeling that life is worth living, and that we are part of something beautiful.  It fills you from the inside, and helps you stay afloat when the current of life seems overwhelming….which can be often, in a world where people are becoming more sentient.

As someone who’s job is considered Spiritual, it has been important for me to remember that my work is not my spiritual practice.  When I am doing Readings for others, speaking to Spirits for others, and teaching workshops on spiritual awareness, I am deeply connected and doing important work.  But it does not count as a spiritual experience for me…it is work, my life path.  It is important and I highly value it, but it is not enough to sustain my soul.  I need to take time for myself to recharge, and connect with the universe.  I need to head into the woods, stand in a stone circle, sing in a sea cave, hug a tree, tone in mediation, I need to step into the betwixt and between, where the only moment is now.

When we are hurting from the death of a loved one, stressed from the mountain of bills that are piling up on our desk, worried about a friend struggling from addiction, concerned about the environment and the looming feeling of war, we need to take moments outside of our every day life, where we can rest and reconnect with Spirit, in whatever way works best for us.  If you find solace in the pews of your church, love the smell of incense and the embrace of large crowds, gathered as one…then by all means, make a point of getting yourself there.  Don’ t  make excuses, don’t say your too busy, don’t put it off because it does nothing for your pocket.  Make time for it, as feeding your soul is essential to healthy living.

If you are not drawn to organized religion, step out your door into the world of nature.  Go to the park if you live urbanely, go to river, the sea, the mountain, your back yard…light a fire, burn some incense, sing as if no one is watching, breathe deep, and get busy letting time slip by.  Make it a regular outing, make it a commitment, recognize it’s value in your life.  Pay attention to how you feel during the experience and after.  How many days did you feel better after?  Do you find yourself reminiscing, fantasizing about the peace of the moment?

We cannot change the world by worrying, and we will not change our personal (at least not positively) world by eating up every waking moment with obligations.  We need to slow down, and take time to recharge, specially when we are struggling.  When our emotions are heavy, and we feel overwhelmed, we need to remember the power of Spirit.  I hope you enjoyed the read folks.

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Stories of Spirit…Love & Tolerance in Hateful times [be the change you want to see in the world]

familyLet’s pretend that all the people of the world are your relatives.  Some of them are easy to get along with, others…not so much.  As a Medium, I am always surprised by how much we miss our family members when they are dead; even the grumpy old curmudgeons and the opinionated loudmouths.  We may not want to hang out with them all the time; but suddenly when they are Dead, we find acceptance for their annoying behaviors & allow ourselves to remember them with love.  Now, you may argue here that there are those you are glad to see gone, and in fact there are people in this world whose behaviors are so horrendous; that we feel the world a better place without them.  But on average we accept the members of our family & tribe as being part of the world we exist in & believe they have the right to experience love and wellbeing.  We may not want to hang out with them all the time, but we do not generally wish them ill.

We are living in a time of high emotion; people are overwhelmed with fear & anxiety, and generally find themselves short tempered.  This is to be expected…not appreciated, but expected.  Our world is in turmoil, and we as living inhabitants of a living/conscious planet; are going to feel the pain of the world itself.  Now just for fun, lets add Psychic Evolution to the mix and things get turned up a notch or two; as most of us are developing a deeper level of Empathy.  We are feeling, sensing and being bombarded by the emotions of the world around us.

Empathy is the ability to feel/sense the emotions, feelings and physical pain of others & on a broader scale; the world itself.

Hatred and Anger come out of fear and anxiety.  When we are scared, we start looking around for who & what to blame.  This fear when left to it’s own devices can morph into anger & hatred.   And when it comes to where to place the blame, we have a whole bucket full of things that will work…” It has to be that guy over there, he doesn’t live like I do…he has more then me, she lives a life of sin & worships false idols, they look different, smell different, love different.”  Oh wait! Love is love, is love.  It is an emotion clear and strong, who we love may be different, but love itself.  That’s a Universal truth!

I propose that the only way to battle all the hate in the world is to open our hearts & connect with love; to the world around us.  A simple technique to place us in a space of love, is to take 5 breathes before responding to situations that trigger fear, anger & hatred in us.  In those 5 breathes, try to remember that the person in front of you is also trying in the way they know best to survive in trying times.  That does not mean we let them walk all over us, but it means we practice tolerance and preface every action of our day with LOVE!  It’s not easy to get started, but once we do…oh the worlds we can change!

I have been expanding my work into the world of video, and have added a video with more about this to my professional Facebook page…Salicrow, Psychic Medium….click to watch-  You will find the video on the side of my page.   I hope you have enjoyed the read folks and that you enjoy the watch!

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Stories of Spirit…The Family Wisdom Keeper [holding space & sharing grace]

hand-and-candle-3229When we think about wisdom, our minds often go to the prophets, gurus, and religious leaders, of our community and world.  But in fact, there is often a Wisdom Keeper within our life who is much more available to us; in fact we most likely know them intimately, as they are the ones we look to when the shit hits the fan.  The Family Wisdom Keeper, is the mother, father, grandmother, aunt, uncle or cousin who the whole family seems to turn to in times of need.  They are the one who bails our ass out when the boat is sinking, the one who holds us when we cry and the one who gathers the tribe.

Wisdom comes from life experience, inner knowing and a broader view of the world.  The Wisdom Keeper is someone who is able to learn from the experiences of others, and then turn around and share said knowledge with the rest of the community.   They are not all knowing, nor are they required to live worldly lives.  They are simply the guiding light withing a family.  They hold the family together in times of need; such as death, birth, divorce, financial struggle and illness.  They give hope in dire times, and love when comfort is needed.

I have been thinking about the role of the Family Wisdom Keeper, a lot lately.  In this time of Psychic Evolution, we as a people are feeling a high level of stress.  Sometimes the simple, everyday things of our life get overwhelming; let alone dealing with acute distress.  The Wisdom Keeper, is a lot like a life raft…they may not be able to prevent us from feeling distress, but they certainly do comfort us and show us that safety is attainable.

grammywithsaliAs a child, my Grammy Brown was the Family Wisdom Keeper; who not only provided wisdom and guidance, but shelter and food to those family members who needed it.  Growing up, it was common for someone to be sleeping on her couch.  Some stayed for weeks, some just the night.  They came to be comforted, guided and loved.  She provided simple love and comfort…a blanket and a space on the couch, a home cooked meal, a good listening ear, and a bit of advice.  She was not a wealthy woman, who paid off her kids debt, nor was she a worldly woman; with glorious tales of distant lands.  She was a good, simple, woman with a very large heart.

It is important for us to recognize the efforts of our Family Wisdom Keepers.  They often hide their own needs, so that they can be strong for the rest of us.  They make sacrifices of both time and money, and they do so because they believe it to be the right thing to do.  It is also important for us to recognize our role as the Family Wisdom Keepers.  After all, I believe most of you reading this; are the ones who hold your families together.  You are the ones who put community before self, and I am proud of you for that.

I recognize myself as a Wisdom Keeper, and there are times when I feel heavy with the load of other peoples burdens.  But I could not imagine living my life, any other way.  I often refer to myself as a life raft, and sometimes the raft that is me is waited down heavy.  I once felt sorry for myself about this, and was having a bit of a pity party in head, over how much I had to carry, and how many people relied on me.  At that moment Peter (one of my Spirit Guides); who I refer to as ‘Big Business’…piped in.  He simply said “Well Sali, it’s a lot easier being the life raft, then it is being the person drowning in the middle of the ocean, looking for a life raft’.  Point well taken…I have never complained about my role as Wisdom Keeper or Life Raft since.  I may feel burdened, and I may wish I had more time for myself, but I am thankful that I am able to help others find safety, and I take a bit of satisfaction from doing my job well.

If you are the Wisdom Keeper of your family, or one of…as there can be more then one; make sure you take care of yourself.  Particularly in this time of Psychic Evolution.  We are all being bombarded with extra-sensory information.  We are feeling each others emotions, sensing the energy of our living planet, and encountering the Spirits of the Dead.  All this and still having to deal with paying our bills, managing relationships and finding our place in the Universe.  As the Wisdom Keepers, we must remember that we chose this role; we stepped into it by choice.  Now some of you will hem & haw here; telling yourself that you didn’t chose it, that it was forced on you.  But the true answer is, you chose it….You could say no; ‘no I can’t help you’.  You could choose to preoccupy yourself with your own life, and your own worries.  But you have chosen to be available and to hold space for the members of your family & community that need you.  When we can admit that we have chosen the role, it feels like a much lighter burden.  It can be a shawl of strength; giving you direction and purpose.  It can be the door to finding your place in the Universe.

liferaftAs the world we are part of evolves, we must find solid footing.  We must stop waiting for the right person to come along & give us our direction.  We must recognize in ourselves the Wisdom Keeper, and look to our own Intuition for guidance.  This does not mean we cannot seek the help of others; but more so it means we must recognize that we are that voice of wisdom and the hand of direction for others, as well.  Remember, in a world of villages there are many wise women and wise men.  Breath deep, and find your focus…trust that you came into this lifetime with purpose, and remember its good to be the life raft.

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